try to keep comments in /etc/network/interfaces
[pve-common.git] / Makefile
2012-03-01 Dietmar Maurertry to keep comments in /etc/network/interfaces
2012-02-27 Dietmar Maurer add Swedish keymap
2012-02-16 Dietmar Maurerincrease version to 1.0-14 for RC1
2012-01-19 Dietmar Maurernew helper decode_utf8_parameters()
2012-01-09 Dietmar Maurernew helper kvmkeymaplist()
2011-12-15 Dietmar Maurersplit out run_with_timeout()
2011-12-08 Dietmar Maureruse correct log function
2011-12-02 Dietmar Maurercorrectly call errfunc inside run_command
2011-11-23 Dietmar Maurermake cli argument parser more flexible
2011-11-09 Dietmar Maurerupdate version to 1.0-7
2011-10-05 Dietmar Maureradd PVE::Tools::random_ether_addr()
2011-08-24 Dietmar Maureradd .gitignore file, remove svn leftover
2011-08-23 Dietmar Maurerimported from svn 'pve-common/trunk'