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last changeFri, 24 May 2019 02:17:00 +0000 (19:17 -0700)
2 days ago loli10KFix coverity defects: CID 186143 master
2 days ago Igor KRename reservation tests from *.sh to *.ksh
2 days ago Rafael Kitoverkernel timer API rework
2 days ago Richard EllingFix kstat state update during pool transition
2 days ago Brian BehlendorfLinux 5.2 compat: rw_tryupgrade()
4 days ago Brian BehlendorfTag 0.8.0 zfs-0.8.0
6 days ago Ryan MoellerFix wrong assertion in libzfs diff error handling
6 days ago Paul DagnelieFix incorrect assertion in dnode_dirty_l1range
2019-05-09 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.8.0-rc5
2019-05-09 Olaf Faalandzpool import progress kstat
2019-05-08 Tomohiro KusumiAdd missing trailing '\n' in printk() messages
2019-05-08 Alexander MotinFix dataset name comparison in zfs_compare()
2019-05-08 Tomohiro KusumiFix link count of root inode when snapdir is visible
2019-05-08 JMoVSFix typesetting of Errata #4
2019-05-08 Richard LaagerAdd zol2zfs-patch.sed to and sort
2019-05-08 Richard LaagerCorrect man page dates
4 days ago zfs-0.8.0 ZFS Version 0.8.0
3 months ago zfs-0.7.13 ZFS Version 0.7.13
6 months ago zfs-0.7.12 ZFS Version 0.7.12
2 days ago master
3 months ago zfs-0.7-release