2018-05-29 Brian BehlendorfPrepare SPL repo to merge with ZFS repo master
2018-05-07 Matthew AhrensUpdate README: run autogen first
2018-05-02 Brian BehlendorfFix undefined RPM macros
2018-04-16 Tony HutterExclude python scripts from RPM shebang check
2018-04-10 Giuseppe Di... Linux compat 4.16: SECTOR_SIZE
2018-04-04 Brian BehlendorfRemove sysevents
2018-03-09 LOLiFix spl-kmod builds when using rpm >= 4.14
2018-02-24 Brian BehlendorfFix more cstyle warnings
2018-02-21 Tomohiro KusumiFix function name typos
2018-02-21 Tomohiro KusumiStaticize kstat_default_update()
2018-02-21 DeHackEdFix multiple evaluations of VERIFY() and ASSERT() on...
2018-02-07 Brian BehlendorfSplit spl-build.m4
2018-02-07 Brian BehlendorfFix cstyle warnings
2018-01-24 Brian BehlendorfAdd cv_timedwait_io()
2018-01-18 LOLiFix Debian packaging on ARMv7/ARM64
2017-12-21 Tony HutterLinux 4.15 compat: timer updates
2017-11-16 Brian BehlendorfLinux 4.14 compat: vfs_read & vfs_write
2017-10-30 James CowgillRemove all spin_is_locked calls
2017-10-27 Brian BehlendorfRemove vn_rename and vn_remove
2017-10-27 abrauneggUpdate spl module parameters man5 with missing paramete...
2017-10-15 Neal Gompa... Add DKMS package on Debian-based distributions
2017-10-10 Brian BehlendorfAdd parenthesis to btop and ptob macros
2017-10-09 Olaf FaalandMake include/linux/ conform to ZFS style standard
2017-10-09 Olaf FaalandMake file headers conform to ZFS style standard
2017-09-25 Richard EllingPool io stat shows wlentime instead of rlentime
2017-08-11 gaurkumaAllow longer SPA names in stats
2017-08-10 Fabian-Gruenbichlermake module/spl/spl-kmem.c non-executable (again)
2017-08-10 Fabian-Gruenbichlerspl-module-parameters.5 manpage: fix macro
2017-08-10 Fabian-Gruenbichlersplat.1 manpage: fix spelling of 'hexadecimal'
2017-08-08 Boris ProtopopovAdd assert under lock to detect cases of dispach of...
2017-08-04 Chunwei ChenFix use-after-free in taskq_seq_show_impl
2017-08-03 Chunwei ChenAdd __divmoddi4 and __udivmoddi4 for 32-bit arch
2017-08-03 Oleg DrokinRemove misguided HAVE_MUTEX_OWNER check, take 2
2017-08-03 Gvozden Neskovicspl-mutex: fix race in mutex_exit
2017-08-02 Brian BehlendorfRevert "Remove misguided HAVE_MUTEX_OWNER check"
2017-08-02 Oleg DrokinRemove misguided HAVE_MUTEX_OWNER check
2017-07-29 Brian BehlendorfFix aarch64 build
2017-07-26 Brian BehlendorfTag spl-0.7.0
2017-07-26 Oleg DrokinModule parameter to enable spl_panic() to panic the...
2017-07-24 LOLiAvoid WARN() from procfs on kstat collision
2017-07-24 Brian BehlendorfLinux 4.13 compat: wait queues
2017-07-13 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.7.0-rc5
2017-07-13 Brian BehlendorfDon't cache the system hostid
2017-07-13 Prakash SuryaAdd ASSERT3B/VERIFY3B/USEC2NSEC/NSEC2USEC macros
2017-06-28 Chunwei ChenFix RWSEM_SPINLOCK_IS_RAW check failed
2017-05-25 Chunwei Chenconfig: allow --with-linux without --with-linux-obj
2017-05-25 Chunwei ChenImprove gitignore
2017-05-25 Brian BehlendorfFix cv_timedwait timeout
2017-05-09 Chunwei ChenLinux 4.12 compat: PF_FSTRANS was removed
2017-05-05 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.7.0-rc4
2017-04-03 Olaf Faalandglibc 2.25 compat: remove assert(X=Y)
2017-03-21 Olaf FaalandLinux 4.11 compat: remove stub for __put_task_struct
2017-03-21 Olaf FaalandLinux 4.11 compat: add linux/sched/signal.h
2017-03-21 Olaf FaalandLinux 4.11 compat: vfs_getattr() takes 4 args
2017-03-06 Brian BehlendorfFix powerpc build
2017-02-23 Olaf FaalandLinux 4.11 compat: set_task_state() removed
2017-01-31 Chunwei ChenUse kernel slab for vn_cache and vn_file_cache
2017-01-31 David QuigleyAdd a PAGESHIFT definition
2017-01-20 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.7.0-rc3
2017-01-19 clefruReimplement rt_mutex_owner to fix build with DEBUG...
