Fix #1924: add snapshot parameter
[qemu-server.git] / PVE /
2019-01-30 Rhonda D'VineFix #1924: add snapshot parameter
2019-01-28 Dominik Csapakallow explicit set vga with gpu passthrough
2019-01-25 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: HV ID description
2019-01-25 Dominik Csapakallow explicit hv-vendor-id
2018-12-20 Thomas Lamprechtconfig2command test: mock kernel_has_vhost_net
2018-12-17 Dominik Csapakadd win7 pcie quirk
2018-12-17 Dominik Csapakfix #2032: check that type is set before using
2018-12-11 Wolfgang Bumilleradd the rest of themissing lock types
2018-12-11 Stoiko Ivanovadd 'clone' to lock schema definition/confdesc.
2018-12-11 Dominik Csapakvga: allow 'none'
2018-12-11 Dominik Csapakfix #1267: move args to the end of qemu commandline
2018-12-11 Alexandre Derumierclone_disk : cloudinit drive: don't clone snapname
2018-11-22 Dominik Csapakuse improved lspci
2018-11-22 Dominik Csapakadd mediated devices support
2018-11-19 Thomas LamprechtQemuServer: remove now unused $pcisysfs
2018-11-19 Dominik CsapakQemuServer: remove PCI sysfs helpers
2018-11-14 Dominik Csapakuse qmeventd to execute qm cleanup
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumillerarm: use virtio gpu by default
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't use amd64-specific cpu options on arm
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumillerarm: pci addressing, keyboard and ehci controller
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumillerarm: use UART for serial0 instead of a separate device
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumilleronly use vhost-net for native kvm machines
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumilleruse cortex-a57 as cpu for arm emulation for now...
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumillermove cpu option creation into separate sub
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumilleruse qemu-system-aarch64 for arm machines
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumilleruse AAVMF for arm
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumilleradd 'arch' vm configuration
2018-11-13 Wolfgang Bumillerfix and simplify kvm_version()
2018-11-12 Dominik Csapakcheck for $vga->{type} instead of $vga
2018-11-09 David Limbeckfix #1969: increase max unused disks
2018-11-09 Thomas Lamprechtmove nbd_stop up, it's not a completion helper
2018-11-09 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup for VGA memory: improve q35 comment
2018-11-09 Dominik Csapakfix #1952: make vga memory configurable
2018-10-30 Nick ChevskyAdd `ssd` property to IDE, SATA, and SCSI drives
2018-10-18 Dominik Csapakadd second qmp socket with qemu 2.12
2018-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerlower hv_synic, hv_stimer requirement to qemu 2.12
2018-10-08 Alexandre Derumierqemu_img_convert : use "-l" instead ...
2018-09-28 Dominik Csapakadd virtio gpu to qemuserver options
2018-09-24 Wolfgang Bumilleruse qemu's blockdev-snapshot functions
2018-09-19 Thomas Lamprechtrestore vm: vmgenid: fixup regex capturing group reference
2018-09-19 Thomas Lamprechtschema: vmgenid: reword desscription, add verbose one...
2018-09-19 Thomas Lamprechtrestore vm: vmgenid: small code cleanup
2018-09-19 Dominik Csapakfix #1908: add vmgenid config/device
2018-09-18 Wolfgang Bumillerfix version check in qemu_machine_feature_enabled
2018-09-17 Dominik Csapakensure correct machine type gets saved on snapshot
2018-09-17 Alexandre Derumierqemu 3.0 : add hv_synic && hv_stimer hyperv enlightment
2018-08-28 Alexandre Derumieradd ibpb, ssbd, virt-ssbd, amd-ssbd, amd-no-ssb, pdpe1g...
2018-08-02 Stoiko IvanovMake agent a property string, add fstrim_cloned_disks
2018-08-01 Dietmar Maurervmstatus: define return propertries
2018-07-19 Alexandre DerumierFix #1717: delete snapshot when vm running and drive...
2018-07-13 Dzmitry KotsikauFix SPICE multi-monitor mode on q35
2018-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtqm rescan: add dryrun option
2018-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtrescan update_disksize: be more verbose
2018-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtrescan: comment that this is a temporarily workaround
2018-07-05 Alwin AntreichFix #1650: add content type filter to rescan
2018-06-15 Wolfgang Bumilleruse the new PVE::SystemD package
2018-06-13 Dominik Csapakuse 'system_wakeup' to resume suspended vms
2018-05-30 Thomas Lamprechtadd nowarn to qga_check_running
2018-05-23 Dominik Csapakfix #1780: change datacenter.conf to datacenter.cfg
2018-05-22 Dominik Csapakcleanup balloon after start call
2018-05-22 Dominik Csapakfix logic of deleting balloon
2018-05-22 Dominik Csapaknote that auto-ballooning is done by pvestatd
2018-05-08 Wolfgang Bumillerstart: fork before entering scope
2018-04-13 Dominik Csapakcollect device list for nested pci-bridges
2018-04-13 Dominik Csapakfix #1697: only check machine type for pxe
2018-04-13 Dominik Csapakreadd nbd_stop
2018-04-09 Thomas Lamprechtdisk: serial no must now be passed to device not drive
2018-03-26 Fabian Grünbichlerqemu-img convert: use cache=none for ZFS only
2018-03-23 Fabian Grünbichlerqemu-img convert: use cache=none
2018-03-22 Thomas Lamprechtuse pve-edk2-firmware for supporting OVMF
2018-03-21 Thomas Lamprechtfixup: remove unneeded if branch
2018-03-21 Wolfgang Bumillerrestore: implement rate limiting
2018-03-21 Thomas Lamprechtstop passing default '-k' QEMU option from datacenter.cfg
2018-03-21 Wolfgang Bumillercleanup: remove duplicate mac address assignment
2018-03-14 Thomas Lamprechtremove legacy vm_monitor_command
2018-03-12 Herman van RinkMove name argument to improve visibility in a process...
2018-03-12 Wolfgang Bumillerstart: always stop an existing $vmid.scope
2018-03-07 Dietmar Maurercleanup cloud-init option descriptions
2018-03-07 Dietmar Maurerdocument defaults for citype
2018-03-07 Dietmar Maurernew helper cloudinit_config_properties()
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: remove separate hostname config entry
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: add ciuser and cipassword config options
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: nocloud image support
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: clone/move support
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: hotplug support
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: don't add cloudinit isos as 'unused'
2018-03-07 Wolfgang Bumillercloud-init: delete cloudinit images as if they weren...
2018-03-07 Alexandre Derumierimplement cloudinit
2018-03-01 Wolfgang Bumillerparse_vm_config: allow spaces in values
2018-02-22 Alexandre Derumierallow virtio-scsi + iothread controller hot-unplug
2018-02-21 Wolfgang BumillerCPU types: add EPYC and EPYC-IBPB
2018-02-16 Thomas Lamprechtnbd mirror: no need applying full regex on volid string...
2018-02-16 Alexandre DerumierFix #1664: nbd mirror : remove socat tunnel
2018-02-15 Chris Hofstaedtlerfix #1569: add shared flag to disks
2018-02-08 Wolfgang Bumillercorrect 'snapshot' flag description
2018-02-08 Dominik Csapakappend option to drive if the option is defined
2018-02-08 Dominik Csapakfix #1662: use special case for 'snapshot' disk parameter
2018-02-05 Wolfgang LinkMake the smbios UUID unique if --unique is used.
2018-01-30 Dominik Csapakadd serial:1 to vmstatus when config has a serial devic...
2018-01-16 Fabian GrünbichlerCPU flags: add spec-ctrl