[pve-docs.git] / getting-help.adoc
1 Getting Help
2 ------------
4 There are basically two different support channels. {pve} itself if
5 fully open source, so we always encourage our users to discuss and
6 share their knowledge using the[Community
7 Support Forum]. The forum is fully moderated by the Proxmox support
8 team. Up to now, the forum has about 25.000 members, and more than
9 120.000 messages. Needless to say that such a large forum is a great
10 place to get information.
12 The second channel is the commercial support provided by
13 {proxmoxGmbh}. {pve} server subscriptions can be ordered online, see
14[{pve} Shop]. For all details see
15[{pve} Subscription Service
16 Plans].
18 Please contact the[Proxmox sales team] for
19 commercial support requests or volume discounts.