2007-07-26 AJFISHReplaced file deleted by mistake
2007-07-26 AJFISHremoved gEfiWinNtCPUSpeedGuid, gEfiWinNtCPUModelGuid...
2007-07-26 lgao4Add build rules for asl file, asm16 file.
2007-07-26 qouyangGenFds Tool:Support both absolutely path and relative...
2007-07-26 jwang361. Added more check on module ARCH
2007-07-26 qhuang8Fix the wrong copyright statements.
2007-07-26 qhuang8Fix a typo in generated copyright.
2007-07-26 qouyangAdd FdfObjectClass.
2007-07-26 yshang1Remove the EFI_FV_FILETYPE_ALL definition from IntelFra...
2007-07-26 yshang1Clean the Bis.h
2007-07-26 lgao4Update Nt32.fdf to fix incorrect " character.
2007-07-26 yshang1Sync token number of Pcd with spec.
2007-07-26 qouyangupdate GenFds tool
2007-07-26 klu2CpuModel, CpuSpeed, Memory should be in gPlatformConnec...
2007-07-26 qwang12change TokenSpaceGuid to the package Token Space Guid
2007-07-26 qwang12change TokenSpaceGuid to the package Token Space Guid
2007-07-25 AJFISHEFI_FV_FILETYPE_ALL missing from PI specification....
2007-07-25 yshang11) Add PcatSingleSegmentPciCfg2Pei in MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-25 jwang361. Fixed PCD MaxDatumSize issue
2007-07-25 jwang36Fixed MaxDatumSize of PcdWinNtPhysicalDisk
2007-07-25 vanjeffAdd volatile type definition to avoid link error when...
2007-07-25 qouyangUpdate GenFds Tool
2007-07-25 jwang36Added library instance for USER_DEFINED module type
2007-07-25 lgao4Update Vtf tool to create vtf file with raw ffs type.
2007-07-25 jwang36Changed customized build to USER_DEFINED
2007-07-25 jwang361. Fixed PCD SizeTable issue in AutoGen.c
2007-07-25 qouyangUpdate GenFds tool.
2007-07-25 klu2Correct license header.
2007-07-25 vanjeffFixed EBC build issues.
2007-07-25 klu2Add virtual CpuModel, CpuSpeed and Memory driver into...
2007-07-25 yshang1Remove the unused reference of CommonHeader.h in DxeIpl.inf
2007-07-25 yshang1Remove unused section in .INF, .DEC, .DSC of MdePkg...
2007-07-24 qhuang8Generate correct license for R8Lib.c & R8Lib.h
2007-07-24 qhuang8Remove package common directory
2007-07-24 yshang1Retire the "Include/Common" of MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-24 lgao4Set default guid tool path for Lzma and Tiano compress...
2007-07-24 vanjeffSync USB modules with main trunk.
2007-07-24 qwang12remove dxs files.
2007-07-24 qwang12remove dxs
2007-07-24 qwang12remove dxs
2007-07-24 vanjeff1. remove un-necessary instances reference
2007-07-24 yshang1Update the definition of PEI_SERVICES_REVISION.
2007-07-24 lgao4Correct guid value format to define guid tool Lzma...
2007-07-24 vanjeffImport SnpDxe, Tcp4Dxe, Udp4Dxe and MnpDxe.
2007-07-24 klu2Fix the issue that A: floppy can not be connect in...
2007-07-24 zliu3Added the Lib Construction function for IPF lib instance
2007-07-24 lgao4Update GenFw tool to create TeImage.
2007-07-24 jwang361. Added more error check
2007-07-24 vanjeffremove EFI32, EFI64 and EFIX64 from compile line.
2007-07-24 yshang1Add IPF_HANDOFF_STATUS definition in Ppi/SecPlatformInf...
2007-07-24 jwang36Added "#define ASM_PFX(name) _##name" for GNU assembly...
2007-07-24 qhuang8Update Guid Value to avoid collision with old one
2007-07-23 yshang1Import BaseMemoryLibMmx.
2007-07-23 vanjeffImport Ip4Config module
2007-07-23 vanjeff1. Import NetLib, IpIoLib and UdpIoLib class definitions
2007-07-23 vanjeffgit-svn-id: https://edk2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2007-07-23 qwang12add back AcpiS3Save.h and gEfiAcpiS3SaveProtocolGuid
2007-07-23 htaoadd "-p" interface for EfiRom tool.
2007-07-23 klu2Correct all header files for doxygen format and correct...
2007-07-23 yshang11) Remove Protocol/AcpiS3Save.h from IntelFrameworkPkg...
2007-07-23 klu2Add missing protocol
2007-07-23 jwang36Put a copy of efi file in OUPUT directory also
2007-07-23 jwang36- Changed output directory of .efi file;
2007-07-20 yshang1Remove gEfiEndOfPeiSignalPpiGuid and gEfiPeiMemoryDisco...
2007-07-20 htaogit-svn-id: https://edk2.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot...
2007-07-20 yshang1Remove Ppi/LoadFile.h and Ppi/FindFv.h from MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-20 yshang1Clean up the MdePkg.dec.
2007-07-20 htaoTo remove debug point and some debug info and rebuild...
2007-07-20 jwang36Removed more struct typedef for IPF
2007-07-20 qouyangFix the bug of "can't gen VTF file"
2007-07-20 klu2Cleanup the license header
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 klu2PcdIoBlockBaseAddressForIpf is required by IPF platform...
2007-07-20 jwang36Fixed GCC link issue and vfr build issue
2007-07-20 vanjefffixed to pass IPF build
2007-07-20 vanjeffremove some comments introduced by tools.
2007-07-20 qwang12add in PcdSupportUpdateCapsuleRest
2007-07-20 qwang12Remove the CONST for FvbWrite as spec does not have it.
2007-07-20 qhuang8Fix the typo in last check in
2007-07-20 qhuang8Remove RTC package dependency on IntelFrameworkPkg
2007-07-20 qwang12Update the CONST modifier to be the same with spec.
2007-07-20 qhuang8Remove duplicate definition of 'EFI_FVB_ATTRIBUTES...
2007-07-19 klu2Remove unused library instance
2007-07-19 klu2Clean up the unused PCD from IntelFrameworkModulePkg
2007-07-19 qhuang8Remove old modules after Remove old modules after renaming.
2007-07-19 qhuang8New Guid for UefiLibFramework to avoid collision with...
2007-07-19 yshang1Move RealTimeClockRuntimeDxe to PcatRealTimeClockRuntim...
2007-07-19 qhuang8Rename UefiLib to UefiLibFramework
2007-07-19 yshang1Move VariablePei/VariableDxe/EmuVarible to /Variable...
2007-07-19 qhuang8Add other archs
2007-07-19 yshang1Remove unused comments in MdePkg.
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed EBC build error
2007-07-19 yshang1Rename the SecurityStub.inf to SecurityStubDxe.inf.
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed EBC link issue
2007-07-19 qhuang8Remove old modules moving to Core folder.
2007-07-19 yshang1Move RuntimeDxe to /Core of MdeModulePkg.
2007-07-19 qhuang8Remove old modules after renaming.
2007-07-19 yshang1Rename the MemoryTest Pei and Dxe.
2007-07-19 jwang36Fixed another typo in PCD autogen template string