2019-05-23 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: switch upload dist over to buster master
2019-05-23 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.0-1
2019-05-23 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: use dpkg-dev makefile helpers for pkg info
2019-04-04 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.7-4
2019-04-04 Mira Limbeckclose #1933: add -dest-config-path option
2019-04-01 Thomas Lamprechtsend_config: small code cleanup
2019-03-31 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: add dsc target
2019-03-07 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.7-3
2019-03-07 Thomas Lamprechtallow to set DEBUG over environment and load Data:...
2019-03-07 Thomas Lamprechtimprove signal handler, print error
2019-03-07 Thomas Lamprechtreplace File::Copy::move with built-in rename
2019-03-07 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: pass properties without value
2019-03-07 Wolfgang LinkFix #1381: add flag allowing one to send zfs properties
2018-11-22 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.7-2
2018-11-20 Thomas Lamprechtvm_exists: directly check if we look for local guest
2018-11-20 Thomas Lamprechtfix #1587: sync: check if job state is defined
2018-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtfix another case where source-user was used to connect...
2018-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtfix a case where source-user was used to connect to...
2018-09-18 Davidfix #1907: cron entry duplicated on disable/enable
2018-08-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 1.7-1
2018-08-24 Thomas Lamprechtcleanup ugly hash usage
2018-08-24 David Limbeckfix #1860 added ability to specify source and destinati...
2018-06-06 Thomas Lamprechtactually print request command help
2018-06-06 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: convert to dpkg-buildpackage and cleanup
2018-06-05 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: fix upload target
2018-06-05 Thomas Lamprechtbum version to 1.6-16
2018-05-15 Wolfgang Bumillerdon't check binaries for help and printpod commands
2018-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtrefactor synopsis handling
2018-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtdo not duplicate common docs for CLI help and manpage
2018-03-21 Wolfgang LinkFix: You can now use the pool as replication source.
2018-03-09 Thomas Lamprechtfix 'use of unitialized value' warning for help command
2018-03-09 Thomas Lamprechtfix indetation of file
2018-03-09 Thomas Lamprechtfixup HEREDOC usage
2018-03-09 Wolfgang Linkuse for help HEREDOC to make it better readable.
2018-03-09 Wolfgang Linkadd undocumented feature in help.
2017-07-07 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 1.6-15
2017-07-07 Wolfgang LinkFix send_config with IPv6
2017-03-23 Wolfgang Linkfix check for cdrom.
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 1.6-14
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Bumillerclean target update
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Bumillercleanup: minor code deduplication
2017-03-17 Wolfgang LinkImprove error handling in parse_disk.
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Linkfix #1301 skip if mp has no backup flag.
2017-03-17 Wolfgang Linkfix wrong quoting in qemu disk check.
2017-02-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: add lintian call
2017-02-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: use fakeroot for dpkg-deb
2017-02-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: job safety
2017-02-13 Fabian Grünbichlerbuildsys: use gzip -n
2017-01-17 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 1.6-13
2017-01-12 Wolfgang Linkfix cut_taget_width
2017-01-12 Wolfgang LinkFix #1245: Fix snapshot parser.
2016-09-06 Dietmar Maureruse new repoman for upload target
2016-09-06 Dietmar Maurerbump version toö 1.6-12
2016-08-02 Wolfgang LinkAdd signal handling when we sync.
2016-08-02 Wolfgang LinkAdd ssh BatchMode.
2016-08-02 Wolfgang LinkRemove switch module.
2016-06-16 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-11
2016-06-16 Wolfgang Linkfix use path as source
2016-06-16 Dietmar Maurerfix typo
2016-06-16 Wolfgang LinkMake return value logical correct
2016-06-02 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-10
2016-06-02 Wolfgang Linkfix #1004 adapt regex to new schema
2016-03-09 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-9
2016-03-09 Fabian GrünbichlerFix variable name
2016-03-09 Fabian Grünbichlerfix #910: Correctly handle undef
2016-02-08 Dietmar Maurerset RELEASE=4.1
2016-02-08 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-8
2016-02-08 Dominik Csapakfix #887 add "--limit" option to cron
2015-11-26 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-7
2015-11-26 Wolfgang Bumillersafer disk matching
2015-11-14 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-6
2015-11-14 Wolfgang LinkChange output format for list and status
2015-11-14 Wolfgang Linkfix bug #813: allow mountpoints or VMdisk which are...
2015-11-06 Dietmar Maurerfix version inside Makefile
2015-11-06 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-5
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkimprove error msg
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkfix disk parser
2015-11-06 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-4
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkrepair cleanup formating for man and remove for better...
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkcleanup
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkdecode in config name the type of config.
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linksave the config in an extra dir.
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkextend send_config with method local
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkadd disk parser for LXC
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkextend send_config: now it support's container too.
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkupdate list output and include vmtype
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkimprove vm_exist: now it check both lxc and qemu and...
2015-11-06 Wolfgang Linkimprove reliability and recover chnged snapshots on...
2015-11-03 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-3
2015-11-03 Wolfgang Linkfix to many slashes in recv pat
2015-10-16 Dietmar Maurerbump version to 1.6-2
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumilleruse arrays for run_cmd and argument separators
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerparse_target/check_target: support ipv6 and hostnames
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerrun_cmd: array support
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerparse_disks: the pool comes first in the path
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerparse_disks: don't drop the path inside the pool
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerremove now unnecessary if($disk)
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerregex deduplication
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillerreplace $is_disk with an early check
2015-10-16 Wolfgang Bumillercheck for 'cdrom/none' storage early