2010-10-28 rsun3Fix build break when doing 32-bit build with some certa...
2010-10-26 ydong10Refine code to remove type converting warning.
2010-10-26 lgao4Correct Data type conversion.
2010-10-26 vanjeffpass build for IPF.
2010-10-25 lgao4Update HiiDatabase->ExportPackageLists() service to...
2010-10-25 lgao4Reserve one column at left screen to be more visually.
2010-10-25 lgao4Fix the following three issues:
2010-10-24 darylm503Fix a cut-n-paste error in the comment for the "read...
2010-10-22 jljustenDuetPkg: Use UefiCpuPkg/CpuDxe instead of DuetPkg/CpuDxe
2010-10-22 jljustenDuetPkg: Add DXE APRIORI for 8259 driver
2010-10-22 jljustenUefiCpuPkg CpuDxe: Fix bug with CPU Arch RegisterInterr...
2010-10-21 niruiyuUse the correct length to copy KeyData.
2010-10-21 niruiyuUse the correct length to copy KeyData.
2010-10-20 qianouyangFix build issue in IPv4.
2010-10-20 niruiyuAdd static type cast to fix ICC build failure.
2010-10-19 ydong10Refine code to make code run safely.
2010-10-19 erictianreturn EFI_DEVICE_ERROR if the Status value is not...
2010-10-18 ydong10Refine code to make code run more safely.
2010-10-18 lgao4Update UefiDriverEntryPoint library by adding BaseLib...
2010-10-18 erictianset the interface of usb hid device to boot protocol...
2010-10-18 qhuang8Update EdkShellBinPkg to integrate a bug fix in Shell r45
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg DxeIpl: Send result of PrintValue to serial...
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg: Move EfiLdr Handoff data to stack
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg: Send EfiLdr messages to serial port
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg: Add build32.sh and build64.sh
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg CreateBootDisk.sh: Enable building a DUET flopp...
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg PostBuild.sh: Use EDK_TOOLS_PATH if defined
2010-10-16 jljustenDuetPkg: Fix EFIAPI usage inconsistencies
2010-10-15 andrewfishUpdate to support Xcode 64-bit debug.
2010-10-15 andrewfishFix minor gcc build break.
2010-10-15 ydong10Refile code to make code following the UEFI spec.
2010-10-15 qianouyangUpdate IPsec.h file to follow approved ECR which will...
2010-10-14 lgao4Sync EDKII BaseTools to BaseTools project r2068.
2010-10-14 niruiyuUpdate ConPlatform driver to support GOP driver which...
2010-10-14 erictianfix 32bit build warning
2010-10-13 jljustenUnixPkg: Allow build.sh/build64.sh to be run from the...
2010-10-13 jljustenUnixPkg MiscSubClassPlatformDxe: Add en-US langdef...
2010-10-13 jljustenDuetPkg, MdeModulePkg: Fix several enum comparions
2010-10-13 jljustenMdePkg: Use builtin offsetof function for GCC 4.0 and...
2010-10-13 jljustenEdkCompatibilityPkg: Re-add VA_COPY macro
2010-10-13 jljustenOVMF: Only enable MDEPKG_NDEBUG for RELEASE builds
2010-10-13 jljustenOVMF: Support greater than 2GB of memory
2010-10-13 jljustenOVMF BDS: Don't call BdsLibSaveMemoryTypeInformation
2010-10-13 jljustenUnixPkg build64.sh: Build UnixPkg X64 with GCC44
2010-10-13 jljustenUnixPkg SEC: Fix link flags for using GCC on Linux...
2010-10-13 jljustenUnixPkg: Enable gasket functions for all X64 toolchains
2010-10-13 jljustenUnixPkg: Added missing EFIAPI for many Gasket functions
2010-10-12 andrewfishFix bad NT 32 reference in print to be UnixPkg.
2010-10-12 andrewfishMake the script pass arguments so clean from Xcode...
2010-10-12 rsun3Add Framework SMM Status Code Protocol on PI SMM Status...
2010-10-12 erictianadd ataatapipassthru driver to dsc file
2010-10-11 rsun3Correct the bad token number for gEfiMdeModulePkgTokenS...
2010-10-11 lgao4Sync EDKII BaseTools to BaseTools project r2065.
2010-10-11 niruiyuFix the corner case when there is only "\0\0" appended...
2010-10-09 ydong10Fixed update file time error problem.
2010-10-05 andrewfishAdd ARM MOVW/MOVT relocations added in PE/COFF 8.2...
2010-10-05 jcarseyremove link to old inf
2010-10-04 jcarseyVerify more memory allocations.
2010-10-04 jcarseyVerify memory allocations were successful.
2010-10-04 jcarseychange the en-dash to the standard dash character.
2010-10-04 jcarseyverify that a memory allocation was successful.
2010-10-04 jcarseymove DeleteScriptFileStruct from a private to a public...
2010-10-04 jcarseyfix a misspelling.
2010-10-04 jcarsey1) Removing ASSERTs for proper return values.
2010-09-30 erictianremove additional space from comments and pass ICC...
2010-09-29 jljustenPerformancePkg: Fix build with GCC
2010-09-29 erictianadd native ide/ahci driver
2010-09-29 jyao1Add ACPI4.0 header file.
2010-09-28 jcarseyNo need to sort arrays of 1 element.
2010-09-28 jcarseydelete unnecessary files.
2010-09-27 erictianadd a macro IS_PCI_SATADPA to judge if device is a...
2010-09-25 lgao4Add the missing EFIAPI for StatusCode handler.
2010-09-20 andrewfishFinish spliting SecDispatchTableLib into two functions...
2010-09-20 jljustenShellPkg: Fix "unreachable code" warning with VS2005
2010-09-20 ydong10Refine some code to make code run safely.
2010-09-17 jcarseyrevert/update of a change this morning.
2010-09-17 jcarseyremoving incorrect files.
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix several GCC compiler warnings
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Remove optimization disable compiler flag
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix EFIAPI usage inconsistencies
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Fix path issues for Linux build support
2010-09-17 jljustenShellPkg: Remove unnecessary package dependencies
2010-09-17 ydong10RefRefine soma code to make code run safely.
2010-09-16 jcarseyremove extra file.
2010-09-16 jcarseyremove extra file.
2010-09-16 andrewfishAdded SecDispatchTable library to allow custom PPIs...
2010-09-16 andrewfishClean up clean and clarify XCODE flags.
2010-09-16 ydong10Refine code to make code run safely.
2010-09-16 niruiyuAdd additional reset when Memory Type Information setti...
2010-09-16 hhtianUpdate readme format
2010-09-15 ydong10Refine soma code to make code run safely.
2010-09-14 mdkinneyUpdate MODULE_TYPE to be DXE_RUNTIME_DRIVER
2010-09-14 hhtiancopyright format update
2010-09-14 jcarseyudk2010.up2.shell initial release.
2010-09-13 ydong10Refine some code to make code run safely.
2010-09-13 pgao2Fix the issue that might prevent single step in PeCoffE...
2010-09-13 hhtianminor format update to make text wrap around column 80
2010-09-12 vanjeffUpdate Ovmf DSC/FDF files to support source debugging...
2010-09-12 vanjeffImport SourceLevelDebugPkg.
2010-09-10 mdkinneyUpdate this library to restrict usage to DXE_RUNTIME_DR...