net: get local ip: catch any error from get_reachable_networks
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3 days ago Thomas Lamprechtnet: get local ip: catch any error from get_reachable_n... master
3 days ago Thomas Lamprechttools: fix typo in comment
5 days ago Thomas Lamprechtnet: add get_local_ip helper
6 days ago Thomas Lamprechtnet: add get reachable networks: fix sorter closure
6 days ago Thomas Lamprechtnet: add get_reachable_networks
6 days ago Thomas Lamprechtnet: ip from host: code shrink
6 days ago Thomas Lamprechtnet: ip from host: avoid using an undefined variable...
2021-08-12 Lorenz Stechaunerfix #2368: network: extend infiniband recognition in...
2021-07-29 Dominik CsapakProcFSTools: read_proc_stat: add more cpu stats from...
2021-07-16 Thomas Lamprechtinterfaces: do not warn about FD if it was not set...
2021-07-16 Thomas Lamprechtinterfaces: code cleanup and use some more actual telli...
2021-07-16 Fabian Grünbichlerinterfaces: improve bridge_fd handling
2021-07-16 Fabian Grünbichlerfix #2831: never set bridge_fd to 0 with STP on
2021-07-14 Wolfgang Bumillerfix #3527: cgroup: drop file buffers from memory usage
2021-06-28 Lorenz Stechaunerfix #3153: INotify: adding comment of interface to...
2021-06-28 Thomas Lamprechttools: followup: fix comment length and rename to upid_...
2021-06-28 Dominik CsapakPVE/Tools: add 'upid_get_status_type'
2021-06-28 Dominik CsapakPVE/JSONSchema: add pve-task-status-type
2021-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtinotify/network: indentation fix
2021-06-22 Stefan Reitersystemd: allow SendSIGKILL and TimeoutStopUSec dbus...
2021-06-21 Dominik CsapakSysFSTools: change 'product' to 'device'
2021-06-21 Dominik CsapakSysFSTools: add verbose flag to pci_device_info
2021-06-17 Fabian Ebnertools: add upid_status_is_error function
2021-06-17 Fabian Ebnernetwork: add unique_ips function
2021-06-17 Fabian Ebnernetwork: add canonical_ip function
2021-06-17 Fabian Ebnernetwork: is_ip_in_cidr: avoid warning when versions...
2021-06-17 Fabian Ebnernetwork: is_ip_in_cidr: correctly handle the CIDR being...
2021-06-16 Thomas Lamprechttools: download from url: add option to allow overridin...
2021-06-16 Lorenz Stechaunertools: download_file_from_url: move check for existing...
2021-06-16 Lorenz Stechaunertools: download_file_from_url: adapt error messages...
2021-06-15 Thomas Lamprechtinotify: also detect VLAN id from "vlan\d+" ifaces
2021-06-15 Lorenz Stechaunertools: download_file_from_url: fix typo
2021-06-15 Aaron Lautererinotify: read_interfaces: add vlan-id and vlan-raw...
2021-06-15 Wolfgang BumillerSyscalls/Tools: add renameat2
2021-06-15 Thomas Lamprechttools, rest env: sort use statements
2021-06-15 Thomas Lamprechttools: get_file_hash: add use statements for Digest...
2021-06-15 Thomas Lamprechttools: download_file_from_url: handle interrupts
2021-06-15 Thomas Lamprechttools: download_file_from_url: improve UX and avoid...
2021-06-15 Thomas Lamprechttools: cleanup usage line
2021-06-15 Lorenz Stechaunertools: add download_file_from_url
2021-06-15 Stoiko IvanovRevert "daemon: add compat code for pmgproxy 6.x"
2021-05-07 Stoiko Ivanovdaemon: add compat code for pmgproxy 6.x
2021-05-07 Stoiko Ivanovdaemon: explicitly bind to wildcard address.
2021-05-07 Stoiko Ivanovdaemon: drop Domain parameter from create_reusable_socket
2021-05-03 Fabian Ebnerschema: check format: parse list formats as arrays
2021-05-03 Fabian Ebnerindentation fix
2021-04-26 Alexandre DerumierINotify: add support for dummy interfaces type
2021-04-23 Thomas LamprechtREST handler: make API return validation opt-in
2021-04-23 Thomas Lamprechtcode cleanup
2021-04-23 Fabian Ebnerallow workers to count warnings and finish tasks in...
