2019-11-26 Fabian EbnerAdd description for mountpoint property
2019-11-18 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-9
2019-11-18 Thomas Lamprechtupdate static schema/synopsis definitions
2019-11-15 Fabian Grünbichleruse PVE::DataCenterConfig to get schema
2019-11-12 Dominic JägerFix #2459: qm: Make info about core limit clear
2019-11-08 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: some clarifcations, small aditions
2019-11-08 Fabian EbnerAdd section for ZFS Special Device
2019-11-07 Alwin Antreichpveceph: fix spelling in section Trim/Discard
2019-11-07 Alwin AntreichFix: pveceph: broken ref anchor pveceph_mgr_create
2019-11-06 Aaron Lautererqm: spice foldersharing: Add experimental warning
2019-11-06 Thomas Lamprechtceph: add a bit to Scrub
2019-11-06 Thomas Lamprechtceph: add a bit to discard/trim
2019-11-06 Thomas Lamprechtceph: add a bit to OSD replacement
2019-11-06 Thomas Lamprechtceph: add further reference anchors
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: add attribute ceph_codename
2019-11-06 Alwin AntreichFix #1958: pveceph: add section Ceph maintenance
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: correct CephFS subtitle
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: Reorganize TOC for new sections
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: switch note for Creating Ceph Manager
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph Pools
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph Manager
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph Monitor
2019-11-06 Alwin Antreichpveceph: add section - Destroying Ceph OSDs
2019-11-06 Thomas Lamprechtqm: remove note about backups and IOThread
2019-11-06 Thomas Lamprechtqm: add sub-headings to hard disk section
2019-11-06 Christian Ebnerqm: fix typo: /ghen/When/
2019-11-05 Alwin Antreichpveceph: old style commands to subcommands
2019-10-23 Stefan ReiterReplace erroneous interpunct with space
2019-10-18 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-8
2019-10-18 Christian Ebnergen vzdump: json_config_properties() moved from VZDump...
2019-10-08 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-7
2019-10-08 Thomas Lamprechtfollouwp: test for instant view may not fail, else...
2019-10-08 Thomas Lamprechtrepos: change security repo link for future proofing...
2019-10-07 Aaron Lautererdisplay: add URL and short explanation of SPICE
2019-10-07 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-5
2019-10-07 Thomas Lamprechtqm: fixup: 4th order headings do not show up in PDF...
2019-10-07 Aaron Lautereradd spice enhancements documentation
2019-09-27 Dominic JägerReplace stretch with buster in install guide
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtswitch opt-out NOVIEW to opt-in PVE_DOC_INSTANTVIEW
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtrepos: add some references
2019-09-09 Alexandre Derumiervxlan: remove "no bgp default ipv6-unicast"
2019-09-09 Alexandre Derumiervxlan: add rp_filter sysctl for multiple gateway nodes
2019-09-09 Alexandre Derumiervxlan: add external bgp router documentation
2019-09-09 Alexandre Derumiervxlan: add ipv6 missing config
2019-09-09 Alexandre Derumiervxlan-evpn: remove prefix-route deny
2019-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtpve-network: bridged setup: s/VMs/virtual guests/
2019-09-06 Alexandre Derumiervxlan: allowed routing to local vm on gateway nodes
2019-09-06 Dominik Csapakupdate supported browsers
2019-09-05 Alexandre Derumierbgp-evpn : use ip-forward options on vnet interfaces
2019-09-04 Thomas Lamprechtvxlan: reword and add a bit
2019-09-04 Thomas Lamprechtvxlan: trailing whitespace cleanups
2019-09-04 Alexandre Derumierbgp-evpn : add route reflectors documentation
2019-09-04 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: extend cluster create/join a bit
2019-09-03 Stefan ReiterAdd screenshot references to cluster GUI section
2019-09-03 Stefan ReiterAdd cluster join screenshot
2019-09-03 Stefan ReiterAdd cluster join information screenshot
2019-09-03 Stefan ReiterAdd cluster create screenshot
2019-09-03 Stefan ReiterMention GUI for creating a cluster and adding nodes
2019-09-02 Alexandre Derumierupdate vxlan-evpn doc
2019-09-02 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: use {pve} for Proxmox VE
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in vzdump.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in system-booting.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in pveum.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typo in pvesr.adoc
2019-09-02 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: storage config description
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in pvesm.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in pvecm.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in pveceph.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in pve-gui.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typo in pct.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typo in output-format.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in local-zfs.adoc
2019-09-02 Fabian EbnerFix typos in ha-manager.adoc
2019-08-17 Thomas Lamprechtapi-viewer: add missing </pre> closing tag
2019-08-07 Stefan Reiterefi boot: add note about update-initramfs hooks
2019-07-26 Thomas Lamprechtmediawiki: bring doc includer again in line with the...
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtfixup: TOC JS script is already in html pages for mediawiki
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtmediawiki: add a bit to README
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtmediawiki: make docs include plugin tags robuster for...
2019-07-25 Thomas Lamprechtpve-docs-mediawiki: ship mediawiki-asciidoc.js
2019-07-23 Stefan ReiterUpdate documentation for TRIM/Discard on virtio-blk
2019-07-23 Aaron LautererAdd audio device documentation
2019-07-22 Thomas Lamprechtinstallation: add screenshot of summary and extend...
2019-07-22 Thomas Lamprechtupdate installer screenshots with 6.0
2019-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-4
2019-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtrun make update
2019-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtupdate screenshots and add some more
2019-07-15 Thomas LamprechtFAQ: add link to 5.x -> 6.0 upgrade
2019-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtefi boot: highlight the pve-efiboot-tool refresh a...
2019-07-15 Fabian Grünbichlerboot: update list of synced kernels
2019-07-15 Fabian Grünbichlerboot: mention pve-efiboot-tool earlier
2019-07-15 Fabian Grünbichlerboot: add new pve-efiboot-tool commands
2019-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtzfs: make swap and encryption real sections
2019-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtminor follouwp fixes
2019-07-15 Fabian Grünbichlerzfs: add encryption docs
2019-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-3
2019-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtmake changelog single source of version
2019-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtmake dinstall: skip mediawiki deb for now
2019-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtsysboot: minor followup
2019-07-11 Fabian Grünbichlerboot/zfs: add docs for pve-efiboot-tool