2019-05-24 loli10KFix coverity defects: CID 186143 master
2019-05-23 Igor KRename reservation tests from *.sh to *.ksh
2019-05-23 Rafael Kitoverkernel timer API rework
2019-05-23 Richard EllingFix kstat state update during pool transition
2019-05-23 Brian BehlendorfLinux 5.2 compat: rw_tryupgrade()
2019-05-21 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.8.0 zfs-0.8.0
2019-05-20 Ryan MoellerFix wrong assertion in libzfs diff error handling
2019-05-20 Paul DagnelieFix incorrect assertion in dnode_dirty_l1range
2019-05-09 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.8.0-rc5
2019-05-09 Olaf Faalandzpool import progress kstat
2019-05-08 Tomohiro KusumiAdd missing trailing '\n' in printk() messages
2019-05-08 Alexander MotinFix dataset name comparison in zfs_compare()
2019-05-08 Tomohiro KusumiFix link count of root inode when snapdir is visible
2019-05-08 JMoVSFix typesetting of Errata #4
2019-05-08 Richard LaagerAdd zol2zfs-patch.sed to Makefile.am and sort
2019-05-08 Richard LaagerCorrect man page dates
2019-05-08 Brian BehlendorfLinux 5.0 compat: ASM_BUG macro
2019-05-08 Brian BehlendorfFix errant EFAULT during writes (#8719)
2019-05-07 DeHackEdMake zfs_special_class_metadata_reserve_pct into a...
2019-05-07 Brian BehlendorfFix send/recv lost spill block
2019-05-07 Tomohiro KusumiFix `zfs set atime|relatime=off|on` behavior on inherit...
2019-05-07 Tomohiro KusumiLinux 5.1 compat: Drop ULLONG_MAX and LLONG_MAX definitions
2019-05-07 Richard LaagerCleanup special/dedup language
2019-05-07 Antonio RussoFix zfs-mount-generator for datasets with spaces
2019-05-06 Richard LaagerOpenZFS 10473 - zfs(1M) missing cross-reference to...
2019-05-05 Tomohiro KusumiFix typo/etc in module/zfs/zfs_ctldir.c
2019-05-04 Tomohiro KusumiLinux 5.0 compat: Use totalhigh_pages()
2019-05-04 John GallagherImprove rate at which new zvols are processed
2019-05-02 JMoVSClearer wording on Errata #4
2019-05-02 Matthew AhrensReword comment in lz4_compress_zfs
2019-05-02 Tom CaputiAdd feature check for 'zpool resilver' command
2019-05-02 Tom CaputiFix estimated scrub completion time
2019-05-02 Matthew AhrensRemove incorrect (and inappropriate) comment in dprintf...
2019-05-01 Tomohiro KusumiUse sigaction(2) instead of sigignore(3) for portability
2019-05-01 Tomohiro KusumiUse sigaction(2) instead of sigset(3) for portability
2019-05-01 Tomohiro KusumiCorrect snprintf() size argument
2019-04-30 Richard LaagerClarify that deduped data is encrypted
2019-04-30 Brian BehlendorfAdd CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md
2019-04-30 Brian BehlendorfLinux 5.0 compat: Remove incorrect ASSERT
2019-04-26 Tomohiro KusumiUse NV_ENCODE_NATIVE for nvlist encoding variable
2019-04-26 Tomohiro KusumiPrevent `make distclean` removing config/config.rpath
2019-04-25 Tomohiro KusumiUse SEEK_{SET,CUR,END} for file seek "whence"
2019-04-25 Tom CaputiFixes for the DMU free throttle
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerClarify and improve encryption documentation
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerDuplicate the encryption copies=3 limitation
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerDeprecate dedupditto
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerEliminate useless double-bolding in man pages
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerAlphabetize zpool-features.5 by short name
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerStandardize .RE placement in zpool-features.5
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerAdd missing formatting to sha512 in zpool-features.5
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerCorrect GUID of large_blocks in zpool-features.5
2019-04-25 Tom CaputiChange wording in zfs-module-parameters.5
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerDocument that hole_birth is effectively useless
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerDocument send_holes_without_birth_time
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerCorrect bookmark_v2 dependencies
2019-04-25 Richard LaagerFix formatting for multi_vdev_crash_dump in zpool-featu...
2019-04-23 Tomohiro KusumiFix incorrect use of .Nm directive for ZPOOL_VDEV_NAME_...
2019-04-19 Rafael Kitoverconfig: libintl/libiconv for gettext() detection
2019-04-19 Tomohiro KusumiDrop unused ZNODE_STATS and ZNODE_STAT_ADD()
2019-04-19 Tomohiro KusumiFix typo "/zbin/zpool" -> "/sbin/zpool"
2019-04-19 Tomohiro KusumiFix incorrect "[UNUSED]" comments
2019-04-16 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.8.0-rc4
2019-04-16 cfzhuCode improvement and bug fixes for QAT support
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerRestructure vec_idx loops
2019-04-16 TerraTechAdd option [-V|--version] to emit version string
2019-04-16 Richard Laagerzfs allow refreservation needed for zfs create -V
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerClarify GRUB's lack of support for sha512, skein, edonr
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerUpdate a comment to match the code
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerReference zfeature.c in a SPA_VERSION comment
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerRemove zfs.h comments about GRUB
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerReword the dedup limitation for Edon-R
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerConsistently captialize GUID for features
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerFix the spelling of deferred
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerUpdate zdb.8's fsck reference
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerRefer to commands consistently in zpool-features.5
2019-04-16 Richard LaagerEliminate most mentions of "special"
2019-04-15 Tom CaputiFix issues with truncated files in raw sends
2019-04-15 Richard LaagerFix hierarchy misspellings
2019-04-14 Tomohiro KusumiDon't hard-code number of ioctls for portability
2019-04-14 Tomohiro KusumiSync reserved Illumos ioctl comment with actual number
2019-04-14 Richard Ellingcompile with -fno-omit-frame-pointer
2019-04-14 Tom CaputiCleanup nits from ab7615d92
2019-04-12 Brian BehlendorfFix issue in receive_object() during reallocation
2019-04-12 Brian BehlendorfFix TXG_MASK cstyle
2019-04-12 John Wren KennedyZTS: Make fault cleanup function more robust
2019-04-11 Alek PAllow zfs-tests to recover from hibernation
2019-04-10 Jorgen LundmanAlways call rw_init in zio_crypt_key_unwrap
2019-04-10 Tim ChaseAvoid stack overwrite in zfs_setattr_dir()
2019-04-10 Tomohiro KusumiDon't assume pthread_t is uint_t for portability
2019-04-08 Tomohiro KusumiUnbreak build on Linux kernel < 3.10
2019-04-08 Brian BehlendorfFix 'zfs list -t snapshot' depth
2019-04-08 Brian BehlendorfFix buffer length in strlcpy()
2019-04-06 Brian BehlendorfRevert "Fix issues with truncated files in raw sends"
2019-04-05 Matthew Ahrenspredictive prefetch disabled on new pools until export...
2019-04-05 Don Bradyfeatures.kernel layout should match features.pool
2019-04-05 Sara HartseRestrict kstats and print real pointers
2019-04-04 Josh SorefHint about zpool free vs zfs available
2019-04-04 Brian BehlendorfFix txg_wait_open() load average inflation
2019-04-03 Michael NiewöhnerMove dracut specifics to dracut module
2019-04-02 Josh SorefFix man(1) warnings