controllers: evpn : use frr restart if reload fail
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2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn : remove ip forwarding, ipv6 forwardi...
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn : remove "no bgp ebgp-requires-policy"
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumierzones: evpn : add rt-import
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn: add missing bgp router-id in vrf
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: evpn/bgp : add exitnodes-primary && rework...
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: bgp: add bgp-multipath-as-path-relax option
2022-02-13 Alexandre Derumiercontrollers: bgp: use loopback ip src for loopback...
2021-11-09 Alexandre Derumierzones: evpn: add disable-arp-nd-suppression option
2021-08-24 Alexandre Derumierevpn: add exitnodes-local-routing
2021-08-24 Alexandre Derumierevpn : add advertise-subnets option
2021-08-24 Alexandre Derumierevpn : add "ip route del vrf vrf_myzone unreachable...
2021-08-24 Thomas LamprechtRevert "evpn : remove "ip route add vrf vrf_myzone...
2021-07-21 Alexandre Derumierevpn : remove "ip route add vrf vrf_myzone unreachable...
2021-06-18 Alexandre Derumiersubnets/ipam : fix is_gateway
2021-06-18 Alexandre Derumieradd vnets test + ipam fixes
2021-05-10 Alexandre Derumierzones: simple|evpn : only enable ip-forward if gateway...
2021-05-10 Alexandre Derumiersubnets: tests: add noipam test
2021-05-05 Thomas Lamprechtqinq: code cleanup and whitespace/indendation fixes
2021-05-05 Alexandre Derumierzone: qinq: add vnet without tag support
2021-04-29 Alexandre Derumierzones: qinq: vlanaware bridge: add tests with multiple...
2021-04-29 Alexandre Derumierzones: qinq: classic bridge: fix bridge zone name with...
2021-04-29 Alexandre Derumierzones: qinq: ovs: fix duplicate ovs_ports with multiple...
2021-04-28 Thomas Lamprechtcode/whitespace cleanup
2021-04-28 Thomas Lamprechtsdn: rename config to running_config
2021-04-22 Alexandre Derumierzones: simple: fix ip-forward && ipv6 snat
2021-04-22 Alexandre Derumierzones: evpn: fix arp-accept && ip-forward + ipv6 snat
2021-04-22 Alexandre Derumierzones: evpn: move vnet mac option to evpn zone plugin
2021-04-22 Alexandre Derumierbgp: add ebgp_multihop option
2021-04-22 Alexandre Derumiertests: fix evpn vrf
2021-04-18 Alexandre Derumiertests: add subnets tests
2021-02-06 Alexandre Derumiertests: add dns tests
2021-02-06 Alexandre Derumiertests: add ipams tests
2020-12-18 Alexandre Derumieradd zones && controllers unit tests
2020-11-25 Alexandre Derumierupdate test documentation
2020-10-08 Alexandre Derumierupdate documentation
2020-10-06 Alexandre Derumierapi: generate 'running-config' state instead of version...
2020-10-06 Alexandre DerumierFix vnet gateway for routed setup + /32 pointopoint...
2020-02-11 Alexandre Derumiervlan/qinq: use bridge option instead uplink-id
2019-11-28 Alexandre Derumierzones: vxlan : remove uplink-id and multicast
2019-11-28 Alexandre Derumierevpn: remove uplink-id
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierevpn zone plugin : remove vrf option
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierrename frrevpn controller plugin to evpn plugin
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumierupdate documentation.txt
2019-11-26 Alexandre Derumiersplit transport/controllers/vnet to separate plugins
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumierrename plugins with controllers
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumieradd evpnplugin (splitted from vxlanplugin)
2019-10-17 Alexandre Derumiermake sdn controller plugin generic
2019-09-09 Alexandre Derumiermove gateway-nodes option to frr plugin and add gateway...
2019-09-04 Alexandre Derumierdon't regenerate frr config if no router is defined
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumiervxlan: add gateway-nodes option
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumieradd documentation.txt
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumiersdn: add write_frr_config
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumiersdn: add generate_frr_config
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumiergenerate network config in a hash
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumieradd new status sub and move code from test
2019-09-03 Alexandre Derumieradd generate_etc_network_config && write_etc_network_co...
2019-06-18 Alexandre Derumierrename $network to $sdn everywhere
2019-06-12 Alexandre Derumierrename PVE::Network::Network to PVE::Network::SDN
2019-06-06 Alexandre Derumiervxlanmulticast : fix mtu
2019-06-04 Alexandre Derumiergenerateconfig test: remove verify merge config
2019-06-04 Alexandre Derumieradd test
2019-04-04 Alexandre Derumierfix test
2019-03-29 Alexandre Derumierremove $interfaces arg from generate_network_config
2019-03-29 Alexandre Derumiergenerateconfig: print config before test
2019-03-28 Alexandre Derumieradd a sample test to generate config