2018-10-30 Mo ZhouMerge branch 'add_breaks_replaces_zfs_initramfs' into... master
2018-10-29 Stoiko IvanovAdd Breaks/Replaces to zfs-initramfs
2018-10-28 Mo Zhoudch: release to unstable debian/0.7.11-3
2018-10-28 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-10-27 Mo ZhouAdd isolation-machine restriction to autopkgtest.
2018-10-27 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-10-26 Mo Zhoureally make the -dbg package optional
2018-10-26 Nicholas D... Fix lintian warning priority-extra-is-replaced-by-prior...
2018-10-26 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-10-26 Mo Zhouremove whitespace
2018-10-26 Nicolas Braud... Update debian/copyright
2018-10-26 Mo Zhoureally breaks/replaces upstream deb
2018-10-26 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update and close bugs
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouFix FTBFS on architecture=all . (Closes: #911937)
2018-10-26 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoShip initramfs zdev hook in zfs-initramfs
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoUse dkms.mkconf to produce dkms.conf
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoRemove ZFS_AC_PACKAGE macros from DKMS sources
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoMinor packaging cleanup
2018-10-26 Antonio Russomake dkms distdir before build
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoModify META before autoreconf
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoUse upstream bash completion file
2018-10-26 Antonio RussoBreak/Replace upstream debs
2018-10-26 Mo Zhoudch: finalize and upload to unstable
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouMove zfs-zed init script back to zfs-zed ...
2018-10-26 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-10-26 Mo Zhouforwarded patch to upstream.
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouMove all init scripts back to zfsutils-linux.
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouPatch upstream init script to fix missing dependency...
2018-10-26 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouPatch upstream init scripts to make them work for Debia...
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouRestart zed service after upgrade.
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouOverride init.d-script-does-not-source-init-functions...
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouInstall init scripts to support non-systemd setups...
2018-10-26 Mo ZhouSupport Devuan in dkms script. (Closes: #900089)
2018-09-19 Mo ZhouRefresh control.
2018-09-19 Mo Zhoudch: release to unstable
2018-09-19 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update
2018-09-19 Mo ZhouRecommends linux-libc-dev (<< LINUX_NEXT~) instead...
2018-09-19 Mo Zhougbp-dch: update and close bugs
2018-09-19 Mo ZhouUse HTTPS format URI in watch file.
2018-09-19 Mo ZhouAppend myself to Uploaders and refresh auto-generated...
2018-09-19 Mo ZhouReplace get_next.sh with one-liner awk script in rules.
2018-09-19 Mo ZhouBump linux_compat to 4.18 .
2018-09-19 Nicolas Braud... debian/control: Use canonical HTTPS format URL for...
2018-09-18 Mo Zhougbp-dch: bump upstream version
2018-09-18 Mo ZhouMerge branch 'upstream'
2018-09-18 Mo ZhouNew upstream version 0.7.11
2018-08-30 Aron XuAdd dpkg-dev to Depends of zfs-dkms (Closes: #900714)
2018-05-28 Aron XuRelease 0.7.9-3
2018-05-28 Aron Xud/control: migrate to alioth-lists (Closes: #899756)
2018-05-25 Aron XuMerge branch 'pulls/expand-ztest' into 'master'
2018-05-18 Antonio RussoExpand zfs-test and add Breaks/Conflicts
2018-05-17 Aron XuRelease 0.7.9-2 debian/0.7.9-2
2018-05-17 Aron XuBump supported linux version to 4.16
2018-05-17 Aron XuRelease 0.7.9-1
2018-05-17 Aron XuFix lintian obsolete-relation-form-in-source
2018-05-17 Aron Xud/rules: add --enable-systemd
2018-05-16 Antonio RussoHandle /proc/kallsym obfuscation (Closes: #891936)
2018-05-16 Antonio RussoInstall enum-extract.pl with dkms
2018-05-16 Aron XuMerge tag 'upstream/0.7.9'
2018-05-16 Aron XuNew upstream version 0.7.9
2018-03-05 Aron XuMove more zfs test tools to zfs-test package (Closes...
2018-02-26 Aron XuRelease 0.7.6-1
2018-02-26 Aron XuRecommends: linux-libc-dev (< ${LINUX_NEXT})
2018-02-26 Aron XuApply wrap-and-sort
2018-02-26 Aron XuUpdate VCS-* URL to salsa.debian.org
2018-02-26 Aron XuRemove patch applied upstream
2018-02-26 Lev Lamberov[INTL:ru] Updated Russian translation of debconf
2018-02-26 Aron XuMerge tag 'upstream/0.7.6'
2018-02-26 Aron XuNew upstream version 0.7.6
2018-01-19 Aron XuRelease 0.7.5-1
2018-01-19 Antonio RussoAdd version dependency on zfsutils-linux package
2018-01-19 Aron XuMerge tag 'upstream/0.7.5'
2018-01-19 Aron XuNew upstream version 0.7.5
2017-12-18 Aron XuRelease 0.7.4-1
2017-12-18 Aron XuInstall zfs-import.target
2017-12-18 Aron XuUpdate stdver to 4.1.2, no change required
2017-12-18 Aron XuRefresh patches
2017-12-18 Aron Xucherry-pick: fix distclean which removes needed files
2017-12-18 Aron XuMerge tag 'upstream/0.7.4'
2017-12-18 Aron XuNew upstream version 0.7.4
2017-12-05 Aron XuRequire debhelper >= 10.2
2017-11-30 Aron XuDebian revision 0.7.3-3
2017-11-29 Antonio RussoAdd maximum version dependency on spl-dkms (Closes...
2017-11-28 Aron XuUpload 0.7.3-2
2017-11-28 Fabian Grünbichlerbuild: add implicit version to dh_makeshlibs (Closes...
2017-11-28 Fabian Grünbichlerzfs-test: add proper Breaks+Replaces
2017-11-28 Aron XuDepend on matching version of spl-dkms (Closes: ##881013)
2017-11-28 Fabian Grünbichlerd/rules: remove obsolete calls to dpkg-architecture
2017-11-28 Fabian Grünbichlerd/rules: use DEB_VERSION_UPSTREAM
2017-11-28 Fabian Grünbichlerd/rules: include dpkg's default.mk
2017-10-31 Aron XuPrepare upload of 0.7.3-1
2017-10-31 Colin Ian KingImprove cloning performance for large numbers of clones...
2017-10-31 Aron XuAdd lintian override for zfs-test
2017-10-31 Aron XuUpdate control.in for dh-systemd deprecation
2017-10-31 Aron XuUpdate debconf pot file
2017-10-31 Antonio RussoChangelog for unreleased 0.7.3-0
2017-10-31 Antonio RussoDrop dependency on dh-systemd
2017-10-31 Antonio RussoFix typo in debconf templates