Enhance Arch check.
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Source / GenBuild / org / tianocore / build / GenBuildTask.java
2006-07-13 wuyizhongEnhance Arch check.
2006-07-13 jwang36Fixed EDKT111
2006-07-12 jwang36Fixed EDKT102;
2006-07-11 qouyangEDKT96.
2006-07-10 jwang36Removed the printStackTrace() which is used only for...
2006-07-10 qouyangFixed EdkT35, EdkT89.
2006-07-08 jwang36Changed the code to read the correct configuration...
2006-07-05 wuyizhongFully support active platform policy.
2006-06-30 qouyangNew tool.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema.
2006-06-20 qouyangAdd exception and log mechanism
2006-06-14 jwang36added the support for new schema and old schema at...
2006-05-26 bbahnsenTranslate the Arch enum to an arch directory name....
2006-04-26 wuyizhongFix a bug on GenBuild and have a minor update on BuildM...
2006-04-21 bbahnsenInitial import.