10 days ago Thomas Lamprechtcss: whitespace fix master
2022-11-21 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.5.3
2022-11-21 Dominik Csapaklog, journal view: fix access to `me` after destroying
2022-11-21 Dominik Csapakcss: don't make full tags inline-block in the tree
2022-11-17 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.5.2
2022-11-16 Matthias Heisererapi-viewer: show min/max for values without any other...
2022-11-16 Matthias Heisererfix #4271: api-viewer: display nested formats instead...
2022-11-16 Matthias HeisererRDD: don't display power-of-two suffix 'i' for values...
2022-11-16 Dominik CsapakToolkit: add override for Ext.dd.DragDropManager
2022-11-16 Dominik Csapakadd tag related helpers
2022-11-15 Thomas Lamprechtinput panel: add onSetValues hook
2022-11-10 Wolfgang Bumillersimplify cpuset regex
2022-11-10 Wolfgang Bumillercpuset: test only the regex
2022-11-10 Daniel Bowderfix #3593: add CpuSet type to js
2022-11-07 Aaron LautererTaskProgress: show text instead of percentage
2022-11-07 Thomas Lamprechtform: integer field: code cleanup in getSubmitData
2022-10-14 Alexandre Derumierfix #2703: networkedit: limit custom interface name...
2022-10-10 Matthias HeisererCSS: import action column fix from pbs, pmg
2022-09-12 Stefan Sterzfix: toolkit: make email regex pattern match pve-common
2022-07-29 Daniel Tschlatscherfix: gui: up/down arrow keys increment/decrement twice...
2022-06-15 Hannes Laimerui: DiskLisk: handle partition data from PBS backend
2022-06-15 Hannes Laimerui: disks: add 'mounted' column
2022-05-16 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.5.1
2022-05-16 Thomas Lamprechtfile browser: disable item # size rendering
2022-05-16 Thomas Lamprechtedit window: comment text width/rewording
2022-05-16 Thomas Lamprechtwindow: task viewer: code refactoring
2022-05-16 Thomas LamprechtpxarFileTypes: fix over-eager s/text/label/
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.5.0
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: fix build-depends-on-1-revision lintian nit
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtd/source: switch over to 3.0 (native) format
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtfile browser: only disable button if not downloadable...
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtfile browser: fix comment layout
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtfile browser: align size column to end/right
2022-05-15 Thomas Lamprechtfile browser: unify file type schema and avoid switch...
2022-05-15 Stefan Sterzfix #4001: FileBrowser: add a configurable prefix to...
2022-05-15 Stefan Sterzfix #4001: FileBrowser: show number of items in a direc...
2022-05-15 Stefan Sterzfix #4001: FileBrowser: add menu to button and selected...
2022-05-14 Thomas Lamprechtui: acl role selector: make wider and wrap priv column
2022-05-11 Thomas Lamprechtsafe destroy: indentation fix
2022-04-28 Dominik Csapakwindow/FileBrowser: try reload again when getting a...
2022-04-27 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-10
2022-04-27 Matthias Heisererapt repos: use new AltText button
2022-04-27 Matthias HeisererButtons: add AltText
2022-04-26 Dominik CsapakStatusView: fix usage calculation for fields without...
2022-04-23 Fabian Ebnercss: add proxmox-good-row class
2022-04-14 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-9
2022-04-14 Thomas Lamprechtedit window: small code style/nits
2022-04-13 Stefan Sterztoolkit: refactor markdown based NotesView and NotesEdit
2022-04-13 Stefan Sterztoolkit: add NotesView panel and NotesEdit window
2022-04-13 Thomas Lamprechtcss: fix tab icon/text baseline
2022-04-13 Dominik Csapakwindow/FileBrowser: add optional 'tar.zst' button
2022-04-12 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-8
2022-04-12 Thomas Lamprechtdns: increase api intervall from 1s to 10s
2022-04-12 Thomas Lamprechtdns/time: small refactorings, style
2022-04-12 Thomas Lamprechtobject grid: call rendere with our scope
2022-04-01 Thomas Lamprechticons: switch cpu/ram bitmaps to svg
2022-03-29 Dominik Csapakform: combo grid: fix selection after filtering
2022-03-29 Thomas Lamprechtnode: task filter: code style
2022-03-29 Dominik Csapaknode/Tasks: don't count 'preFilters' as normal filters
2022-03-18 Thomas Lamprechtutils: add inline comment about cookie set-for-clear
2022-03-18 Dominik Csapakutils: clear cookies with secure flag set
2022-03-16 Thomas Lamprechtadd EOL notice component
2022-03-16 Thomas Lamprechtform: combo grid: fix whitespace/indendation and refact...
2022-03-15 Matthias HeisererCombogrid: clear filter on blur
2022-03-04 Thomas Lamprechtlog view: comment length fixup
2022-03-04 Dominik Csapakfix #3919: log view: show first task output line correctly
2022-02-23 Thomas Lamprechttoolkit: add comment regarding upstream changes
2022-02-23 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-7
2022-02-23 Dominik Csapakfix drag&drop for pointerType 'pen'
2022-02-16 Thomas Lamprechtedit window: make response handling code path more...
2022-02-16 Thomas Lamprechttfa view: fix WebAuthn casing
2022-02-14 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-6
2022-02-14 Thomas Lamprechttree-wide typo fixes
2022-02-14 Thomas Lamprechtd/changelog: fix typos in historic entries
2022-02-14 Matthias Heisereredit: fix comment typos
2022-02-10 Fabian Ebnersorters: use correct property 'direction' and keep...
2022-02-10 Matthias Heisererutils: render default value correctly
2022-01-13 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-5
2022-01-13 Fabian Ebnerwindow: safe destroy: make note more visible
2022-01-13 Fabian Ebnerzfs detail: hide the pool itself in tree view
2022-01-13 Fabian Ebnerzfs detail: increase window height
2021-12-10 Thomas Lamprechttoolkit: fix noisy ext warning of feature we do not...
2021-12-02 Wolfgang Bumillerimprove error handling when adding webauthn entries
2021-11-29 Thomas Lamprechttfa login: hide u2f and yubico-otp if not available
2021-11-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-4
2021-11-24 Thomas Lamprechtlog viewer: add heuristic for triggering a new limit...
2021-11-24 Thomas Lamprechtlog viewer: add heuristic for scroll-direction dependen...
2021-11-24 Thomas Lamprechtlog view: code cleanup and refactoring
2021-11-23 Dominik Csapakui: logpanel: catch up to very fast task logs with...
2021-11-23 Dominik Csapakui: logpanel: fix glitching fast task logs
2021-11-23 Dominik Csapakui: journalview: fix wrong first load with timespan
2021-11-23 Thomas Lamprechtutils: format_duration_human: calculate years too
2021-11-20 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.4-3
2021-11-20 Thomas Lamprechtbandwidth field: allow to submit auto-scaled size-units...
2021-11-20 Thomas Lamprechtutils: add size unit related helpers to parse/auto...
2021-11-20 Thomas Lamprechtbandwidth/utils: move out SizeUnits definition to more...
2021-11-19 Dominik Csapakform: copy BandwidthSelector/SizeField from PVE
2021-11-19 Thomas Lamprechtui: OpenID realm: allow to edit acr values
2021-11-19 Thomas Lamprechtui: OpenID realm: allow to edit prompt
2021-11-19 Thomas Lamprechtui: OpenID realm: allow to edit scopes