bump version to 7.0-13
[pve-storage.git] / PVE / Storage / LunCmd /
2021-06-23 Thomas Lamprechttree-wide: fix typos with codespell
2020-10-13 Stoiko IvanovLIO: drop unused statements
2020-10-13 Stoiko IvanovLIO: untaint values read from remote config
2019-09-26 Daniel BerteaudLIO: re-use variables
2019-09-26 Daniel BerteaudLIO: Prefix backstores with the pool name
2019-09-26 Daniel BerteaudLIO: Make the target cache works per target and portal
2019-09-26 Thomas Lamprechtlio: list_lun: return early if volname cannot be parsed
2019-09-26 Thomas Lamprechtlio: list_lun: re-use $object variable
2019-09-23 Daniel BerteaudEnable unmap support
2019-09-23 Daniel BerteaudDon't remove and recreate lun when changing a volume
2018-08-02 Thomas LamprechtLIO: followup: various small cleanups
2018-08-02 Thomas LamprechtLIO: followup: shorter stderr/out logging
2018-08-02 Thomas LamprechtLIO: followup: fix indentation
2018-08-02 Thomas LamprechtLIO: followup: remove trailing whitespaces
2018-08-02 Udo RaderLinux LIO/targetcli support
2018-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtremove unused Data::Dumper usages
2015-08-31 Wolfgang BumilleriSCSI ipv6 support
2014-10-25 Michael Rasmussenfix modification of read only bug
2014-06-25 Chris AllenAdded target-group and host-group options for ZFS comst...
2014-06-25 Chris AllenFixed Istgt LUN Options handling.
2014-06-25 Chris AllenFixed command substitution and output redirection in...
2014-06-25 Chris AllenAdded "nowritecache" option to ZFS storage plugin....
2013-10-23 Michael RasmussenUse ssh key stored in pmxcfg. Use ssh -i /etc/pve/priv...
2013-10-23 Michael RasmussenCode clean up. Fix wrong indentation.
2013-10-21 Dietmar Maurerinstall Iet.pm
2013-10-21 Michael RasmussenAdded support for iSCSI Enterprise Target Daemon (iet...
2013-10-21 Michael RasmussenCode clean up
2013-10-18 Dietmar Maureradd missing Makefile to install LunCmd/ modules
2013-10-18 Michael RasmussenModule to support istgt lun commands Istgt is used...
2013-10-18 Michael RasmussenComstar lun commands moved to separate module