35 hours ago Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-18 master
35 hours ago Dominik Csapakpartially fix #3056: try to cancel backup without uuid
35 hours ago Stefan Reitermigrate: enable dirty-bitmap migration
8 days ago Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-17
8 days ago Stefan Reiterbootorder: don't print empty 'order=' property
11 days ago Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-16
11 days ago Thomas Lamprechttests: make module truthy
11 days ago Thomas Lamprechttests: do not use for-loop for globs
11 days ago Thomas Lamprechtcloudinit: use normal grep
11 days ago Thomas Lamprechtcomment out USB hotplug code
11 days ago Thomas Lamprechtfix some FH close
2020-10-16 Thomas LamprechtPCI: use warnings/strict and fix setting $vga from...
2020-10-16 Thomas Lamprechttree wide cleanups
2020-10-16 Thomas Lamprechtapi: factor out common vm_is_paused code in private...
2020-10-16 Thomas Lamprechtapi: fix conditional variable declaration
2020-10-16 Thomas Lamprechtdrop legacy __read_avail code
2020-10-16 Thomas Lamprechtfix various conditionally declared vars
2020-10-16 Thomas Lamprechttree wide cleanup of s/return undef/return/
2020-10-16 Mira Limbeckfix clone_disk failing for nonexistent cloudinit disk
2020-10-16 Mira Limbeckfix VM clone from snapshot with cloudinit disk
2020-10-16 Fabian Ebnerfix typos
2020-10-14 Stefan Reitercfg2cmd: add tests for new boot order property
2020-10-14 Stefan Reiterapi: add handling for new boot order format
2020-10-14 Stefan Reiterfix #3010: add 'bootorder' parameter for better control...
2020-10-14 Stefan Reiteradd new 'boot' property format and introduce legacy...
2020-10-14 Stefan Reitercfg2cmd: add test for legacy-style bootorder
2020-10-14 Stefan Reiterfix indentation
2020-09-29 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-15
2020-09-29 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup: s/verification/validation/ to avoid confusion
2020-09-29 Stefan Reitervzdump: log 'finishing' state
2020-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: update
2020-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtd/copyright: update
2020-09-02 Thomas Lamprechtline length and formatting fixes
2020-09-02 Thomas Lamprechttests: add cfg2cmd test for virtio-blk disk with iothre...
2020-09-02 Stefan Reiterfix #2570: add 'keephugepages' config
2020-08-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-14
2020-08-21 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: do not log per disk dirty bitmap state for...
2020-08-21 Fabian Grünbichlerfix #2862: properly backup (all) VM templates
2020-08-21 Thomas Lamprechtfollowup cleanup
2020-08-21 Thomas Lamprechttests: cfg2cmd: check also warnings
2020-08-21 Thomas Lamprechttests: cfg2cmd: get testname earlier
2020-08-21 Stoiko Ivanovprint_vga_device: check if bios is defined
2020-08-20 Stefan Reitervzdump: show "reused" message even if nothing was trans...
2020-08-20 Stefan Reitervzdump: allow bandwidth limit for PBS backup too
2020-08-20 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-13
2020-08-20 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: restore log behavior for VMs running with older...
2020-08-20 Thomas Lamprechtvdzump: padd percentagde done counter, format duration...
2020-08-20 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: output sparseness again
2020-08-20 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: log reused information also if we run only <1s
2020-08-20 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: followup: log total dirtiness again, minor...
2020-08-19 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-12
2020-08-19 Aaron Lauterercfg2cmd: vga: fix #2749: disable edid for Win+BIOS...
2020-08-19 Stefan Reitervzdump: don't use dirty bitmap when VM was off
2020-08-19 Stefan Reitervzdump: log 100% percent in case $target is 0
2020-08-19 Stefan Reitervzdump: display actually uploaded chunks as 'write...
2020-08-19 Stefan Reitervzdump: improve logging output with dirty bitmaps
2020-08-12 Fabian Ebnervalidate_cpu_conf: return config
2020-08-11 Fabian EbnerAdd missing die statements
2020-08-11 Fabian EbnerAdd dot character to CPU commandline regular expression
2020-08-06 Fabian Grünbichlerd/control: bump versioned dep on pve-storage
2020-08-04 Fabian EbnerUse correct option for storage_migrate
2020-07-24 Fabian Grünbichlerbump version to 6.2-11
2020-07-24 Fabian EbnerFix #2728: die/warn if target is not a replication...
2020-07-20 Fabian Grünbichlerfix #2857: restore: pass keyfile to pbs-restore
2020-07-13 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-10
2020-07-13 Fabian Ebnerset resume parameter for vm_start_nolock if there is...
2020-07-13 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: update build-dependency of pve-doc-generator
2020-07-13 Stefan ReiterAdd man page cpu-models.conf(5)
2020-07-13 Dominik Csapakfix mdev cmdline generation
2020-07-10 Wolfgang Bumillerpass -X to ssh on upload
2020-07-10 Wolfgang Bumillerbump version to 6.2-9
2020-07-10 Wolfgang Bumillersupport for encrypted pbs backups
2020-07-10 Wolfgang BumillerAdd comment about pbs env vars
2020-07-09 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-8
2020-07-09 Stefan Reiterfixup: use parse_property_string instead of parse_cpu_c...
2020-07-09 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-7
2020-07-09 Stefan Reiterbackup: detect PBS features and use only supported
2020-07-08 Fabian Grünbichlerd/control: bump versioned dependency on pve-common
2020-07-08 Stefan Reiterfix #2671: include CPU format in man page again
2020-07-07 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-6
2020-07-07 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: log: small fixups
2020-07-07 Thomas Lamprechtvzdump: fix variable redeclaration warning
2020-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-5
2020-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtbackup: PBS: save backup task size
2020-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtbackup: query status: use latest up-to-date info when...
2020-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtbackup: restructure log: use human-readable sizes and...
2020-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtbackup: rename confusing incremental param to use-dirty...
2020-07-01 Fabian Ebnerupdate_disksize: make interface leaner
2020-07-01 Fabian Ebnersync_disks: fix check
2020-06-30 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 6.2-4
2020-06-29 Stefan Reiterenable dirty-bitmap incremental backups for PBS
2020-06-26 Mira Limbeckclose #2741: add VM.Config.Cloudinit permission
2020-06-26 Dietmar Maureravoid backup command timeout with pbs
2020-06-25 Thomas Lamprechtpci: whitespace, indentation and formating fixes
2020-06-25 Stefan Reiterfix #2794: allow legacy IGD passthrough
2020-06-25 Stefan Reitercfg2cmd: hostpci: move code to PCI.pm
2020-06-24 Thomas Lamprechttrivial whitespace followup fix
2020-06-24 Aaron Lauterervzdump: move include logic for volumes to method
2020-06-22 Fabian Grünbichlergen_rand_chars: handle errors properly
2020-06-22 Thomas Lamprechtvncproxy: allow to request a generated VNC password