descriptionEFI Development Kit II mirror for PVE
last changeTue, 19 Jul 2022 02:21:28 +0000 (02:21 +0000)
2022-07-19 AbnerMaintainers.txt: Update email address master
2022-07-18 James LuUefiPayloadPkg: Add macro to support selective driver...
2022-07-18 Guo DongMaintainers.txt: Update Maintainers/reviewers for UefiP...
2022-07-18 Nate DeSimoneMaintainers.txt: Add IntelFsp2*Pkg Maintainer
2022-07-18 Nate DeSimoneIntelFsp2Pkg: Add Definition of EDKII_PEI_VARIABLE_PPI
2022-07-18 Pierre GondoisDynamicTablesPkg: Fix generated _HID value for SBSA
2022-07-18 Pierre GondoisDynamicTables: Fix DT PCI interrupt flags parsing
2022-07-17 Chen, ChristineBaseTools: Fix DSC LibraryClass precedence rule
2022-07-17 Chen, ChristineBaseTools: add '-p' for Linux 'cp' command.
2022-07-16 Sean RhodesUefiPayloadPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Evenly space...
2022-07-15 Sami MujawarDynamicTablesPkg: Add support to specify FADT minor...
2022-07-14 Kuo, TedIntelFsp2Pkg: Update SEC_IDT_TABLE struct
2022-07-14 Kuo, TedUefiCpuPkg: Update SEC_IDT_TABLE struct
2022-07-11 Robert KowalewskiMdePkg/include: Update DMAR definitions to Intel VT...
2022-07-11 PaytonX HsiehUefiPayloadPkg: Add CryptoDxe driver to UefiPayload
2022-07-09 Jeff Brasen.gitignore: Ignore build tools build logs
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