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Project Description Last Change
aab.git archlinux appliance builder 20 months ago
arch-pacman.git debian package for archlinux... 2 years ago
ceph.git Ceph 3 months ago
corosync-pve.git Corosync Cluster Engine 14 months ago
corosync-qdevice.git Proxmox VE package of the... 3 years ago
criu.git CRIU 5 years ago
dab-pve-appliances.git DAB examples 2 months ago
dab.git Debian Appliance Builder 2 months ago
efi-boot-shim.git shim, a first-stage UEFI bootl... 2 months ago
extjs.git ExtJS JS Framework 11 months ago
fence-agents-pve.git Fence agents 8 years ago
fonts-font-logos.git Icon font for Linux Distributi... 8 months ago
framework7.git framework7 JS lib 12 months ago
frr.git FRRouting package 10 months ago
fwupd-efi.git fwupd EFI capsule uptdater... 15 months ago
fwupd.git A system daemon to allow sessi... 2 months ago
grub2.git The GNU GRand Unified Bootload... 2 months ago
ifupdown2.git ifupdown2 for PVE 11 days ago
iproute2.git iproute2 debian package 5 years ago
kronosnet.git kronosnet for Proxmox VE 9 months ago
ksm-control-daemon.git KSM tuning daemon 3 months ago
libanyevent-http-perl.git AnyEvent HTTP library Perl... 8 years ago
libarchive-perl.git libarchive perl bindings 12 months ago
libgit2.git The git library used in some... 3 weeks ago
libgtk3-webkit-perl.git Perl bindings for WebKit 6 years ago
libhttp-daemon-perl.git backport from buster to stretch 4 years ago
libiscsi.git iSCSI client shared library 8 years ago
libjs-qrcodejs.git cross-browser compatible QR... 13 months ago
libpve-u2f-server-perl.git Perl bindings for libu2f-server 13 months ago
libqb.git IPC library 5 years ago
librados2-perl.git perl bindings for librados 11 months ago
libtpms.git Software TPM Library 13 months ago
libxdgmime-perl.git libxdgmime perl bindings 12 months ago
lvm.git LVM2 for PVE 4 years ago
lxc.git latest lxc for pve (jessie) 3 months ago
lxcfs.git lxcfs package for Proxmox VE 3 months ago
novnc-pve.git noVNC package for Provmox VE 7 months ago
ovs.git openvswitch packages for PVE 15 months ago
package-rebuilds.git Repo collecting sources for... 2 months ago
pmg-api.git PMG API 5 days ago
pmg-docs.git PMG Documentation 4 months ago
pmg-gui.git PMG GUI 2 months ago
pmg-log-tracker.git PMG log tracker 3 weeks ago
proxmox-acme.git ACME library and helpers for... 2 months ago
proxmox-archive-keyring.git Proxmox APT archive keyring 13 months ago
proxmox-i18n.git translations 3 weeks ago
proxmox-kernel-helper.git Proxmox Kernel & Boot Helpers 7 months ago
proxmox-mailgateway.git PMG virtual package 4 months ago
proxmox-mini-journalreader.git fast systemd journal reader 13 months ago
proxmox-secure-boot-support.git Meta-package to control instal... 12 days ago
proxmox-spamassassin.git SA for PMG 4 weeks ago
proxmox-ve.git top level meta package 2 months ago
proxmox-widget-toolkit.git Proxmox ExtJS Helpers 2 months ago
pve-access-control.git Access control framework 2 months ago
pve-apiclient.git perl API client library 3 months ago
pve-client.git experimental perl client 5 years ago
pve-cluster.git Cluster FS and Tools 5 weeks ago
pve-common.git Common code 11 days ago
pve-container.git PVE Container Toolkit 13 days ago
pve-docs.git PVE Documentation 4 days ago
pve-edk2-firmware.git EDK2 Firmware for PVE 4 months ago
pve-eslint.git eslint packaged for Proxmox... 10 months ago
pve-firewall.git Firewall test scripts 2 months ago
pve-firmware.git Firmware for pve-kernel 12 days ago
pve-guest-common.git guest-related modules 11 days ago
