2019-05-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump RELEASE to 6.0 master
2019-05-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.02+dfsg1-18-pve1
2019-05-24 Thomas Lamprechtupdate patches
2019-05-24 Thomas Lamprechtupdate to debian/2.02+dfsg1-18
2019-05-24 Thomas Lamprechtswitch over download to salsa.d.o, anonscm is no more
2019-05-24 Thomas Lamprechtfix infinty building
2017-03-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbump RELEASE to 5.0
2017-03-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbump version to 2.02-pve6
2017-03-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: clean up *.buildinfo
2017-03-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: update make upload target for stretch
2017-02-14 Fabian Grünbichlerbuild with gcc6 again
2017-02-14 Fabian Grünbichlerupdate to debian/2.02~beta3-5
2017-02-14 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: job safety
2016-11-10 Fabian Grünbichlerbuild: rename grub target to deb
2016-11-10 Fabian Grünbichlerbuild: use repoman for upload target
2016-11-10 Fabian Grünbichlerbump version to 2.02-pve5
2016-11-10 Fabian Grünbichlerremove leftover patches
2016-11-10 Fabian Grünbichlerupdate to grub2.02-beta3-3
2015-05-29 Dietmar Maurerdisable generation of recovery entries by default
2015-05-28 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 2.02-pve4
2015-05-28 Dietmar Maurerdisable os-prober by default
2015-05-21 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 2.02-pve3
2015-05-21 Dietmar Maurerdo not recommend os-prober
2015-04-14 Dietmar Maurerremove stale patches
2015-04-14 Dietmar Maureruse latest packages from githup (2.02-beta2.9-ZOL11...
2015-04-14 Dietmar Maureradd latest zol grub package soucre
2015-04-12 Dietmar Maurerrecompile for jessie (gcc 4.9.1)
2015-01-29 Dietmar Maurerahci.c: Increase timeout (patch from upstream)
2015-01-29 Dietmar Maureradd zfs and bios related patches from upstream
2015-01-29 Dietmar Maurercorrectly apply all debian patches
2015-01-19 Dietmar Maureradd reference to Debian Bug Tracking system
2015-01-19 Dietmar MaurerMakefile target 'dinstall': do not install efi packages
2015-01-19 Dietmar Maurerfix partition scan in grub-pc.postinst
2015-01-13 Dietmar Maurerupdate package version and include changelog
2015-01-13 Dietmar Maurerimprove Makefile
2015-01-13 Dietmar Maureradd README
2015-01-13 Dietmar Maurerenable zfs, compile witg gcc 4.7
2015-01-13 Dietmar MaurerInitial import