controllers: evpn : use frr restart if reload fail
[pve-network.git] / PVE / API2 /
2021-11-09 Alexandre Derumierapi2: zones: fix update
2021-05-05 Thomas Lamprechtapi: zones: code/indentation/format cleanups
2021-05-05 Alexandre Derumierapi2: zone: check ipam change if no ipam was defined...
2021-04-28 Thomas Lamprechtsdn: rename config to running_config
2021-02-06 Alexandre Derumiersubnets: add add_subnet/del_subnet
2020-12-18 Alexandre Derumiersubnets: api : add missing param in on_update_hook...
2020-11-25 Alexandre Derumiersdn: fix : pending parser
2020-11-25 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: improve bgp-evpn
2020-10-08 Alexandre Derumiervnets: allow duplicate tags in differents zones
2020-10-08 Alexandre Derumiersubnets/ipam: allow same subnet on different zones
2020-10-08 Alexandre Derumiermove ipam option from subnet to zone
2020-10-08 Alexandre Derumiermove dns options from subnets to zone
2020-10-08 Alexandre Derumierapi: add running/pending zones/vnets/subnets/controllers
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumierapi: generate 'running-config' state instead of version...
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumiersubnet: make IPAM required and use PVE IPAM as default
2020-10-06 Alexandre DerumierFix vnet gateway for routed setup + /32 pointopoint...
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumiersubnets: move api to /sdn/vnet/<vnet>/subnets && make...
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumieradd DNS plugin
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumieradd IPAMs plugins
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumierzone: add vnet_update_hook
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumiervnets: add subnets
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumieradd subnet plugin
2020-07-03 Thomas Lamprechtapi sdn/vnets: cleanups
2020-07-03 Alexandre Derumiercleanup code with wrong copy/paste from Storage
2020-07-03 Alexandre Derumiervnet: make tag optional and verify value in zone plugins
2020-07-03 Alexandre Derumieradd simple plugin
2020-07-03 Thomas Lamprechtwhite space and other minor cleanups
2020-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtfixup: drop trailing whitespaces
2020-05-12 Thomas Lamprechtapi: fix reload all UPID handling
2020-05-02 Alexandre Derumiersdn: use .version and global lock
2020-05-02 Alexandre Derumierremove .new files
2020-03-10 Thomas Lamprechtwhitespace cleanup
2020-02-11 Alexandre Derumierapi2: fix vnet status
2020-01-21 Alexandre DerumierAPI2: Vnets: fix update
2019-11-29 Alexandre Derumiercreate /etc/pve/sdn directory
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumiercleanup old transport/router/sdn_cfg references
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumieradd permissions
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierfix zones on_update_hook
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierrename frrevpn controller plugin to evpn plugin
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumieradd nodes option to zones
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierimprove status error description
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierrename transportzone option to zone
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierapi2: sdn: add reload config
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierapi2 : split vnets/zones/controllers
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumierapi2 : sdn : add role and type to index
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumieradd qinq plugin
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumierrename plugins with controllers
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumieradd evpnplugin (splitted from vxlanplugin)
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumieradd faucet sdn controller plugins
2019-09-03 Thomas Lamprechttrailing whitespace cleanup
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumieradd frr plugin
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumiermake Vxlanplugin generic for multicast/unicast/frr
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumierapi2: add local endpoint for listing transportzones...
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumierapi2: add local endpoint for listing content of a trans...
2019-06-18 Alexandre Derumierrename $network to $sdn everywhere
2019-06-18 Alexandre Derumierapi: add missing additional properties=0 on network...
2019-06-12 Alexandre Derumierrename PVE::Network::Network to PVE::Network::SDN
2019-06-04 Alexandre Derumiercreate api: test if $scfg vnet exist
2019-05-08 Alexandre Derumierapi: add apply and revert cluster network configuration
2019-05-08 Alexandre Derumiervlan, vxlan plugin : add on_delete_hook
2019-05-06 Alexandre Derumierapi2: update_hook: also verify transport associated...
2019-05-06 Alexandre Derumiervnet: update_hook: verify if tag already exist in anoth...
2019-04-05 Alexandre Derumiervnetplugin: on_delete_hook : verify if vnet exist in...
2019-04-04 Alexandre Derumieradd on_update_hook
2019-04-04 Alexandre Derumieradd on_delete_hook
2019-04-04 Alexandre Derumieradd missing
2019-04-04 Alexandre Derumiermerge Transport && Vnet to PVE::Network::Network
2019-04-03 Alexandre Derumierapi2: add networkconfig
2019-04-03 Alexandre Derumiermove transport plugins to Network/Transport/
2019-04-03 Alexandre Derumieradd vnet api
2019-04-02 Alexandre Derumieradd network transport api