pve-ha-manager.git PVE HA Manager 5 weeks ago
pve-http-server.git PVE HTTP Server 2 months ago
pve-installer.git Bare Metal Installer 22 hours ago
pve-jslint.git JSLint for PVE development 5 years ago
pve-kernel-meta.git kernel meta packages 5 weeks ago
pve-kernel.git Linux Kernel for Proxmox projects 3 days ago
pve-libseccomp2.4-dev.git libseccomp packages for Promox... 5 years ago
pve-libspice-server.git SPICE display server libraries 4 years ago
pve-lxc-syscalld.git seccomp syscall proxy for... 3 weeks ago
pve-manager.git The Proxmox VE Management... 24 hours ago
pve-network.git experimental SDN package 2 months ago
pve-omping.git omping - test IP multicast... 5 years ago
pve-qemu.git QEMU for PVE 7 days ago
pve-spice-protocol.git SPICE protocol dev package 4 years ago
pve-storage.git Storage library 12 days ago
pve-xtermjs.git xterm.js webclient 3 weeks ago
pve-zsync.git zfs sync tool 3 months ago
qemu-defaults.git epxerimental code - do not... 10 years ago
qemu-server.git Virtual Machine Manager 3 days ago
qemu.git Qemu copy for testing 10 years ago
sencha-touch.git The (legacy) mobile UI framewo... 13 months ago
shim-signed.git Secure Boot chain-loading... 12 days ago
smartmontools.git smartmontools backport 13 months ago
spiceterm.git SPICE terminal emulator 13 months ago
swtpm.git Software TPM used for PVE... 13 months ago
systemd.git systemd for Proxmox projects 12 months ago
tar.git backport to fix bug #737226 6 years ago
vncterm.git VNC Terminal Emulator 13 months ago
zfs-grub.git grub backport with zfs enabled 5 years ago
zfsonlinux.git ZFS on Linux kernel module... 5 weeks ago
flutter/proxmox_dart_api_client.git Pure Dart Proxmox VE API clien... 2 months ago
flutter/proxmox_login_manager.git flutter login widget for Proxm... 2 months ago
flutter/pve_flutter_frontend.git Flutter based mobile companion... 2 months ago
cargo.git backport for Debian buster 6 months ago
debcargo-conf.git backport for Debian buster 10 days ago
dh-cargo.git backport for Debian buster 2 years ago
llvm-toolchain.git backport for Debian buster 7 weeks ago
pathpatterns.git Include/exclude path list... 3 weeks ago
perlmod.git alternative to perl XS for... 3 weeks ago
pmg-rs.git Proxmox Mail Gateway rust... 2 years ago
proxmox-acme-rs.git ACME client library 7 months ago
proxmox-apt.git Proxmox APT parser and helpers 13 months ago
proxmox-backup-meta.git Proxmox Backup Server metapackage 2 months ago
proxmox-backup-qemu.git dynamic lib to access proxmox... 6 days ago
proxmox-backup-restore-image.git Kernel/initramfs images for... 2 months ago
proxmox-backup.git Proxmox Backup Server and... 3 days ago
proxmox-firewall.git nftables based implementation... 5 days ago
proxmox-fuse.git Expose fuse requests as async... 3 months ago
proxmox-mail-forward.git Helper tool to forward system... 3 weeks ago
proxmox-offline-mirror.git Proxmox Offline Mirror and... 5 days ago
proxmox-openid-rs.git Proxmox OpenID crate 13 months ago
proxmox-perl-rs.git Proxmox rust interface for... 7 days ago
proxmox-resource-scheduling.git rust module for CRS/TOPSIS 14 months ago
proxmox-websocket-tunnel.git Proxmox websocket tunneling... 3 weeks ago
proxmox.git RUST base library for proxmox 3 days ago
pve-esxi-import-tools.git A FUSE-based filesytem to... 3 weeks ago
pve-rs.git Proxmox VE rust based/ported... 2 years ago
pxar.git Proxmox Archive format support... 3 weeks ago
rustc.git backport for Debian buster 2 weeks ago
vma-to-pbs.git Tool to import Proxmox Virtual... 5 days ago
wasi-libc.git backport for Debian buster 2 weeks ago
ifupdown-pve.git ifupdown re-build to improve... 21 months ago
