Fixed grammar in messages.
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2006-08-14 lhauchFixed grammar in messages.
2006-08-07 klu2Fix some bugs and remove unused code.
2006-08-04 klu21, Make exception string friendly, readable.
2006-08-01 klu2Abstract the logic of Platform pcd preprocess according...
2006-07-31 klu2Because Pcd entity, exception and some action package...
2006-07-29 klu21, Fix EDKT141
2006-07-28 klu2There is a rule here:
2006-07-17 klu2Fix track EDKT104: If a module use PCD, MSA of this...
2006-07-01 klu2Clean up for debug message of PCD tools.
2006-06-30 qouyangNew tool.
2006-06-23 qwang121) remove some dead code from WinNtBusDriver.c
2006-06-21 klu2Use the address of guid array as parameter directly...
2006-06-20 klu2Modify autogen code for DynamicEx type PCD.
2006-06-13 klu21) Fix a bug for PCD autogen tools, see track#115 in...
2006-06-12 klu2Modify PCD tool according to final PCD schema modification.
2006-06-04 klu2PCD tools update:
2006-05-26 qwang12Change Workspace to X:
2006-05-26 qwang12Replace all tab to spaces.
2006-05-24 qwang12git-svn-id:
2006-05-17 klu2Fix a bug of unreference PCD token defined in FPD does...
2006-05-07 klu2Fix the PCD bug submitted by Oram, Isaac W:
2006-04-21 bbahnsenInitial import.