Modify ModifyInfTask which in frameworkTask.
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools /
2006-07-07 qouyangModify ModifyInfTask which in frameworkTask.
2006-07-07 hche10x1. Add help for ToolChainConfig
2006-07-07 jwang36Fixed the build warning issue.
2006-07-07 jwang36Fixed the build warning issue
2006-07-07 jlin16update ModuleSA PCD editor.
2006-07-07 qouyangRemove build warning.
2006-07-06 bbahnsenConvert to unix format.
2006-07-06 qwang12Fix bugs in GetNextTokenSpace and GetNextToken
2006-07-06 jwang36Fixed the GCC assembler issue. Now we can use full...
2006-07-06 wuyizhongRestrict using UserExtension with UserID "TianoCore".
2006-07-06 qwang12Add in support for MaxSize and CurrentSize for PCD...
2006-07-06 jlin16Bug fixing for FPD ModuleSA editor.
2006-07-06 lhauchAdded the MacroDefFile to ProcessSteps for future use...
2006-07-06 jlin16Adapt to new Main UI interface.
2006-07-06 klu2Change assembler compiler to windkk.
2006-07-06 wuyizhongFix an issue for user extensions.
2006-07-06 jlin16some bug fixing for FpdFrameworkModules
2006-07-05 bbahnsenSimplify the script. It now allows normal ant targets...
2006-07-05 bbahnsenAdd a bash version of the build script
2006-07-05 ajfishMade the default for IA-32 assembler path point to...
2006-07-05 bbahnsenMerge latest from branch.
2006-07-05 wuyizhongFix a minor issue.
2006-07-05 wuyizhongSupport UserExtension in FPD.
2006-07-05 qouyangAdd ModifyInftask in FrameworkTask.
2006-07-05 yshi8Added FrameworkWizard build into build.xml and correcte...
2006-07-05 jlin16Add Data Validations for SPD editor.
2006-07-05 jwang36Fixed the unchecked warning issues when building GenBuild
2006-07-05 wuyizhongFully support active platform policy.
2006-07-05 jwang36added specific PP definition for EBC because of previou...
2006-07-05 klu2Support putting unreference DYNAMIC_EX PCD into Pcd...
2006-07-05 jwang36fixed GCC build issues
2006-07-05 jlin16Add two files for List editor.
2006-07-05 lhauchRemoved per Carl/Javen.
2006-07-05 lhauchChanged FvBinding to be a list of Keywords (not using...
2006-07-05 hche10xModify FrameworkWizard.msa for newly changing.
2006-07-05 hche10x1. Add image in "About" frame
2006-07-05 hche10x1. Restructure some folders and files
2006-07-04 jwang36Fixed the cleanall issue which would remove more files...
2006-07-04 klu2Move ant-related code from ParserFpd function to enable...
2006-07-04 qouyangFix autogen bug:[Edk67][Edk35].
2006-07-04 qwang12Added LibPatchPcdSetPtr.
2006-07-04 jwang36added back of preprocessing of asm files
2006-07-04 lgao4Update tools definition
2006-07-04 lgao4Add ASL and ASMLINK tool definition in this file
2006-07-04 jwang36commented out GCC definitions temporarily
2006-07-04 jlin16Add ModuleSA BuildOptions
2006-07-04 jwang36added GCC tools definitions
2006-07-04 yshi8Fix a typo error
2006-07-04 lhauchUpdated the SPD and MSA files for Tools - created some...
2006-07-04 jwang36restored the file name and path of assembly file
2006-07-04 jlin16Adjust Platform Definition and Module SA operations...
2006-07-04 jwang36commented out the preprocessing of asm files, it will...
2006-07-04 lgao4Add to the rules to generate TE section
2006-07-04 jwang36added asm file preprocess in <Build_Assembly> macro
2006-07-04 lhauchRemoved the namespace="##local" from the UserExtensions...
2006-07-04 lhauchAdded a line to create a target.txt if one does not...
2006-07-03 qwang12Add PcdDxe and PcdPEIM to all-arch for EdkModulePkg...
2006-07-03 qouyangAdd follows warpped tianotools to frameworktask:
2006-07-03 wuyizhongAdd build macro to generate section type TE.
2006-07-03 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-07-03 lhauchAdded two optional attributes to the Cloned element...
2006-07-03 lhauchgit-svn-id:
2006-07-03 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-07-02 jlin16Flash Setting Refinement
2006-07-01 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-07-01 jlin16git-svn-id:
2006-07-01 klu2After change token space guid from guid value to Guid...
2006-07-01 klu2Clean up for debug message of PCD tools.
2006-06-30 jwang36changed the default path for EBC tool
2006-06-30 jwang36removed unnecessary name space declarations in some...
2006-06-30 qouyangFor new tools
2006-06-30 wuyizhonggit-svn-id:
2006-06-30 jwang36removed mbd file verification, added fpd file verification
2006-06-30 wuyizhonggit-svn-id:
2006-06-30 jwang36FDPManifest.xsd has been changed to FarManifest.xsd
2006-06-30 jwang36re-added
2006-06-30 qouyangNew tool.
2006-06-30 jwang36deleted all obsoleted configuration files
2006-06-30 jwang36added all supported platforms
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongUsing ModuleType to determine FFS file extension.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongThis file is never used any more. Enhance Cpptasks.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema. Using Module_Type to determin...
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema.
2006-06-30 wuyizhongChange to new XML Schema
2006-06-30 jlin16Modify BuildOptions and Flash editors in FPD file.
2006-06-30 hche10xRemove ModuleEditor and PackageEditor from Tools\Source
2006-06-30 hche10xgit-svn-id:
2006-06-29 jwang36merged the last changes in new schema
2006-06-28 qouyangFixed autogen bug (EDKT12, EDKT19)
2006-06-27 jwang36commented out building ModuleEditor and PackageEditor
2006-06-27 jwang36merged part of new changes in new schema, and changed...
2006-06-26 klu2Fix a bug for regular expression using wrong module...
2006-06-26 klu2Fix a bug for token number set in FPD can not exceed...
2006-06-26 qwang121) correct the assert condition for LibPcdSetPtr and...
2006-06-23 qwang121) Add in support to traverse taken space
2006-06-23 klu2Enabling use PcdSetXX macro to set value for PATCHABLE_...
2006-06-23 qwang121) make sure a empty database will be generated if...