2019-08-05 Wolfgang Bumillermerge fix for CVE-2019-14378
2019-07-11 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 4.0.0-3
2019-07-11 Wolfgang Bumillerupdate live migration patches
2019-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.0.0-2
2019-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtvirtio-balloon: use smaller config on older guests
2019-07-02 Thomas Lamprechtfix qemu PKGVERSION
2019-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 4.0.0-1
2019-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: ensure docs (man pages) are build
2019-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtdebian/rules: disable building with SDL integration
2019-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtupdate patches for v4.0.0
2019-06-17 Thomas Lamprechtupdate qemu submodule to v4.0.0
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.0.1-62
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: add libcurl4-gnutls-dev to build dependencies
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/rules: enable curl support
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/rules: disable libxml2 support
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: add libseccomp-dev to build dependencies
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: run wrap-and-sort -tkn
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/rules: ensure QEMU gets compiled with seccomp on
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/rules: split and sort configure flags
2019-06-06 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: recursively init submodule and correct its...
2019-06-05 Oguz Bektasadd fixes for intel MDS CVEs
2019-05-27 Thomas Lamprechtremove outdated postinst, cruft from old times
2019-05-23 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: switch upload dist over to buster
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.0.1-61
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtfixup libspice* dependencies
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: cleanup also older .deb files from prev....
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.0.1-60
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtadd lintian overrides for shipped strange BLOBs
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtdisable capstone support for now
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: record missing build dependency libpixman
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: use libspice-server-dev
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: fix priority-extra-is-replaced-by-priority...
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: use dpkg-dev makefile helpers for pkg info
2019-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 3.0.1-2
2019-04-26 Wolfgang Bumillermerge: make file locking optional also on creation
2019-04-19 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 3.0.1-1
2019-04-19 Dominik Csapakbuild qemu multithreaded
2019-04-19 Dietmar Maurerbuild and include qemu-system-aarch64
2018-09-07 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 3.0.0-1
2018-08-30 Wolfgang Bumillerremove efi-roms-1182.tar.xz
2018-07-09 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.11.2-1
2018-04-05 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.11.1-5
2018-04-05 Wolfgang Bumillermerge: vma & rbd changes
2018-03-21 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.11.1-4
2018-03-21 Alexandre Derumierqemu-img : add -n option to dd to skip destination...
2018-03-14 Fabian Grünbichlerbuild: use 3.0 source format
2018-03-01 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: remove new PPC specific files
2018-03-01 Geert Stappersdebian/rules: don't disable Flat Device Tree
2018-03-01 Geert StappersMakefile: git repository is moved
2018-02-23 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.11.1-3
2018-02-23 Wolfgang Bumillermerge: qemu-img dd: add isize parameter
2018-02-22 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.11.1-2
2018-02-22 Wolfgang Bumillerreapply: vma: add throttling options to drive mapping...
2018-02-22 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.11.1-1
2018-02-19 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-9
2018-02-19 Wolfgang Bumillermerge EPYC and EPYC-IPBP cpu models
2018-02-19 Wolfgang Bumillervma: add throttling options to drive mapping fifo protocol
2018-02-19 Wolfgang Bumillerpatch cleanup
2018-02-08 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-8
2018-02-08 Alexandre Derumierfix qemu 2.9 drive mirroring to nbd target
2018-02-08 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-7
2018-02-08 Wolfgang Bumillerfix #1642: merge: ratelimit: don't align wait time...
2018-01-15 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-6
2018-01-15 Wolfgang Bumillermerge SPEC_CTRL MSR and -IBRS CPU model patches
2017-12-06 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-5
2017-12-06 Wolfgang Bumillermerge gluster fixes
2017-12-06 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-4
2017-12-06 Wolfgang Bumillermerge CVE-2017-17381 fix and backup race condition fix
2017-11-29 Wolfgang Bumillerbuildsys: fix GITVERSION
2017-11-29 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-3
2017-10-17 Wolfgang Bumillerlower debhelper dependency to version 9
2017-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-2
2017-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillercleanup
2017-10-16 Emmanuel KasperAdd a 'Conflicts' with qemu-system-common from Debian
2017-10-16 Emmanuel KasperProvides a qemu-system-x86 virtual package
2017-10-16 Emmanuel KasperBump dephelper compatibility level to 10
2017-10-16 Emmanuel KasperInstall userspace utilities and UEFI roms via dh_install
2017-10-16 Emmanuel KasperRemove deprecated dh_clean -k
2017-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerfix #1107: merge: virtio: fix descriptor counting in...
2017-10-04 Fabian Grünbichlerbuild: reformat debian/control
2017-09-08 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.1-1
2017-09-05 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.0-5
2017-09-05 Wolfgang Bumillercleanups & style fixups
2017-09-05 Fabian Grünbichlerfix #1420: fix stop mode backup with virtio-blk
2017-08-14 Fabian Grünbichlerbump version to 2.9.0-4
2017-08-14 Wolfgang Bumillervma: fix regression in backup with non-cluster-aligned...
2017-08-07 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.0-3
2017-08-07 Wolfgang Bumilleradd CVE fixes
2017-08-07 Wolfgang Bumillerrebased pve patches
2017-06-23 Wolfgang Bumilleradd qemu-img dd stdin/stdout pipe patch
2017-06-06 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.0-2
2017-06-06 Wolfgang Bumillermerge various stable fixes
2017-04-21 Wolfgang Bumillerupdate to 2.9.0
2017-04-19 Wolfgang Bumillerupdate to 2.9.0-rc5
2017-04-11 Emmanuel KasperDisable building the qemu-guest-agent (binary + docs)
2017-04-11 Emmanuel KasperSplit the very long configure line to fit in 80 columns
2017-04-05 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 2.9.0-1~rc3
2017-04-05 Wolfgang Bumillerupdate to 2.9.0-rc2 build files
2017-04-05 Wolfgang Bumillerimport stable-4 build files