pheceph: add -version argument to install
[pve-manager.git] / www /
2014-03-03 Dietmar MaurerparseQemuNetwork: add vmxnet3
2014-01-24 Dietmar Maurerceph: show task progress
2014-01-24 Dietmar Maurerceph: add grid row summary for pool list
2014-01-24 Dietmar Maurerceph: split GUI files
2014-01-24 Dietmar Maurerceph: sort disk list
2014-01-23 Dietmar Maurercleanup GUI
2014-01-23 Dietmar Maurerceph: view osd commit/apply latency
2014-01-23 Dietmar Maurerceph: display osd usage
2014-01-23 Dietmar Maurerceph: display pool usage information
2014-01-22 Dietmar Maurerceph: add API and buttons for osd in/out
2014-01-14 Dietmar Maurermake lint happy
2014-01-14 Dietmar Maurerupdate max cores limit to 128
2014-01-14 Dietmar Maureruse separate button for disk throttle.
2014-01-14 Alexandre Derumiersplit iothrottle form
2014-01-10 Dietmar Maurerceph: allow to specify separate journal disks
2014-01-10 Dietmar MaurerPVE.window.Edit: add new isRemove flag
2014-01-03 Dietmar Maurerceph: allow to specify crush ruleset on pool creation
2014-01-03 Dietmar Maurerceph: only use 64 PGs by default (same default as ceph...
2013-12-31 Dietmar Maurerpveceph: allow to set min_size for pools
2013-12-30 Dietmar Maurermake it easier to set VLAN tags on OVS ports/bond
2013-12-30 Dietmar Maureradd support to change bond_xmit_hash_policy on linux...
2013-12-30 Dietmar Maureruse new ovs bond modes (changed in pve-common)
2013-12-30 Dietmar Maurermake lint happy
2013-12-30 Dietmar Maurermake lint happy
2013-12-27 Dietmar Maureradd GUI for openvswitch network
2013-12-23 Dietmar Maurerceph GUI: fix state handling
2013-12-21 Dietmar MaurerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pve-ceph'
2013-12-17 Dietmar Maureradd menu icons for VNC and SPICE
2013-12-17 Dietmar Maurernew ConsoleButton class
2013-12-16 Dietmar Maurermake lint happy
2013-12-12 Dietmar Maureruse anchor with download tag to open spice console
2013-12-11 Dietmar Maurerfixed typo
2013-12-11 Dietmar Maurerallow to open SPICE console with command menu
2013-12-10 Dietmar Maurerallow to run upgrades with spiceterm
2013-12-10 Dietmar Maureruse PVE.Utils.openSpiceViewer()
2013-12-10 Dietmar Maurerimplement spice viewer for openvz
2013-12-10 Dietmar Maurerinclude spiceterm
2013-12-09 Dietmar Maurerspice: use POST to get spice proxy configuration.
2013-12-09 Dietmar Maureruse a split-button for the console
2013-12-05 Dietmar Maurercleanup last commit
2013-12-05 Alexandre Derumierhdedit : add io throttle max burst
2013-12-04 Dietmar Maureradd 'lsi53c810' to the list of scsi controllers
2013-12-04 Dietmar Maureradd VMWare vmxnet3 network card
2013-12-04 Dietmar Maureradd VMware PVSCSI to available SCSI controller
2013-11-28 Dietmar Maureravoid re-select inside selectionChange callback
2013-11-22 Dietmar Maureruse format_size to display ceph storage sizes pve-ceph
2013-11-22 Dietmar Maurerfix osd keyring, use tasks
2013-11-20 Dietmar Maurercorrect handle history state for ceph sub-config
2013-11-20 Dietmar Maureradd ceph pool GUI
2013-11-19 Dietmar Maureradd OSD tree
2013-11-15 Dietmar Maurerallow to create OSD on unused disks
2013-11-15 Dietmar Maureradd ceph log view
2013-11-14 Dietmar Maurerimplement add/remove monitor
2013-11-14 Dietmar Maurerimprove ceph API paths
2013-11-14 Dietmar Maureradd monitor GUI
2013-11-14 Dietmar Maurerimprove quorum renderer
2013-11-14 Dietmar Maurercorrectly encode html
2013-11-13 Dietmar Maurerdisplay crush map
2013-11-13 Dietmar Maurerstart ceph management GUI
2013-11-08 Dietmar Maurerfix UPID parser for long uptimes
2013-11-06 Dietmar Maurerallow IPv6 address when creating a container
2013-11-06 Dietmar Maurerfix IPAddress vtype
2013-10-30 Dietmar Maurerallow to add ipv6 address to OpenVZ containers
2013-10-14 Stefan Priebeuse a calculated interval for updating the ressources...
2013-10-09 Dietmar MaurerUpdateQueue: add callback
2013-10-08 Alexandre Derumieradd zfs filter in hdmove
2013-10-08 Alexandre Derumierremove nexenta plugin
2013-10-04 Dietmar Maurercoding style cleanups
2013-10-04 Michael RasmussenDisplay-target-name-better-and-fix-typo
2013-10-04 Michael RasmussenZFS-gui-reworked-so-that-unused-config-is-dropped
2013-10-04 Michael RasmussenLatest-changes-which-removes-unused-config
2013-10-02 Dietmar MaurerGUI: add multi-monitor support for spice
2013-09-25 Alexandre Derumieradd solaris ostype
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurersome more gettext cleanups, update po files
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurerreduce gettext strings by using format_storage_type...
2013-08-29 Dietmar MaurerDo not translate iscsi Portal/Target and NFS export
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurerdo not use gettext() inside render functions
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurertry to minimize number of gettext strings
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurerdo not use gettext() inside render functions
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurers/gettext('Default')/PVE.Utils.defaultText/
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurerre-add glusterfs GUI
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurergettext updates removed GlusterFS silently - re-add...
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurerfix jslint type confusion errors
2013-08-29 Dietmar Maurerfix syntax error introduced by previous gettext updates
2013-08-29 Damien PIQUETAdded translations
2013-08-16 Dietmar Maureradd favicon.ico
2013-08-16 Dietmar Maurerdisplay subscription status after login
2013-08-16 Dietmar Maureruse Refresh instead of Update
2013-08-13 Dietmar Maurermake jslint happy
2013-08-13 Dietmar Maureradd GUI for GlusterFS storage
2013-07-31 Dietmar Maurerallow to use serial terminal as display
2013-07-18 Dietmar Maurerspice: always use the API server as spice proxy server
2013-06-26 Dietmar Maureradd qxl to available kvm vga drivers
2013-06-26 Dietmar Maureradd button to start spice console
2013-06-25 Dietmar Maureruse better icons for shell/spiceproxy tasks
2013-06-21 Dietmar Maureradd button to display package versions
2013-06-19 Dietmar Maureruse interactive vnc shell to run system upgrade
2013-06-19 Dietmar Maurerapt: group by Origin
2013-06-18 Dietmar Maurerimprove changelog viewer
2013-06-18 Dietmar Maurerimplement changelog API