SectionConfig: allow to get class specific updateSchema()
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2017-02-19 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: allow to get class specific updateSchema()
2016-10-18 Wolfgang BumillerSectionConfig: always write out explicitly set booleans
2016-04-30 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: sort values return by lookup_types
2016-04-30 Dietmar sort type enum
2016-01-26 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: disable duplicate plugin registration
2015-09-20 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: protect against newline injection
2015-09-18 Dietmar MaurercreateSchema: include type property
2015-09-18 Dietmar Maurerfix SectionConfig updateSchema for classes without...
2015-09-18 Dietmar MaurerSectionConfig: fix createSchema
2015-09-17 Dietmar MaurerupdateSchema: code cleanup - avoid assigning same...
2015-07-22 Wolfgang Bumillerimprove parse_config in JSONSchema and SectionConfig
2015-02-27 Dietmar Maurerrename data to src