lvm thin: add missing newline to error message
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12 days ago Fabian Ebnerlvm thin: add missing newline to error message master
2021-11-12 Fabian Ebnerpbs: update attribute: cleaner error message if not...
2021-11-10 Fabian Ebnerlvm thin: don't assume that a thin pool and its volumes...
2021-11-10 Fabian Ebnerlvm thin: status: code cleanup
2021-11-10 Fabian Ebnerapi: list thin pools: add volume group to properties
2021-11-10 Fabian EbnerLVM: add lvm_destroy_volume_group
2021-11-09 Aaron Lautereradd disk rename feature
2021-11-09 Fabian Ebnerpbs: integrate support for protected
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerprune: mark renamed and protected backups differently
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerfix #3307: make it possible to set protection for backups
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebneradd generalized functions to manage volume attributes
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerdir plugin: get notes: return undef if notes are not...
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerdir plugin: update notes: don't fail if file is already...
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerplugin: remove volume_snapshot_list
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerplugin: add volume_snapshot_info function
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerzfspool: add blockers parameter to volume_snapshot_is_p...
2021-11-08 Fabian Ebnerzfspool: add zfs_get_sorted_snapshot_list helper
2021-11-05 Dominik Csapakcephfs: add support for multiple ceph filesystems
2021-10-27 Fabian Ebnerrbd plugin: free image: use actual command in error...
2021-10-14 Lorenz Stechaunerfix #3580: plugins: make preallocation mode selectable...
2021-10-06 Fabian Ebnerbtrfs: free image: only remove snapshots for current...
2021-10-05 Stefan Reiterimport: don't check for 1K aligned size
2021-09-22 Fabian Ebnerbtrfs: call free_image correctly
2021-09-15 Thomas Lamprechtcifs: negotiates the highest SMB2+ version supported...
2021-09-14 Thomas Lamprechtcifs: allow "3" and "default" for version
2021-09-14 Moayad Almalatfix #3609: cifs: add support to SMB 3.11
2021-09-10 Fabian Ebnerfix prune-backups validation (again)
2021-09-09 Fabian Ebnerprune {validate, mark}: preserve input parameter
2021-09-08 Fabian Ebnerbtrfs: style: add missing semicolon
2021-09-08 Fabian Ebnerbtrfs: avoid undef warnings with format
2021-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtbtrfs: fix calling alloc_image from DirPlugin
2021-08-26 Aaron LautererCeph: add keyring parameter for external clusters
2021-08-12 Fabian Ebnerzfs: fix unmount request
2021-07-30 Hannes Laimerfix #3555: BTRFS: call DirPlugin's free_image correctly
2021-07-06 Stoiko Ivanovlvm: wipe signatures on lvcreate
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtcifs: improve warning for password but no username set
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtcifs: fix sensitive parameter name for on-update/add
2021-06-28 Wolfgang Bumillerbtrfs: fix path_is_mounted invocation
2021-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtbtrfs: support newer prune-backups for backup retention
2021-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtbtrfs: add mkdir as option for now
2021-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtbtrfs: do not reuse DirPlugins activate_storage directrly
2021-06-24 Wolfgang Bumillerbtrfs: check for btrfs in on_add_hook and activate
2021-06-23 Thomas Lamprechtbtrfs: drop qcow2 and vmdk for now
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumillerbtrfs: make NOCOW optional
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumillerbtrfs: add 'btrfs' import/export format
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumillerbump storage API: update import/export methods
2021-06-23 Wolfgang Bumilleradd BTRFS storage plugin
2021-06-23 Lorenz Stechaunerfactoring out regex for vztmpl
2021-06-23 Thomas Lamprechtfile size info: return early if we cannot parse json
2021-06-23 Thomas Lamprechtfile/volume size info: add actual errors to untaint...
2021-06-23 Stoiko Ivanovplugins: untaint volume_size_info retuns
2021-06-23 Thomas Lamprechttree-wide: fix typos with codespell
2021-06-22 Fabian Grünbichlerpbs: fix typo
2021-06-21 Fabian Ebnerconfig: prevent empty content list when content type...
2021-06-21 Fabian Ebnerlvm: volume import: handle worker returned by free_image
2021-06-21 Fabian Ebnerpbs: free image: explicitly return undef
2021-06-16 Fabian Ebnercephfs: update reminder for systemd_netmount removal
2021-06-16 Fabian Ebnercephfs: revert safe-guard check for Luminous
2021-06-16 Fabian Ebnerconfig: add backup content type to default local storage
2021-06-16 Fabian Ebnerconfig: mention that maxfiles is deprecated
2021-06-16 Fabian Ebnerpostinst: move cifs credential files into subdirectory...
2021-06-15 Wolfgang Bumillerfix find_free_disk_name invocations
2021-05-12 Thomas Lamprechtremove some more DRBD references
2021-05-10 Thomas Lamprechtremove internal, unmaintained, DRBD plugin
2021-05-04 Thomas Lamprechtiscsi: code cleanup
2021-05-03 Fabian Ebnerclone image: specify base format option with qemu-img
2021-04-22 Fabian Grünbichlerpbs: allow setting up a master key
2021-04-20 Fabian Ebnerrbd: fix typo in error message
2021-04-12 Aaron Lautererfix #3345: zfs: restore container volume to ZFS with...
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: make volume param for get_rbd_path to allow furthe...
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: list images: early return to avoid indentation
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: list images: sort by keys when pushing on result...
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: indentation and whitespace cleanups
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: get kernel device sub returns a path, not a name
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: consistent closure call style
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: build cmd: allow "falsy" namespace value also...
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtrbd: use private sub for get_rbd_path
2021-04-09 Aaron Lautererrbd: fix #3286 add namespace support
2021-04-09 Aaron Lautererrbd: centralize rbd path concatenation
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtprune backups: improve internal errors messages slightly
2021-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtplugin: get_subdir_files: add comment
2021-04-09 Fabian Ebnerprune backups: make vmid filtering more robust
2021-04-09 Fabian Ebnerplugin: subdir files: backup: don't match for vmid...
2021-03-31 Fabian Ebnerfix #3348: NFS: select correct transport to check for...
2021-03-31 Fabian Grünbichlerfix #3363: avoid undef-warning for PBS crypt-mode
2021-03-31 Dylan Whytefix #3354: support notes on ceph backups
2021-02-19 Thomas Lamprechtzpool: activate: move mount check out and make program...
2021-02-19 Thomas Lamprechtzpool: activate: don't eval procfs read, if it fails...
2021-02-19 Thomas Lamprechtzpool: activate: drop intermediate state variable,...
2021-02-19 Thomas Lamprechtzpool: avoid wrong mount-decoding of dataset
2021-02-19 Stoiko Ivanovzfspoolplugin: check if imported before importing
2021-02-19 Stoiko Ivanovzfspoolplugin: check if mounted instead of imported
2021-02-19 Stoiko Ivanovzfspoolplugin: activate_storage: minor cleanup
2021-02-09 Fabian EbnerNFS: avoid using obsolete rpcinfo option
2021-01-28 Fabian Ebnermark PBS storages as shared
2021-01-26 Dominic Jägerlvm: Fix #3159: Show RAID LVs as storage content
2021-01-26 Alwin Antreichfix: check connection for nfs v4 only server
2021-01-26 Dominik Csapakadd workaround for zfs rollback bug
2020-12-15 Thomas Lamprechtdrbd: comment that the builtin plugin is depreacated
2020-12-07 Thomas Lamprechtnfs and cifs: implement backup notes helper