descriptionACME library and helpers for perl based Proxmox projects
last changeTue, 26 Apr 2022 08:53:09 +0000 (10:53 +0200)
2022-04-26 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.4.2 master
2022-04-26 Thomas Lamprechttests: run missing-function test on build
2022-04-26 Thomas Lamprechtcheck-missing-functions: avoid some more false-positive...
2022-04-26 Thomas Lamprechtmove check-missing-function script to tests
2022-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovadd shellscript to find needed functions not provided...
2022-04-26 Stoiko Ivanovplugin-caller: add _readdomainconf stub
2022-01-11 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.4.1
2022-01-11 Nils SandmannAdd TOTP authentification for ACME DNS INWX
2021-11-18 Jens MeißnerAdd DNS challenge schema for knot.
2021-11-11 Thomas LamprechtRevert "dns-challenge: add 'use-proxy' property"
2021-11-09 Stoiko Ivanovdns-challenge: add 'use-proxy' property
2021-11-09 Stoiko Ivanovadd support for proxies
2021-11-09 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: acme-perl: downgrade dependency to plugins...
2021-11-09 Thomas Lamprechtdns: cope with plugin json index not being available
2021-10-08 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: do not pass arch to upload
2021-10-08 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.4.0
2 months ago master