2021-04-23 Thomas Lamprechtpbs: keep a separate $USE_CRYPT_PARAMS list per command exe
2021-04-23 Thomas Lamprechtpbs: rework client exe handling and error message
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterPBSClient: use crypt params for file 'list' and 'extract'
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterPBSClient: add file_restore_extract function
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterPBSClient: add file_restore_list command
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterPBSClient: adapt error message to include full package...
2021-04-21 Oguz Bektasdaemon: create_reusable_socket: listen on IPv6 and...
2021-04-21 Stefan ReiterPBSClient: allow running other binaries
2021-04-21 Stefan ReiterJSONSchema: don't cycle-check 'download' responses
2021-04-19 Stefan Reiterfixup: remove double braces
2021-04-16 Fabian Grünbichlerschema: pull out abstract 'id-pair' verifier
2021-04-06 Thomas Lamprechttools: getaddrinfo: code/indentation cleanup
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumillerget_options: don't set optional positional params to...
2021-02-25 Stefan Reiterformat: fix render_bytes with CLIFormatter
2021-02-25 Thomas Lamprechtnet: ip from CIDR: sort result
2021-02-25 Fabian Ebnernetwork: get_local_ip_from_cidr: return unique IPs
2021-02-19 Stoiko Ivanovfix #3259: always free certificate file after reading it
2021-02-19 Thomas Lamprechtprocfs: whitespace/indendation cleanup
2021-02-18 Fabian Ebnerregister email-or-username format
2021-02-18 Fabian Ebnersendmail: use more complete email regex and shellquote
2021-02-08 Thomas Lamprechtcgroup: get_pressure_stat: handle v1 controller gracefully
2021-02-08 Thomas Lamprechtuse unified parser for pressure stats
2021-02-08 Alexandre Derumieradd get_pressure_stat
2021-02-08 Thomas Lamprechtformat: drop unused JSONSchema module use
2021-02-08 Stefan Reiterformat: handle undef, 0, and decimals in render_duration
2021-02-08 Stefan Reiterextract PVE::Format from PVE::CLIFormatter for reuse
2020-12-21 Fabian EbnerSectionConfig: parse_config: add errors to result
2020-12-03 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup comment/code cleanups
2020-12-03 Dominik Csapaktools: add extract_sensitive_params
2020-12-03 Dominik CsapakPBSClient: add get_repository to generate repository...
2020-11-27 Alexandre DerumierInotify: delete vlan-id for "iface.X" vlan iface.
2020-11-27 Thomas Lamprechtsubscription: use more specific machine repo definition...
2020-11-27 Thomas Lamprechtinotify: apt auth: sort longest machine entry first...
2020-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtrest: register method: allow minus in path template...
2020-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtrest: register method: non-capturing group for path...
2020-11-17 Thomas LamprechtPBS client: backup tree: avoid over generic param has
2020-11-17 Thomas LamprechtPBS client: get snapshots: avoid over generic param has
2020-11-17 Thomas LamprechtPBS client: cannot use normal method call style for...
2020-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtpbs: restore pxar: add required parameters explicitly...
2020-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtpbs: code cleanup param array assembly
2020-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtpbs: autogen key: adapt recent changes in storage module
2020-11-17 Thomas LamprechtPBS client: use our normal blessed method call style
2020-11-17 Stoiko Ivanovadd PBSClient module
2020-11-06 Alexandre Derumiersystemd: add CPUWeight encoding
2020-11-06 Alexandre Derumierbugfix: cpushares : default value is 1024 for cgroup v1
2020-11-06 Alexandre DerumierCgroups: remove specific lxc code
2020-11-06 Alexandre Derumiermove PVE::LXC::CGroup to PVE::CGroup
2020-11-02 Fabian Grünbichlerfix 3108: properly check IPv6 addr
2020-10-30 Stoiko IvanovSystemd: add helpers for parsing unit files
2020-10-29 Dominic JägerMake configid regex public