3 days ago Thomas Lamprechtuse 'Documentation' as name for the global docs button... master
4 days ago Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.0-3
5 days ago Stoiko Ivanovadd beta text with link to bugzilla
8 days ago Dominik Csapakfix html entities in system report file
8 days ago Stoiko Ivanovchange display for 'archiveblockencrypted'
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.0-2
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.0-1
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtadapt to new pmgcfg version/release semantic
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: remove unused and unset ${perl:Depends}...
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtuse dpkg-dev helpers to get version from changelog
2019-07-25 Dominik Csapakmobile: fix formajax event parameters for f7
2019-05-28 Stoiko IvanovMake report labels more explicit
2019-05-16 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump version dependency of proxmox-widget...
2019-05-16 Dominik Csapakuse JournalView instead of LogView for syslog
2019-03-18 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-45
2019-03-18 Dominik Csapakadd LDAP+STARTTLS as ldap protocol
2019-03-18 Dominik Csapakadd verify certificate checkbox for ldap
2019-03-18 Dominik Csapakfix #1945: enable dns names for ldap servers on gui
2019-03-07 Dominik Csapakfix gettext invocations
2019-02-27 Dominik Csapakfix wrong 'no subscription' toolbar
2019-02-26 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-44
2019-02-26 Dominik Csapakadd system report to gui
2019-02-26 Dominik Csapakshow emptyText when no users are available to select
2019-02-26 Dominik Csapaklimit userlist to the respective list
2019-02-26 Dominik Csapakallow multiselect for user white- and blacklist
2019-02-26 Dominik Csapakadd download button to spam quarantine preview
2019-02-25 Dominik Csapakmake who regex tests anchored
2019-02-20 Dominik Csapakmobileui: fix list height
2019-02-20 Dominik Csapakadd missing encodeURIComponent
2019-02-19 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-43
2019-02-19 Dominik Csapakclose #1671: implement mobile UI for quarantine
2018-10-03 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-42
2018-10-03 Stoiko Ivanovadd onlineHelp properties to all edit windows
2018-09-28 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-41
2018-09-28 Stoiko Ivanovrefactor js/MailProxyTLSDomains.js
2018-09-28 Stoiko Ivanovjs/MailProxyTLSDomains.js: reload UpdateStore
2018-09-27 Dietmar Maurerimprove TLS panel layout
2018-09-27 Stoiko IvanovImplement TLS Policy Setting
2018-09-12 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-40
2018-09-12 Dominik Csapakfix #1701: add port option for smarthost
2018-06-21 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-39
2018-06-21 Dietmar MaurerMailProxyOptions.js: use deleteEmpty flag for dnsbl_thr...
2018-06-21 Alexander PlankAdd postfix dnsbl threshold
2018-05-04 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-38
2018-05-04 Dietmar Maurerfix bug #1707: use correct units for deferred mail...
2018-04-06 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-37
2018-04-06 Dominik Csapakoverwrite run_editor of base class
2018-03-29 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-36
2018-03-29 Dietmar Maurercleanup: set selModel only where we need it
2018-03-29 Dominik CsapakSpamQuarantine: add keyboard shortcuts for actions
2018-03-29 Dominik CsapakSpamQuarantine: add context menu
2018-03-29 Dominik Csapakquarantine: refactor action logic
2018-03-29 Dominik Csapakquarantine: do not deselect when list changes
2018-03-29 Dominik Csapakset the default quarantine timespan to a week
2018-03-29 Dominik Csapakreword the action success message to not show the id
2018-03-29 Dominik Csapakimplement multiselection of spamquarantine mails
2018-03-22 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-35
2018-03-22 Dietmar Maureradd new helpdesk role
2018-03-08 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-34
2018-03-08 Dominik Csapakadd default gettext definition in case of no langfile
2018-03-05 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-33
2018-03-05 Dominik Csapakcollect and show errors on dashboard
2018-03-05 Dominik Csapakuse defaults for resources in dashboard
2018-02-17 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-32
2018-02-15 Wolfgang BumillerUserEdit: add minLength of 4 to username field
2018-02-01 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-31
2018-02-01 Dominik Csapakremove outlook report style
2018-01-24 Dominik Csapakimprove gettext usage
2018-01-22 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-30
2018-01-19 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-29
2018-01-19 Dietmar MaurerMailTracker.js: improve status text
2018-01-18 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-28
2018-01-18 Dietmar MaurerMailTracker.js: set start of next day for end-time
2018-01-16 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-27
2018-01-16 Dietmar Maurerchange default mail port numbers
2018-01-16 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-26
2018-01-16 Dietmar Maurerremove BETA, do not display repoid
2018-01-12 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-25
2018-01-11 Dominik Csapakuse htmlEncode for the username
2017-12-29 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-24
2017-12-29 Dietmar Maurerset maxspamsize default back to 256K
2017-12-28 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-23
2017-12-28 Dietmar MaurerRevert "doQuarantineAction: pass pmail parameter"
2017-12-28 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-22
2017-12-28 Dietmar MaurerdoQuarantineAction: pass pmail parameter
2017-12-19 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-21
2017-12-19 Dietmar MaurerClusterAdministration.js - avoid duplicate load mask
2017-12-19 Dietmar MaurerClusterAdministration.js - sort nodes by cid
2017-12-19 Dietmar MaurerClusterAdministration.js - catch undefined value in...
2017-12-18 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-20
2017-12-18 Dominik Csapakcheck if load is successfull in GeneralMailStatistics
2017-12-18 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-19
2017-12-18 Dietmar Maurerbump default maxspamsize to 1M
2017-12-15 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-18
2017-12-15 Dominik Csapakjslint: fix type confusion of handler
2017-12-15 Dominik Csapakjslint: fix trailing comma
2017-12-15 Dominik Csapakadd BETA link to bugtracker
2017-12-14 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-17
2017-12-14 Dietmar Maureradd node reboot and shutdown buttons
2017-12-11 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.0-16