2019-09-25 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: update dh version dependency and standard...
2019-09-25 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: add dsc target
2019-09-25 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: use BUILDDIR variable
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: remove unused or duplicate directories
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtremove pcitest, now irrelevant
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtmove VM network (hook) scripts to own directory
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtmove qemu-configs to own directory
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtmove qmeventd to own directory
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: use $(MAKE) instead of make
2019-09-24 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: omit manual manpage gzip, done by debhelpers
2019-09-23 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: reorder error so that $volid is last (potenti...
2019-09-23 Tim Marxadd check to resize disk if current size could not...
2019-09-23 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: add newline in warn to avoid extra perl-inter...
2019-09-23 Fabian EbnerImprove handling and description of migrate with -...
2019-09-23 Thomas Lamprechtapi: config deletion: avoid regex on undefined values
2019-09-23 Dominik Csapakapi: deletion: check also pending values for serial/usb
2019-09-23 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: fix usb3 description, SPICE is OK now
2019-09-21 Aaron Lautererusb: Fix local resource check of Spice USB devices
2019-09-21 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd: mock SPICE/VNC port allocation methods
2019-09-21 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd: add config test for SPICE with USB3
2019-09-21 Aaron Lautererusb: Add USB3 capabilities to Spice USB devices
2019-09-21 Aaron Lautererusb: Cleanup redundant if condition
2019-09-11 Dominik Csapakapi: add reboot api call
2019-09-11 Dominik Csapakrefactor vm_stop locked code
2019-09-11 Dominik Csapakqm: cleanup: detect and handle reboot trigger
2019-09-11 Dominik Csapakadd create and remove reboot trigger subs
2019-09-10 Dominik Csapakapi: add missing index child links
2019-09-10 Thomas Lamprechttest: compare also with our qemu cfgs for pci addr...
2019-09-09 Thomas Lamprechttest: pci addr checker: add slurp_qemu_config skeleton
2019-09-09 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd test: hostpci, also specify exact PCIe devices
2019-09-09 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd test: fix hostpci tests, specify exact PCI...
2019-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd tests: improve hostpci test by marking some...
2019-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtconfig_to_command: refactor/cleanup try for hostpci...
2019-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd tests: config with PC i440fx, pci passthrough...
2019-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtcfg2cmd tests: config with q35, pci passthrough, NUMA...
2019-09-06 Thomas LamprechtPCIe passthrough: fixup: avoid addr conflict and cleanu...
2019-09-06 Thomas Lamprechtpci: add conflict tests
2019-09-06 Aaron LautererAdd support for up to 16 PCI(e) devices
2019-09-04 Christian EbnerNewline cleanup
2019-09-04 Thomas Lamprechtspice enhancements: document default values
2019-09-04 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: code cleanup
2019-09-04 Aaron Lautererfix #2041, #2272: Add Spice enhancements
2019-08-26 Mira Limbeckclose #2263: die on live migration with local cloudinit...
2019-08-23 Peter Keresztes... CPU flags: Add aes flag
2019-08-20 Dominik Csapakfix remote viewer live migration
2019-08-13 Dominik Csapakqemu_machine_pxe: remove unused parameter
2019-08-13 Dominik Csapakrework kvm_user_version cache mechanism
2019-07-24 Alwin Antreichfix: qemu: uninitialized value in multiplication
2019-07-24 Aaron LautererAdd a FIXME to the Q35 config to rm audio0 dev
2019-07-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-7
2019-07-24 Thomas Lamprechtq35 already has an 'audio0' device, rename our to ...
2019-07-23 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-6
2019-07-23 Stefan ReiterMake hv-tlbflush and hv-evmcs optional and merge flag...
2019-07-23 Thomas Lamprechtaudio follouwp: pull out parsing into a conf_has_audio
2019-07-22 Aaron Lautereraudio dev: specify qemu audio backend
2019-07-18 Dominik Csapakremove unused variable
2019-07-18 Dominik Csapakfix #2275: die on invalid sendkey
2019-07-18 Thomas Lamprechtaudio dev: follouwp code cleanup and error handling
2019-07-18 Thomas Lamprechtaudio dev: add note that this is useful for SPICE
2019-07-18 Aaron LautererAdd audio device to HW permissions
2019-07-18 Aaron LautererAdd PCI address for audio device
2019-07-18 Aaron LautererAdd audio device support
2019-07-11 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-5
2019-07-08 Dominik Csapakuse new pcie port hardware
2019-07-04 Alwin AntreichFix: rtcflags: ignore startdate 'now'
2019-06-28 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-4
2019-06-28 Thomas Lamprechtcheck_local_storage_availability: only count each unava...
2019-06-28 Tim Marxmigrate: add size to volume attributes
2019-06-28 Tim Marxmigrate: handle storage not selected manually in storag...
2019-06-28 Mira Limbeckcloudinit: set iso-level in genisoimage call
2019-06-25 Stefan ReiterFix guest agent shutdown without timeout
2019-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-3
2019-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtadd_hyperv_enlightenments: do not add hv_evmcs for...
2019-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-2
2019-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: move hv_tlbflush under 3.1 machine feature...
2019-06-24 Stefan Reiterfix #2083: Add hv_tlbflush, hv_ipi, hv_evmcs enlightenments
2019-06-24 Stefan Reiterfix #2244: Allow timeout for guest-agent shutdown
2019-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump version dependency to libpve-common...
2019-06-24 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: wrap and sort + remove duplicates
2019-06-19 Wolfgang Bumillerwait for vm scopes to be gone
2019-06-15 Tim Marxadd migration precondition api endpoint
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.0-1
2019-06-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump qemu versioned dependency to 3.0.1-62
2019-06-11 Thomas LamprechtSMBIOS: followup: allow now 512 characters for full...
2019-06-11 Christian Ebnerfix #2190: Base64 encode SMBIOS value strings in order...
2019-06-07 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: mention new md-clear flag also in description
2019-06-07 Oguz Bektasadd md-clear cpu flag
2019-06-06 Mira Limbeckadd qm command for cloudinit config dump
2019-06-06 Mira Limbeckadd new API for dumping cloudinit config
2019-06-06 Mira Limbeckadd function to dump cloudinit config
2019-06-06 Thomas Lamprechtdrop vnc x509 param, deprecated in 2.5 removed in 4.0
2019-06-06 Thomas Lamprechtapi/qemu: start: add helper for root-only param extraction
2019-06-06 Thomas Lamprechtapi/qemu: extra line cleanup
2019-06-05 Rhonda D'VineFix #1999: cli: listsnapshot: handle multiple roots...
2019-06-04 Thomas Lamprechtdrop references to un-maintained sheepdog plugin
2019-06-04 Thomas Lamprechtrefactor do_snapshots_with_qemu a bit cleaner
2019-05-27 Tim Marxwhitespace cleanup
2019-05-27 Thomas Lamprechtcommon sources.list: move from stretch to buster
2019-05-25 Fabian Gr├╝nbichlervm_resume: correctly honor $nocheck
2019-05-22 Thomas Lamprechtd/changelog: correct distribution