2016-05-25 Dietmar Maurercorrectly remove temporary xml files
2016-05-25 Dietmar Maurersimplify package build system (single debian dir)
2016-05-25 Dietmar Maurercleanup pve-docs package - only include documentation...
2016-05-25 Dietmar Maurerimprove package description
2016-05-24 Dietmar Maurerinclude footnotes inside manual pages
2016-05-23 Emmanuel Kasperadd general introduction and chapters matching the...
2016-05-23 Emmanuel KasperReformat qm documentation to make it similar to pct
2016-05-23 Dietmar Maurerupdate generated docs
2016-05-19 Dietmar Maurerbump package versions
2016-05-19 Dietmar Maurerfix man page dependencies
2016-05-19 Dietmar Maureradd configuration options to manual pages
2016-05-19 Dietmar Maurerupdate auto-generated docs
2016-05-19 Dietmar Maurersimplify/cleanup previous commit
2016-05-19 Wolfgang Bumillerdescribe begin/end markers and .pve-ignore.
2016-05-18 Dietmar Maurercleanup: limit character per line, fix Thin provisionin...
2016-05-18 Emmanuel KasperAdd chapter for thin provisioning
2016-05-18 Wolfgang Bumillerset destdir
2016-05-17 Thomas LamprechtHA: improve docs regarding updates and fencing
2016-05-11 Dietmar Maurerupdate generated docs (minor fix)
2016-05-11 Dietmar Maurerbump package release numbers
2016-05-11 Dietmar Maurerupdate generated files
2016-05-07 Dietmar Maurerpct: fix an example
2016-05-07 Dietmar Maurerpct: cleanup, use "mount point" instead of mountpoint
2016-05-07 Dietmar Maurerpct: add auto-generated mount point docs
2016-05-07 Dietmar Maurerpct: add auto-generated network options
2016-05-07 Dietmar Maurerpct.adoc: improve document structure
2016-05-04 Dietmar Maurerpvedocs-include.php: add noscript tag
2016-05-04 Dietmar Maurerinstall missing index.html file
2016-05-04 Dietmar Maureradd wiki interlnal links
2016-05-04 Dietmar Maurergenerate separate file for storage backends (only for...
2016-05-04 Dietmar Maurerinclude attributes.txt, so that we can compile individu...
2016-05-03 Dietmar Maurersimplify Makefile
2016-05-03 Dietmar Maurerremove magic view feature
2016-05-03 Dietmar Maurermediawiki-import: import important manual pages
2016-05-03 Dietmar Maureradd headerless .html and mediawiki importer plugin
2016-05-03 Fabian Grünbichleradd more to vzdump lxc snapshot section
2016-05-03 Fabian GrünbichlerAdd warning about pvetest
2016-05-03 Fabian Grünbichlersentence structure, wording
2016-05-03 Fabian Grünbichlertypos, spelling
2016-05-01 Dietmar Maureradd network configuration
2016-05-01 Dietmar Maurerdo not use nwdiag files
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maureruse ExtJS6 for API viewer (theme crisp-touch)
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maureradd TOC to individual chapter files
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maurerupdate auto-generate docs
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maurerimprove update target, update all auto-generated files
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maureradd apidata.js to git repository
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maurerimprove Makefile: add phony target 'index'
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maurerfix section level
2016-04-30 Dietmar Maureradd lvm thin pool
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerinclude chapters as individual html files
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerpve-faq.adoc: include attributes.txt
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurersysadmin.adoc: include attributes.txt
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maureradd target to generate chunked version of pve-admin...
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerimprove clean target
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerfix kernel version in pct.adoc
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerbump pve-docs version to 4.2-2
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerimprove package dependencies, add README
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maureradd api-viewer to index.adoc
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maureradd missing apidoc.htm
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maureradd api doc viewer (moved from package pve2-api-doc)
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maureradd new package to ship compiled docs
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerfix release number in pve-admin-guide-docinfo.xml
2016-04-29 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 4.2-1
2016-04-29 Thomas Lamprechtha-manager: error fixes and small additions
2016-04-22 Fabian Grünbichlerpct: add warning about FUSE
2016-04-15 Fabian GrünbichlerNOTE: cleanup
2016-04-15 Fabian GrünbichlerAdd section about pveproxy certificates
2016-04-15 Fabian Grünbichlercleanup pct.adoc
2016-04-15 Dietmar Maurerupdate auto-generated options
2016-04-14 Dietmar Maurerinstall gen-vzdump.conf.5-opts.pl
2016-04-14 Dietmar Maurervzdump.adoc: add note that values can be specified...
2016-04-14 Dietmar Maurervzdump.adoc: auto-generate configuration options
2016-04-14 Dietmar Maurerfix typo
2016-04-14 Dietmar Maurervzdump.adoc: improve backup mode descriptions
2016-04-14 Emmanuel KasperReplace VM occurences with 'guest' or 'container' when...
2016-04-14 Dietmar Maurervzdump.adoc: use continuations
2016-04-12 Emmanuel KasperAdd subchapter about ACLs, and make even more clear...
2016-04-11 Thomas Lamprechtrebuild package if package sources changed
2016-04-11 Thomas Lamprechtfix HA manager build
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maurerdo not use asciidoc macros inside NAME section
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maureradd pveceph man page
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maureradd pvesubscription man page
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maurerfix makefile for vzdump.1 and pveam.1
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maureradd spiceproxy man page
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maurerpve-admin-guide.adoc: fix headers
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maurerpveproxy.adoc: add docs from current man page
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maureradd pveproxy man page
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maurerpve-admin-guide.adoc: add new section for service daemons
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maurerminor cleanups, use {pve} instead of {PVE}
2016-04-10 Dietmar Maureradd pvedaemon man page
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurerpvecm.adoc: small cleanups
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurerpvecm.adoc: improve document structure
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurerpmxcfs.adoc: use systemctl to restart service
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurersplit index into several sub sections
2016-04-09 Dietmar MaurerMakefile: cleanup, remove duplicate rules
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maureradd pmxcfs cli to admin guide and index
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurerallow to generate pmxcfs.8 man page
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurercleanup Makefile
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurerindex.adoc: s/vm.conf/qm.conf/
2016-04-09 Dietmar Maurerpve-admin-guide.adoc: s/vm.conf/qm.conf/