bump version to 5.1-7
[pve-access-control.git] / PVE / API2 /
2019-04-08 Wolfgang Bumillerverify_ticket: allow general non-challenge tfa to be...
2019-04-03 Wolfgang Bumillerallow users to change their totp settings
2019-04-03 Wolfgang Bumilleru2f authentication
2019-04-03 Wolfgang Bumillerdelete TFA entries when deleting a user
2019-04-03 Wolfgang Bumilleru2f api endpoints
2018-11-26 Thomas Lamprechtapi/ticket: move getting cluster name into an eval
2018-11-23 Dominik Csapakfix #1998: correct return properties for read_role
2018-11-13 Thomas Lamprechtfix #233: return cluster name on successful login
2018-08-03 Dietmar MaurerRevert "Add title and print_width fields to properties"
2018-06-27 Stoiko IvanovAdd title and print_width fields to properties
2018-06-27 Stoiko Ivanovrefactor API using get/register_standard_option
2018-06-12 Dominik Csapakfix typo in change_passsword
2018-01-18 Thomas Lamprechtcompute_api_permissions: a storage has also permissions
2017-09-22 Wolfgang Bumillerstyle fix
2017-09-22 Wolfgang Bumillerapi: check for special roles before locking the usercfg
2017-09-22 Philip AbernethyWhitespace fixes
2017-09-22 Philip AbernethyRemove unused Dumper uses
2017-09-22 Philip Abernethyfix #1501: pveum: die when deleting special role
2017-09-21 Wolfgang Bumillerfix another typo
2017-09-21 Thomas Lamprechtapi: fix typo in 'GET ticket' description
2017-09-20 Thomas LamprechtAPI/ticket: rework coarse grained permission computation
2017-01-11 Dietmar MaurerPVE/API2/Domains.pm: fix property description
2015-10-01 Dietmar Maurerpveum: implement bash completion hooks
2014-07-18 Dietmar Maurerallow to write builtin auth domains
2014-07-17 Dietmar Maureradd oath two factor auth, bump version to 3.0-14
2014-06-23 Dietmar Maureradd basic support for two factor auth
2014-04-30 Dietmar Maureradd dummy API for login page
2013-11-18 Dietmar Maurerreturn correct 401 status code for unauthorized calls
2013-11-18 Dietmar Maurerprevent user enumeration attacks
2012-05-30 Dietmar Maurercorrectly compute GUI capabilities (consider pools)
2012-05-22 Dietmar Maurernew plugin architecture for Auth modules
2012-04-17 Dietmar Maurerreturn set of privileges on login - can be used to...
2012-03-01 Dietmar Maurerset propagate flag by default
2012-02-10 Dietmar Maurerfix return value for empty ACL list
2012-02-09 Dietmar Maurerdo not allow to change system user passwords
2012-01-27 Dietmar Maurermoved Pool.pm to pve-manager package
2012-01-27 Dietmar Maurercleanup permission checks
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maurercode cleanup
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maurerfix return format
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maurercode cleanup
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maurerreturn array instead of hash
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maureradd pool API
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maurerremove debug message
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maureradd description
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maureruse User.Allocate instead of User.Add/User.Delete
2012-01-26 Dietmar Maurerimplement helper to check if we can modify permission
2012-01-25 Dietmar Maurerstart pool support, return NoAccess role, fix acl cache
2012-01-24 Dietmar Maurerfix access control
2012-01-23 Dietmar Maureruse new syntax for permission checks
2012-01-23 Dietmar Maurersimplify filter_groups
2012-01-20 Dietmar Maurernew API to change password
2012-01-19 Dietmar Maurerfix bug #85: implement vnc tickets
2012-01-19 Dietmar Maurerrename user_enabled to check_user_enabled
2012-01-18 Dietmar Maurerimport cfs_read_file
2012-01-18 Dietmar Maureradd test if user exists
2012-01-17 Dietmar Maurerfix bug #85: allow root@pam to generate tickets for...
2012-01-13 Dietmar Maurerallow user to see his own entry
2012-01-13 Dietmar Maurerset minimal and maximal password length
2012-01-13 Dietmar Maurerallow to pass emtpy strings to delete settings
2012-01-13 Dietmar Maurerallow port 0 to use default value
2012-01-13 Dietmar Maureradded domain attribute for AD servers
2012-01-12 Dietmar Maurerallow to delete all groups
2012-01-11 Dietmar Maurerallow to filter enabled/disabled user
2011-08-23 Dietmar Maureriimported from svn 'pve-access-control/trunk'