mirror_acme.sh.git acme.sh DNS challenge mirror 9 months ago
mirror_corosync-qdevice.git mirror of the Corosync Cluster... 3 years ago
mirror_corosync.git corosync mirror 20 months ago
mirror_dvb-firmware.git dvb-firmware mirror 2 years ago
mirror_edk2.git EFI Development Kit II mirror... 16 months ago
mirror_frr.git FRRouting mirror 10 months ago
mirror_ifupdown2.git Upstream mirror of ifupdown2 14 months ago
mirror_iproute2.git Upstream mirror of iproute2 3 years ago
mirror_kronosnet.git kronosnet mirror 4 years ago
mirror_libseccomp.git libseccomp mirror 4 years ago
mirror_linux-firmware.git linux-firmware mirror 7 months ago
mirror_lxc.git LXC mirror 3 months ago
mirror_lxcfs.git LXCFS mirror 3 months ago
mirror_novnc.git noVNC mirror 3 years ago
mirror_ovs.git openvswitch mirror 3 years ago
mirror_qemu.git QEMU mirror 2 months ago
mirror_smartmontools-debian.git Debian smartmontool mirror 5 years ago
mirror_spl-debian.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 5 years ago
mirror_spl.git mirror of SPL module used... 5 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-artful-kernel.git Ubuntu Artful kernel mirror 6 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-bionic-kernel.git ubuntu-bionic-kernel mirror 4 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-disco-kernel.git Ubuntu Disco kernel mirror... 4 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-eoan-kernel.git Ubuntu Eoan Linux kernel mirror 4 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-focal-kernel.git Ubuntu Focal Linux kernel... 2 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-hirsute-kernel.git Ubuntu Hirsute Linux kernel... 3 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-impish-kernel.git Ubuntu Impish Linux kernel... 2 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-jammy-kernel.git Ubuntu Jammy Linux kernel... 2 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-kernels.git Ubuntu combined Linux kernel... 21 months ago
mirror_ubuntu-kinetic-kernel.git Ubuntu Kinetic Linux kernel... No commits
mirror_ubuntu-zesty-kernel.git ubuntu-zesty-kernel mirror 6 years ago
mirror_xterm.js.git xterm.js mirror 6 years ago
mirror_zfs-debian.git Mirror of ZFSOnLinux for Debian 5 years ago
mirror_zfs.git ZFS On Linux mirror for PVE 8 weeks ago
apt.git backport proxy auth fix for... 10 years ago
cgmanager.git cgmanager package for Proxmox VE 8 years ago
dlm.git latest distributed lock manage... 9 years ago
drbd-utils.git test drbd-utils for PVE 7 years ago
gfs2-utils.git GFS2 utils 8 years ago
glusterfs.git GlusterFS backport from sid... 9 years ago
libnet-http-perl.git updated libnet-http-perl 10 years ago
libusb.git libusbx backport from jessie... 10 years ago
openais-pve.git OpenAIS Cluster Framework 10 years ago
openvswitch.git openvswitch packages for PVE 4 years ago
parted.git parted backport from jessie... 9 years ago
pve-kernel-2.6.32.git Linux Kernel 2.6.32 7 years ago
pve-kernel-3.10.0.git Linux Kernel 3.10.0 7 years ago
pve-kernel-jessie.git Linux Kernel for Jessie 6 years ago
pve-manager-legacy.git PVE Management Server 13 months ago
pve-qemu-kvm.git old QEMU for PVE 6 years ago
pve-sheepdog.git Sheepdog Server 6 years ago
pve2-api-doc.git Old PVE API documenation,... 8 years ago
redhat-cluster-pve.git Redhat Cluster Suite 11 years ago
resource-agents-pve.git Resource Agents 11 years ago
usb-redir.git backport usbredir 0.6 to wheezy 11 years ago
vzctl.git OpenVZ containters control... 10 years ago
vzquota.git OpenVZ vzquota tools 11 years ago