set default value of PCD from msa file or spd file.
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Source / FrameworkWizard / src / org / tianocore / frameworkwizard / platform / ui /
2006-08-03 jlin16set default value of PCD from msa file or spd file.
2006-08-02 jlin16set MaxDatumSize for PcdData.
2006-08-02 jlin16comment out item type checking temporarily when adding...
2006-08-01 jlin161. Fix the problem of adding PCD for different Arch.
2006-07-31 jlin16Coding style changes
2006-07-28 jlin16Fix the bug of library instance selection interference...
2006-07-27 jlin161. keep from generating empty FrameworkModules.
2006-07-27 jlin16keep from generating empty DynamicPcdBuildDefinitions
2006-07-27 jlin16Fix EDKT143.
2006-07-27 jlin16Remove empty FfsFileNameGuid element under ModuleSaBuil...
2006-07-19 jlin161. only show ModuleName, version, PackageName, version...
2006-07-14 jlin16Fix bug of missing Pcd information in FPD ModuleSA.
2006-07-13 lhauchThere were suppose to be three spaces, not one between...
2006-07-13 jlin16Fixes:
2006-07-11 jlin161. Make SPD editor tables bigger.and table now focus...
2006-07-09 jlin161. Add feature of ModuleSA PcdBuildDefinition editor.
2006-07-07 jlin16update ModuleSA PCD editor.
2006-07-06 jlin16Bug fixing for FPD ModuleSA editor.
2006-07-06 jlin16some bug fixing for FpdFrameworkModules
2006-07-04 jlin16Add ModuleSA BuildOptions
2006-07-04 jlin16Adjust Platform Definition and Module SA operations...
2006-07-03 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-07-03 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-07-02 jlin16Flash Setting Refinement
2006-07-01 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-06-30 jlin16Modify BuildOptions and Flash editors in FPD file.
2006-06-30 hche10xgit-svn-id: