2016-07-30 Giuseppe IuculanoCloses #831504 master
2016-07-30 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated changelog
2016-07-30 Giuseppe IuculanoRemove old file
2016-07-30 Giuseppe IuculanoRefresh patches
2016-07-30 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/6.5+svn4324'
2016-07-30 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 6.5+svn4324
2016-02-04 Jonathan Dowlandcut a release
2016-02-05 Jonathan Dowlandnew patch: manpage improvements
2016-02-05 Jonathan DowlandFix NEWS file version
2016-02-01 Jonathan DowlandAdd a NEWS.Debian entry about update-smart-drivedb
2016-02-01 Jonathan DowlandRe-add drivedbdir to configure
2016-02-01 Jonathan DowlandChange second dh_systemd_enable to _start
2016-01-28 Jonathan Dowlanddocument closure of 813102
2016-01-28 Jonathan Dowlandremove duplicate dh_systemd_enable
2016-01-28 Jonathan DowlandStop passing arguments to dh_installinit
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandupdate configure invocation for new autotools
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandnew upstream version changelog
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandrefresh 54_remove-Id-from-smartd.conf.diff
2016-01-26 Jonathan DowlandImported Upstream version 6.4+svn4214
2016-01-26 Jonathan DowlandSwitch to XZ for orig.tar compression
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandpostrm: set -e
2016-01-26 Jonathan DowlandRemove superfluous docs from package
2016-01-26 Jonathan DowlandEnhance dh_clean to clean up better
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandbump standards version
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandfix up kfreebsd-any specification
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlanddisable drivedb update
2016-01-26 Jonathan Dowlandupdate debian/copyright and clarify license
2016-01-25 Jonathan DowlandAdjust kfreebsd requirements to fix #634506
2016-01-25 Jonathan Dowlandapply wrap-and-sort
2015-11-26 Tobias Frost Fixed postinst script: Version is only valid when...
2015-11-26 Tobias FrostRemove '/var/lib/smartmontools' on purge (Closes: ...
2015-11-26 Tobias FrostImport patch from Helmut, #794035
2015-11-26 Tobias FrostImport d/changelog from last uploaded version (6.3...
2015-11-26 Jonathan DowlandUpdate packaging for new upstream version
2015-11-26 Jonathan DowlandImported Upstream version 6.4+svn4109
2015-11-26 Jonathan DowlandTemporarily revert Tobi's commits
2015-11-21 Tobias Frost Fixed postinst script: Version is only valid when...
2015-11-21 Tobias FrostRemove '/var/lib/smartmontools' on purge (Closes: ...
2015-11-21 Tobias FrostImport patch from Helmut, #794035
2015-11-21 Tobias FrostImport d/changelog from last uploaded version (6.3...
2014-10-21 Giuseppe IuculanoCorrect maintscript syntax
2014-10-17 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdate Changelog
2014-10-17 Giuseppe IuculanoDo not build-depends on hardening-wrapper, instead...
2014-10-17 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/6.3+svn4002'
2014-10-17 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 6.3+svn4002
2014-10-17 Giuseppe IuculanoRemove /etc/smartd_warning.sh
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoSet EnvironmentFile=-/etc/default/smartmontools in...
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdate changelog
2014-10-05 Giuseppe Iuculanosmartd.service.in: declaring After=syslog.target is...
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdate to Standards-Version 3.9.5, no changes need
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoRemoved source less os_solaris_ata.s
2014-10-05 Giuseppe Iuculanomoved smartd_warning.sh in /usr/share/smartmontools...
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoRemove the obsolete bug helper
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoIncluded systemd service file
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoRefreshed patches
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/6.3+svn3990'
2014-10-05 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 6.3+svn3990
2014-10-05 Eric DorlandImported Debian patch 6.2+svn3841-1.2
2013-09-05 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated Changelog
2013-09-05 Giuseppe IuculanoRefreshed patches
2013-09-05 Giuseppe IuculanoFix FTBFS[kfreebsd]
2013-09-05 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/6.2+svn3841'
2013-09-05 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 6.2+svn3841
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated Changelog
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoAdded man page for update-smart-drivedb
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoAlso remove /etc/init.d/smartd in preinst script
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoTrigger the removal of /etc/init.d/smartd when upgrading
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoCreate /var/lib/smartmontools/drivedb dir
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoUse /var/lib/smartmontools/drivedb for drivedb.h updates
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoBump to 3.9.4 standards version
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoHarden smartmontools binaries
2013-06-02 Giuseppe Iuculanodebian/rules: Provide build-arch and build-indep
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated VCS control fields
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoCHANGELOG file has been renamed, install Changelog
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoRemove quilt from depends
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoRefreshed patches and removed patches applied upstream
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/6.1+svn3812'
2013-06-02 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 6.1+svn3812
2012-07-16 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated changelog
2012-07-16 Giuseppe IuculanoReally fix FTBFS on kfreebsd
2012-07-16 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated changelog
2012-07-16 Giuseppe IuculanoFixed FTBFS in kfreebsd
2012-06-20 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated changelog
2012-06-20 Giuseppe IuculanoRemove /etc/init.d/smartd
2012-06-13 Giuseppe IuculanoFixed regression introduced in 10mail script
2012-06-13 Giuseppe IuculanoFixed FTBFS on kfreebsd.
2012-06-13 Giuseppe IuculanoRefreshed patches
2012-06-13 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/5.42+svn3561'
2012-06-13 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 5.42+svn3561
2012-05-12 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated changelog
2012-05-12 Giuseppe IuculanoFixed check for /usr/bin/mail
2012-05-12 Giuseppe IuculanoDo not install upstream init
2012-05-12 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/5.42+svn3539'
2012-05-12 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 5.42+svn3539
2012-03-07 Giuseppe IuculanoRefreshed patches
2012-03-07 Giuseppe IuculanoMerge tag 'upstream/5.42+svn3521'
2012-03-07 Giuseppe IuculanoImported Upstream version 5.42+svn3521
2011-06-19 Giuseppe IuculanoUpdated changelog
2011-06-19 Giuseppe IuculanoAdded a missing include for hurd-i386
2011-06-19 Giuseppe IuculanoRefreshed patches, removed install.diff applied upstream