lvm thin: add missing newline to error message
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2021-11-09 Aaron Lautereradd disk rename feature
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerfix #3307: make it possible to set protection for backups
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerprune mark: preserve additional information for the...
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebneradd generalized functions to manage volume attributes
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerbump APIVER and APIAGE
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerplugin: remove volume_snapshot_list
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerplugin: add volume_snapshot_info function
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerzfspool: add blockers parameter to volume_snapshot_is_p...
2021-10-13 Thomas Lamprechtct templates: support zstd compressed archives
2021-09-09 Fabian Ebnerprune {validate, mark}: preserve input parameter
2021-07-06 Fabian Ebnerextract backup config: less precise matching for broken...
2021-06-23 Lorenz Stechaunerstatus: factoring out normalize_content_filename
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumillerbtrfs: add 'btrfs' import/export format
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumillerbump storage API: update import/export methods
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumilleradd BTRFS storage plugin
2021-06-23 Lorenz Stechaunerfactoring out regex for vztmpl
2021-06-23 Thomas Lamprechttree-wide: fix typos with codespell
2021-06-21 Fabian Ebnervdisk_list: only scan storages with the correct content...
2021-06-18 Thomas Lamprechtplugin loader: text-width cleanup
2021-06-16 Fabian Ebnerconfig: mention that maxfiles is deprecated
2021-06-15 Fabian Ebnerprune backups: activate storage
2021-05-12 Thomas Lamprechtremove some more DRBD references
2021-03-31 Dominic JägerOptionally allow blockdev in abs_filesystem_path
2021-03-31 Fabian Ebnervdisk list: allow specifying content type
2021-03-31 Fabian EbnerRevert "vdisk list: only collect images from storages...
2021-03-15 Fabian Ebnervdisk list: only collect images from storages with...
2021-02-19 Fabian Ebnerstorage migration: insecure: improve logging
2021-02-06 Fabian Ebnerremove lock from is_base_and_used check
2021-01-26 Fabian Grünbichlerdrop absolute udevadm path
2020-12-15 Fabian Ebnerfix #3199: by fixing usage of strftime
2020-12-14 Fabian Ebnerprune mark: correctly keep track of already included...
2020-11-24 Dominik CsapakStorage/Plugin: add get/update_volume_comment and imple...
2020-11-23 Fabian Ebnerconvert maxfiles to prune_backups when reading the...
2020-11-23 Fabian Ebnerprune: introduce keep-all option
2020-11-23 Thomas Lamprechtperlcritic: avoid conditional variable declaration
2020-11-16 Fabian Ebnerprune: allow having all prune options zero/missing
2020-11-16 Fabian Ebnerprune mark: keep all if all prune options are zero...
2020-11-10 Fabian Ebnerfix #3030: always activate volumes in storage_migrate
2020-11-10 Stoiko Ivanovadd check for fsfreeze before snapshot
2020-11-10 Stoiko Ivanovfix typo in comment
2020-10-28 Fabian Ebnerfix #1452: also log stderr of remote command with insec...
2020-08-04 Fabian Ebnerstorage_migrate: log bandwidth limit
2020-07-24 Fabian EbnerAdd prune_backups to storage API
2020-07-09 Thomas Lamprechtvdisk_list: skip scanning storages which cannot have...
2020-07-08 Fabian Grünbichlerarchive_info: relax custom name handling
2020-07-08 Fabian Ebnerarchive_info: use timelocal correctly
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: fix scanning server with no SMB1 fallback
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan cifs: fix passing "no pass" parameter
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: do not add NT_STATUS lines to result
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: do not enforce password for users
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: pass user/pass over environment
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: add workgroup domain independent of user...
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: raise smbclient errors
2020-07-01 Thomas Lamprechtscan_cifs: fix comment typo and indentation
2020-06-30 Thomas Lamprechtadd trailing newline to error message
2020-06-30 Fabian EbnerAdd archive_remove
2020-06-30 Fabian EbnerExtend archive_info to include filename and logfilename
2020-06-23 Fabian EbnerFix 2763: Revert "storage_migrate: check if target...
2020-06-06 Fabian EbnerExpand archive_info to include ctime, vmid and is_std_name
2020-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtarchive info: keep some basic strictness
2020-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtarchive info: include archive name in error message
2020-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtstorage: archive/extract code cleanup
2020-05-15 Alwin AntreichFix: backup: relax file name matching regex
2020-04-30 Alwin AntreichFix: #2124 storage: add zstd support
2020-04-30 Alwin Antreichbackup: compact regex for backup file filter
2020-04-30 Alwin AntreichFix: add missing snippets subdir
2020-04-30 Alwin AntreichFix: path_to_volume_id returned wrong content
2020-04-30 Alwin Antreichstorage: test: split archive format/compressor
2020-04-09 Fabian EbnerAdd comment for volume_has_feature
2020-04-09 Aaron LautererZFS: use -p flag and remove zfs_parse_size
2020-04-09 Fabian Ebnerstorage_migrate: add volname_for_storage helper
2020-04-09 Fabian EbnerIntroduce allow_rename parameter for pvesm import and...
2020-04-09 Fabian EbnerCollect optional parameters for storage_migrate into...
2020-03-27 Fabian Ebnerstorage_migrate: check if target storage supports conte...
2020-03-27 Fabian EbnerAllow passing options to volume_has_feature
2020-02-19 Fabian Ebnervolume_resize: align size to 1 KiB
2020-02-19 Dietmar Maurerimplement extract_vzdump_config for PBSPlugin
2020-02-19 Dietmar MaurerPVE/Storage/ start new proxmox backup...
2020-02-05 Fabian Grünbichlerstorage_migrate: only set errfunc for send stream
2020-02-05 Fabian Ebnerstorage_migrate: also log with an insecure connection...
2020-02-05 Fabian EbnerRemove unused string
2019-12-13 Thomas Lamprechtgrammar fix: s/does not exists/does not exist/g
2019-11-18 Fabian Grünbichleruse PVE::SSHInfo
2019-11-18 Fabian Grünbichleruse PVE::DataCenterConfig
2019-10-31 Thomas Lamprechtcleanup: omit module prefix for call to methods in...
2019-09-17 Fabian EbnerActually use target_volid
2019-09-03 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: just use case sensitive flag, no manual hack
2019-09-03 Thomas Lamprechtfixup: use our to make $iso_extension_re value availabl...
2019-09-03 Stefan Reiterfix #2216: Allow .img files in 'iso' type storages
2019-08-06 Fabian Grünbichlerfix 2317: list images on 'rootdir' only storages
2019-07-19 Dietmar Maurerstorage plugin: new list_volumes plugin method
2019-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtpvesm import: allow to pass a tcp://<IP> as file
2019-06-17 Stefan Reiterfix #2226: ignore broken symlinks in *_list
2019-06-04 Thomas Lamprechtdrop un-maintained sheepdog plugin
2019-04-05 Stoiko Ivanovget_bandwidt_limits: ignore 'undef' as storage
2019-03-29 Stoiko IvanovStorage::get_bandwidth_limit: fix if condition
2019-02-05 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: improve comment
2019-02-05 Fabian Grünbichlercheck_volume_access: tighten checks for iso/tmpl
2019-01-31 Dominik Csapakadd new content type 'snippets'
2018-11-19 Dominik Csapakremove usb scan code