2017-01-19 George MelikovRemove identical if statements in module/spl/spl-vnode.c
2017-01-17 Kevin TanguyAdd support for recent kmem_cache_create_usercopy
2017-01-13 RageLtManUpdate struct member intializers to C89
2016-12-19 Clemens FruhwirthAdd support for rw semaphore under PREEMPT_RT_FULL
2016-12-19 Clemens FruhwirthRemove stale comment from rw_tryupgrade()
2016-12-15 Chunwei ChenRefactor some splat macro to function
2016-12-15 Chunwei ChenFix splat memleak
2016-12-08 Chunwei ChenAdd system_delay_taskq for long delay
2016-12-01 Chunwei ChenLimit number of tasks shown in taskq proc
2016-11-02 UbuntuAdd TASKQID_INVALID and TASKQID_INITIAL macros
2016-11-02 UbuntuFix vmem_size()
2016-10-25 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.7.0-rc2
2016-10-20 Chunwei ChenLinux 4.9 compat: group_info changes
2016-10-20 Chunwei ChenFix splat-cred.c cred usage
2016-10-20 Chunwei ChenFix crgetgroups out-of-bound and misc cred fix
2016-10-08 tuxokoFix out-of-bound in per_cpu in spl_random_init
2016-10-08 tuxokoLinux 4.8 compat: Fix RW_READ_HELD
2016-10-05 Brian BehlendorfFix p0 initializer
2016-10-02 Brian BehlendorfFix aarch64 type warning
2016-09-21 Brian BehlendorfFix automatically generated release number
2016-09-17 Brian BehlendorfIncrease spl_kmem_alloc_warn limit
2016-09-15 legend-huaFix spl check.sh script
2016-09-14 tuxokoCleanup in cred.h
2016-09-07 Brian BehlendorfTag 0.7.0-rc1
2016-08-19 GeLiXinFix: handle NULL case in spl_kmem_free_track()
2016-08-01 Tim ChaseFix HAVE_MUTEX_OWNER test for kernels prior to 4.6
2016-08-01 Nikolay BorisovAdd handling for kernel 4.7's CONFIG_TRIM_UNUSED_KSYMS
2016-08-01 Nikolay BorisovAdd gitignore entry for spl-*.o.d files
2016-07-29 Brian BehlendorfLinux 4.8 compat: rw_semaphore atomic_long_t count
2016-07-20 Tom CaputiAdded highbit() and lowbit() macros
2016-06-21 Tony HutterAdd _ALIGNMENT_REQUIRED to isa_defs.h for checksums
2016-06-01 Jinshan XiongImprove spl slab cache alloc
2016-05-31 Chunwei ChenFix use-after-free in splat_taskq_test7
2016-05-31 Chunwei ChenImplement a proper rw_tryupgrade
2016-05-31 YunQiang SuAdd isa_defs for MIPS
2016-05-24 Chunwei ChenFix taskq_wait_outstanding re-evaluate tq_next_id
2016-05-24 Chunwei ChenFix race between taskq_destroy and dynamic spawning...
2016-05-24 Chunwei ChenRestore CALLOUT_FLAG_ABSOLUTE in cv_timedwait_hires
2016-05-20 Chunwei ChenLinux 4.7 compat: inode_lock() and friends
2016-05-12 Chunwei ChenAdd cv_timedwait_sig_hires to allow interruptible sleep