2018-07-16 Pierre OssmanUse newer macOS test machine for Travis master
2018-07-16 Pierre OssmanStop transpiling karma tests
2018-07-13 Pierre OssmanFix proper triggering of module fallback
2018-07-13 Pierre OssmanDon't stub out ES module imports
2018-07-13 Pierre OssmanBetter currentScript fallback
2018-07-13 Pierre OssmanMove sinon to karma framework
2018-07-12 Juanjo DiazUse the classic `function foo() { ... }` for top level...
2018-07-12 Juanjo DiazUse fat arrow functions `const foo = () => { ... }...
2018-07-12 Juanjo DiazUse ES6 classes
2018-07-11 Pierre OssmanMerge branch 'cursor' of https://github.com/CendioOssma...
2018-07-06 Pierre OssmanProvide fallback cursor method
2018-07-04 Pierre OssmanSort vkeys table
2018-07-04 Pierre OssmanMerge branch 'fix/ie11-numpad5-compatibility' of https...
2018-07-01 Henry VindinFixes #1075
2018-06-15 Samuel MannehedAvoid TypedArray.slice() because of IE11
2018-06-15 Samuel MannehedUse string assignment operator instead of concat()
2018-06-15 Samuel MannehedUse the correct slicing for rQshiftStr
2018-06-15 Samuel MannehedAdd rQshiftStr unit test for large strings
2018-06-14 Samuel MannehedAvoid big strings on the stack
2018-06-14 Samuel MannehedCall rQshiftBytes to avoid code duplication
2018-06-14 Samuel MannehedRemove typedArrayToString
2018-06-07 Pierre OssmanMerge branch 'issue_templates' of https://github.com...
2018-06-07 Samuel MannehedProperly force clipping on touch
2018-06-07 Pierre OssmanWork around Siemens touch panel authentication bug
2018-06-07 Pierre OssmanAdd debug logging for Tight authentication
2018-06-07 Pierre OssmanMerge branch 'travis-lint' of https://github.com/Cendio...
2018-06-04 Samuel MannehedClipping should be enabled on touch
2018-06-01 Pierre OssmanStop combining test platforms
2018-06-01 Pierre OssmanRun eslint in travis
2018-05-25 Samuel MannehedMerge pull request #1013 from juanjoDiaz/es6_refactor_2
2018-05-23 Juanjo DiazPrefer const/let over var
2018-05-23 Juanjo DiazAdd transpilation for IE11 and skip linux tests
2018-05-23 Juanjo DiazAdd eslint and fix reported issues
2018-05-21 Pierre Ossman... Add issue templates
2018-05-16 Vlastimil SadilekFix: IE11 Numpad5 compatibility when numlock off
2018-05-07 Samuel MannehedMerge pull request #1074 from samhed/largeclipboard
2018-05-07 Samuel MannehedHandle sending large clipboards
2018-05-04 Vlastimil SadilekFix: undefined err, undefined Exception
2018-04-29 Samuel MannehedMerge pull request #1066 from colin-zhou/master
2018-04-27 Pierre OssmanUpdate browser test list
2018-04-23 Zhou ChaolinUpdate the noVNC translation part
2018-04-09 Samuel MannehedMerge pull request #1048 from ghostplant/master
2018-04-07 CUI WeiAdd translation in zh_CN
2018-04-03 Pierre OssmanClarify which Chinese translation we have
2018-03-21 Pierre OssmanOnly show error stack if it is not empty
2018-03-15 Pierre OssmanSeparate out cursor handling
2018-03-15 Samuel MannehedMove VERSION to top-level
2018-03-15 Samuel MannehedRemove docs/release.txt
2018-03-15 Samuel MannehedFix docs/VERSION
2018-03-13 Pierre OssmanMerge branches 'ffalt' and 'altgr' of https://github...
