bump version to 4.2-3
[pve-firewall.git] / src / pve-firewall
2017-10-18 Philip AbernethyUse run_cli_handler instead of deprecated run_cli
2015-09-24 Dietmar Maurerconvert pve-firewall into a PVE::Service class
2015-01-15 Dietmar Maurerfix call to register_restart_command (set $use_hup...
2014-12-31 Dietmar Maurerremove class paramenter from register_XXX_command
2014-12-31 Dietmar Maurersimplify code (error log is done inside Daemon.pm)
2014-12-31 Dietmar Maurerimprove logging
2014-12-18 Dietmar Maurerfix arguments for register_restart_command
2014-12-18 Dietmar Maureruse Daemon class from pve-common
2014-11-28 Dietmar Maureradd debian/dirs file to install /var/lib/pve-firewall
2014-11-28 Dietmar Maurersave restore commands into files (debug help)
2014-11-26 Dietmar Maurerpve-firewall compile: improve output format
2014-11-04 Alexandre Derumierapply ipv6 ruleset
2014-11-04 Alexandre Derumiercompile ipv6 ruleset
2014-06-04 Dietmar Maurerremove ipsets when firewall disabled
2014-05-23 Dietmar Maurerimprove error handling
2014-05-22 Dietmar Maurerclose inotify handle before restart
2014-05-21 Dietmar Maureruse GET instead of POST for command that do not change...
2014-05-21 Dietmar Maureradd new localnet command
2014-05-20 Dietmar Maurerimprove documentation
2014-05-20 Dietmar Maurerdo not log simulate warnings to syslog
2014-05-20 Dietmar Maureradd simulate command for easy testing
2014-05-19 Dietmar Maureradd init function
2014-05-16 Dietmar Maurerinclude manual page
2014-05-16 Dietmar Maurercleanup firewall service implementation