Fixed grammar in messages
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Source / FrameworkWizard / src / org / tianocore / frameworkwizard /
2006-08-23 lhauchFixed grammar in messages
2006-08-17 hche10x1. Merge ModuleDefinitions to MsaHeader
2006-08-03 hche10x1. Fix bug for wrong Variable name in msa file
2006-07-24 hche10x1. Wrap text by word when showing a message box
2006-07-21 hche10x1. Show source files' attributes when editing SourceFil...
2006-07-13 hche10x1. Fix bug in get industry std headers
2006-07-07 hche10x1. Add help for ToolChainConfig
2006-07-05 hche10x1. Restructure some folders and files
2006-06-30 hche10xgit-svn-id: