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Project Description Last Change
pve-cluster.git Cluster FS and Tools 8 hours ago
ceph.git Ceph 8 hours ago
pve-firewall.git Firewall test scripts 8 hours ago
pve-common.git Common code 9 hours ago
qemu-server.git Virtual Machine Manager 9 hours ago
pve-qemu.git QEMU for PVE 10 hours ago
pve-kernel.git Linux Kernel for Proxmox projects 2 days ago
pve-manager.git PVE Management Server 2 days ago
pmg-api.git PMG API 2 days ago
pve-storage.git Storage library 3 days ago
pve-xtermjs.git xterm.js webclient 4 days ago
proxmox-i18n.git translations 4 days ago
pmg-gui.git PMG GUI 4 days ago
pve-zsync.git zfs sync tool 7 days ago
pve-network.git experimental SDN package 7 days ago
pve-eslint.git eslint packaged for Proxmox... 7 days ago
lxcfs.git lxcfs package for Proxmox VE 8 days ago
pve-lxc-syscalld.git seccomp syscall proxy for... 8 days ago
lxc.git latest lxc for pve (jessie) 8 days ago
pve-docs.git PVE Documentation 9 days ago
proxmox-widget-toolkit.git Proxmox ExtJS Helpers 9 days ago
libpve-u2f-server-perl.git Perl bindings for libu2f-server 9 days ago
pve-container.git PVE Container Toolkit 10 days ago
pve-guest-common.git guest-related modules 2 weeks ago
pve-access-control.git Access control framework 2 weeks ago
proxmox-acme.git ACME library and helpers for... 2 weeks ago
proxmox-mini-journalreader.git fast systemd journal reader 2 weeks ago
zfsonlinux.git ZFS on Linux kernel module... 2 weeks ago
pve-kernel-meta.git kernel meta packages 2 weeks ago
dab.git Debian Appliance Builder 2 weeks ago
pve-ha-manager.git PVE HA Manager 3 weeks ago
pmg-docs.git PMG Documentation 4 weeks ago
dab-pve-appliances.git DAB examples 5 weeks ago
pve-firmware.git Firmware for pve-kernel 6 weeks ago
pve-http-server.git PVE HTTP Server 6 weeks ago
pmg-log-tracker.git PMG log tracker 8 weeks ago
proxmox-mailgateway.git PMG virtual package 8 weeks ago
pve-installer.git Bare Metal Installer 8 weeks ago
proxmox-spamassassin.git SA for PMG 8 weeks ago
proxmox-archive-keyring.git Proxmox APT archive keyring 2 months ago
librados2-perl.git perl bindings for librados 2 months ago
kronosnet.git kronosnet for Proxmox VE 2 months ago
corosync-pve.git Corosync Cluster Engine 2 months ago
aab.git archlinux appliance builder 2 months ago
swtpm.git Software TPM used for PVE... 2 months ago
libtpms.git Software TPM Library 2 months ago
ifupdown2.git ifupdown2 for PVE 3 months ago
novnc-pve.git noVNC package for Provmox VE 3 months ago
pve-edk2-firmware.git EDK2 Firmware for PVE 6 months ago
frr.git FRRouting package 9 months ago
proxmox-ve.git top level meta package 9 months ago
pve-apiclient.git perl API client library 13 months ago
arch-pacman.git debian package for archlinux... 13 months ago
spiceterm.git SPICE terminal emulator 19 months ago
vncterm.git VNC Terminal Emulator 19 months ago
framework7.git framework7 JS lib 19 months ago
libarchive-perl.git libarchive perl bindings 19 months ago
libxdgmime-perl.git libxdgmime perl bindings 19 months ago
extjs.git ExtJS JS Framework 19 months ago
ksm-control-daemon.git KSM tuning daemon 20 months ago
smartmontools.git smartmontools backport 22 months ago
ovs.git openvswitch packages for PVE 23 months ago
corosync-qdevice.git Proxmox VE package of the... 23 months ago
libjs-qrcodejs.git cross-browser compatible QR... 2 years ago
lvm.git LVM2 for PVE 3 years ago
pve-libspice-server.git SPICE display server libraries 3 years ago
pve-spice-protocol.git SPICE protocol dev package 3 years ago
libhttp-daemon-perl.git backport from buster to stretch 3 years ago
pve-omping.git omping - test IP multicast... 3 years ago
pve-libseccomp2.4-dev.git libseccomp packages for Promox... 3 years ago
libqb.git IPC library 3 years ago
zfs-grub.git grub backport with zfs enabled 3 years ago
pve-jslint.git JSLint for PVE development 3 years ago
criu.git CRIU 3 years ago
iproute2.git iproute2 debian package 3 years ago
pve-client.git experimental perl client 4 years ago
tar.git backport to fix bug #737226 4 years ago
libgtk3-webkit-perl.git Perl bindings for WebKit 5 years ago
libanyevent-http-perl.git AnyEvent HTTP library Perl... 6 years ago
libiscsi.git iSCSI client shared library 7 years ago
fence-agents-pve.git Fence agents 7 years ago
qemu-defaults.git epxerimental code - do not... 8 years ago
qemu.git Qemu copy for testing 9 years ago
flutter/proxmox_dart_api_client.git Pure Dart Proxmox VE API clien... 2 months ago
flutter/pve_flutter_frontend.git Flutter based mobile companion... 3 months ago
flutter/proxmox_login_manager.git flutter login widget for Proxm... 4 months ago
proxmox-offline-mirror.git Proxmox Offline Mirror and... 9 hours ago
proxmox-mail-forward.git Helper tool to forward system... 4 days ago
proxmox-backup.git Proxmox Backup Server and... 7 days ago
debcargo-conf.git backport for Debian buster 8 days ago
proxmox-websocket-tunnel.git Proxmox websocket tunneling... 8 days ago
proxmox-backup-qemu.git dynamic lib to access proxmox... 8 days ago
pxar.git Proxmox Archive format support... 2 weeks ago
proxmox.git RUST base library for proxmox 2 weeks ago
proxmox-openid-rs.git Proxmox OpenID crate 2 weeks ago
cargo.git backport for Debian buster 2 weeks ago
proxmox-acme-rs.git ACME client library 3 weeks ago
pathpatterns.git Include/exclude path list... 3 weeks ago
proxmox-fuse.git Expose fuse requests as async... 3 weeks ago
proxmox-perl-rs.git Proxmox rust interface for... 3 weeks ago
perlmod.git alternative to perl XS for... 7 weeks ago
rustc.git backport for Debian buster 7 weeks ago
llvm-toolchain.git backport for Debian buster 8 weeks ago
proxmox-backup-meta.git Proxmox Backup Server metapackage 8 weeks ago
proxmox-backup-restore-image.git Kernel/initramfs images for... 2 months ago
proxmox-resource-scheduling.git rust module for CRS/TOPSIS 2 months ago
proxmox-apt.git Proxmox APT parser and helpers 3 months ago
wasi-libc.git backport for Debian buster 3 months ago
pmg-rs.git Proxmox Mail Gateway rust... 12 months ago
dh-cargo.git backport for Debian buster 13 months ago
pve-rs.git Proxmox VE rust based/ported... 14 months ago
mirror_lxc.git LXC mirror 10 days ago
mirror_lxcfs.git LXCFS mirror 10 days ago
mirror_qemu.git QEMU mirror 5 weeks ago DNS challenge mirror 2 months ago
mirror_corosync.git corosync mirror 3 months ago
mirror_linux-firmware.git linux-firmware mirror 3 months ago
mirror_ubuntu-kernels.git Ubuntu combined Linux kernel... 3 months ago
ifupdown-pve.git ifupdown re-build to improve... 3 months ago
mirror_zfs.git ZFS On Linux mirror for PVE 3 months ago
mirror_edk2.git EFI Development Kit II mirror... 6 months ago
mirror_ubuntu-jammy-kernel.git Ubuntu Jammy Linux kernel... 7 months ago
mirror_ubuntu-focal-kernel.git Ubuntu Focal Linux kernel... 7 months ago
mirror_ubuntu-impish-kernel.git Ubuntu Impish Linux kernel... 17 months ago
mirror_dvb-firmware.git dvb-firmware mirror 18 months ago
mirror_ifupdown2.git Upstream mirror of ifupdown2 18 months ago
mirror_ubuntu-hirsute-kernel.git Ubuntu Hirsute Linux kernel... 19 months ago
mirror_novnc.git noVNC mirror 20 months ago
mirror_iproute2.git Upstream mirror of iproute2 23 months ago
mirror_ovs.git openvswitch mirror 23 months ago
mirror_corosync-qdevice.git mirror of the Corosync Cluster... 2 years ago
mirror_frr.git FRRouting mirror 2 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-bionic-kernel.git ubuntu-bionic-kernel mirror 2 years ago
mirror_kronosnet.git kronosnet mirror 2 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-eoan-kernel.git Ubuntu Eoan Linux kernel mirror 3 years ago
mirror_libseccomp.git libseccomp mirror 3 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-disco-kernel.git Ubuntu Disco kernel mirror... 3 years ago
mirror_smartmontools-debian.git Debian smartmontool mirror 3 years ago
mirror_spl.git mirror of SPL module used... 3 years ago
mirror_zfs-debian.git Mirror of ZFSOnLinux for Debian 4 years ago
mirror_spl-debian.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 4 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-artful-kernel.git Ubuntu Artful kernel mirror 4 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-zesty-kernel.git ubuntu-zesty-kernel mirror 5 years ago
mirror_xterm.js.git xterm.js mirror 5 years ago
mirror_ubuntu-kinetic-kernel.git Ubuntu Kinetic Linux kernel... No commits
openvswitch.git openvswitch packages for PVE 2 years ago
pve-kernel-jessie.git Linux Kernel for Jessie 4 years ago
pve-sheepdog.git Sheepdog Server 5 years ago
pve-qemu-kvm.git old QEMU for PVE 5 years ago
pve-kernel-2.6.32.git Linux Kernel 2.6.32 5 years ago
pve-kernel-3.10.0.git Linux Kernel 3.10.0 6 years ago
drbd-utils.git test drbd-utils for PVE 6 years ago
pve2-api-doc.git Old PVE API documenation,... 7 years ago
cgmanager.git cgmanager package for Proxmox VE 7 years ago
gfs2-utils.git GFS2 utils 7 years ago
dlm.git latest distributed lock manage... 7 years ago
parted.git parted backport from jessie... 7 years ago
glusterfs.git GlusterFS backport from sid... 8 years ago
vzctl.git OpenVZ containters control... 8 years ago
libusb.git libusbx backport from jessie... 9 years ago
apt.git backport proxy auth fix for... 9 years ago
openais-pve.git OpenAIS Cluster Framework 9 years ago
libnet-http-perl.git updated libnet-http-perl 9 years ago
usb-redir.git backport usbredir 0.6 to wheezy 9 years ago
resource-agents-pve.git Resource Agents 9 years ago
vzquota.git OpenVZ vzquota tools 9 years ago
redhat-cluster-pve.git Redhat Cluster Suite 9 years ago