2018-03-13 Pierre OssmanWork around broken Alt keyup in Firefox
2018-03-09 Pierre OssmanGet localStorage tests running on more browsers
2018-03-09 Pierre OssmanBetter detection of AltGr on Windows
2018-03-09 Pierre OssmanHandle _keyDownList in _sendKeyEvent()
2018-03-08 Samuel MannehedOnly disable animation when element is displayed
2018-03-06 Samuel MannehedMerge pull request #989 from PeterDaveHelloKitchen...
2018-02-28 Pierre OssmanMerge branch 'userequire' of https://github.com/CendioO...
2018-02-28 Pierre OssmanOnly use converted modules as legacy fallback for app
2018-02-28 Pierre OssmanMerge branch 'settings' of https://github.com/andrwwbst...
2018-02-27 Pierre OssmanSeparate Tight PNG in stats output
2018-02-27 Pierre OssmanEnforce Tight PNG restrictions
2018-02-23 Leslie Qi Wangadd encoding support for TightPNG
2018-02-22 Pierre OssmannoVNC 1.0.0 v1.0.0
2018-02-13 Andrew WebsterMove writeSetting from updateSetting to initSetting
2018-02-13 Andrew WebsterUse localstorage only to initialize settings map
2018-02-07 Pierre OssmanAdd Spanish and Turkish JSON files
2018-02-07 Pierre OssmanDon't crash on translation errors
2018-02-02 Pierre OssmannoVNC 1.0.0 beta
2018-02-02 Pierre OssmanRemove as3crypto name from README.md
2018-02-01 Solly RossMerge pull request #1009 from juanjoDiaz/move_browser_c...
2018-02-01 Ömer ÇAKMAKAdd Turkish translation
2018-01-31 Solly RossMerge pull request #1007 from juanjoDiaz/remove_jshints...
2018-01-31 Juanjo DiazRemove jshint comments
2018-01-31 Pierre OssmanUpdate translation template file
2018-01-31 Juanjo DiazAdd Spanish translation
2018-01-30 Solly RossMerge pull request #1008 from juanjoDiaz/remove_unneces...
2018-01-30 Solly RossMerge pull request #1011 from juanjoDiaz/remove_console...
2018-01-30 Juanjo DiazRemove console statements
2018-01-30 Juanjo DiazRemove unnecessary Log dependency in events.js
2018-01-30 Juanjo DiazMove browser checks to browser.js
2018-01-30 Juanjo DiazRemove unnecessary base64 dependency
2018-01-26 Pierre OssmanBetter cleanup in vnc_playback.html
2018-01-26 Pierre OssmanUpdate vnc_playback.html to follow current API
2018-01-25 Pierre OssmanRemove old test pages
2018-01-25 Pierre OssmanDrop UI.rfb reference on all disconnects
2018-01-25 Pierre OssmanTemporarily disable SVG favicon
2018-01-24 Samuel MannehedApply translations on input type submit
2018-01-12 Samuel MannehedShow/hide mouse button selector in updateViewOnly
2018-01-12 Samuel MannehedUpdate interface on view only toggle
2018-01-11 Samuel MannehedMerge pull request #996 from PeterDaveHelloKitchen...
2018-01-11 Samuel MannehedProcess input type submit for translations
2018-01-10 Solly RossMerge pull request #991 from PeterDaveHelloKitchen...
2018-01-10 Solly RossMerge pull request #998 from novnc/bug/ie11-tests-slice
2018-01-10 Solly RossFix slice usage in display tests on IE11
2018-01-09 Peter Dave... Add Chinese (Traditional) translation
2018-01-09 Peter Dave... Add README.md "Table of Contents" for readability
2018-01-09 Peter Dave... Use node.js 6 instead 6.1 to have the latest v6.x
2018-01-05 Pierre OssmanDon't include icons Makefile when packaging
2018-01-05 Pierre OssmanRemove intermediate files when bundling
2018-01-05 Pierre OssmanConvert use_require.js to use promises