3 days ago Fabian Ebnerui: cluster backup: only restrict storages to node... master
3 days ago Fabian Ebnerui: storage selector: add new clusterView option
3 days ago Fabian Ebnerui: storage selector: only check for nodename before...
11 days ago Dominik Csapakfix #3620: ui: dc/storage: delete empty pbs fingerprint...
2021-09-09 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: factor out to own file
2021-09-09 Dominik Csapakui: improve ACME edit/apply button visibilty
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: shrink code for set values...
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: show retention settings...
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: merge mail notification...
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: simplify node renderer
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: simplify enabled renderer
2021-09-08 Fabian Ebnerui: backup job detail: also show retention settings
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: backup job detail view: fix coding style, xtype...
2021-09-08 Fabian Ebnervzdump: include current backup when pruning dumpdir
2021-09-08 Fabian Ebnerui: prune: fix order of keep reasons
2021-09-08 Thomas Lamprechtui: rename pveEditPruneInputPanel to pveBackupJobPrunePanel
2021-09-07 Fabian Ebnerfix #1803: ui: cluster backup: handle job-specific...
2021-09-07 Fabian Ebnerui: prune edit: prepare for being re-used for backup...
2021-09-07 Fabian Ebnerui: factor out input panel for editing prune settings
2021-09-07 Fabian Ebnerui: cluster backup: fix running backup with prune settings
2021-09-06 Dominik Csapakui: add version to extjs script urls
2021-08-31 Dylan WhyteAdd/fix option descriptions in pvenode api docs
2021-08-24 Thomas Lamprechtui: dc: add comment to odd condition for showing SDN
2021-08-05 Fabian Grünbichlerbump version to 7.0-11
2021-08-05 Fabian Grünbichlerd/control: depend on pve-container >= 4.0-9
2021-08-05 Oguz Bektasutils: add missing 'tfa' for @pve realm
2021-08-04 Dominik Csapakui: lxc/CreateWizard: add a 'nesting' checkbox and...
2021-08-04 Dominik Csapakui: lxc/Options: allow opening features window for...
2021-07-30 Oguz Bektasvzdump: allow backups from plugins
2021-07-30 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump versioned depenedncy on libpve-storage...
2021-07-30 Dominik Csapakui: node/ZFS: add zstd to possible compression methods
2021-07-30 Dominik Csapakui: qemu/PCIEdit: change onlineHelp link to vm config...
2021-07-29 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump versioned dependency on proxmox-widget...
2021-07-29 Fabian Ebnerui: node status: use repo status widget from widget...
2021-07-29 Mira Limbeckui: remove local cloud-init live migration limitation
2021-07-29 Dominik CsapakStatus/InfluxDB: add 'verify-certificate' option to...
2021-07-23 Lorenz Stechaunerfix #3426: ui: parser: adapt parseSSHKey to accept...
2021-07-16 Thomas Lamprechtui: state provider: comment text width/indentation...
2021-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 7.0-10
2021-07-15 Fabian Ebnerui: node: repos: add online help
2021-07-15 Thomas Lamprechtapi: network apply: fix check for ifupdown2 origin
2021-07-13 Thomas Lamprechtapi: services: propagate "uninstalled" state for units
2021-07-13 Thomas Lamprechtapi: services: improve state detection for one-shot...
2021-07-13 Dominik CsapakAPI: Tasks: add more fields to return schema
2021-07-13 Rhonda D'VineOnly check deb sources.list entries
2021-07-07 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 7.0-9
2021-07-07 Fabian Ebnerpve6to7: storage content: ignore misconfigured unrefere...
2021-07-07 Fabian Ebnerpve6to7: storage content: skip scanning storage if...
2021-07-07 Dominik Csapakfix #3490: show more pci devices by default
2021-07-07 Fabian Ebnerpve6to7: add check for Debian security repository
2021-07-07 Dominik Csapakui: ceph/Status: fix recovery percentage display
2021-07-07 Aaron Lautererui: ha/ressources: fix toggling edit button on selection
2021-07-07 Thomas Lamprechtpve6to7: avoid parsing configs to often, merge lxc...
2021-07-07 Thomas Lamprechtpve6to7: remember if cgroup is forced to legacy
2021-07-07 Stoiko Ivanovpve6to7: add check for 'lxc.cgroup.' keys in container...
2021-07-06 Fabian Grünbichlerpve6to7: dont guard noout check on Ceph version
2021-07-06 Fabian Grünbichlerpve6to7: check for >= Octopus
2021-07-06 Fabian Grünbichlerpve6to7: remove PASS noise for ceph
2021-07-06 Fabian Grünbichlerpve6to7: use new flags API
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump versioned build-dep on eslint
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtui: iscsi: code cleanup
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtupdate aplinfo index
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtaplinfo: do not trust 5.x release key anymore
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtaplinfo: switch over to new index
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtd/rules: do not compress apl info trust db
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtapl: add bullseye pub key
2021-07-06 Thomas Lamprechtui: cifs: do not send empty user/password
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 7.0-8
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtpve6to7: rework full-check skip-message slightly
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtpve6to7: rework cgroup message slightly
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtpve6to7: try to iterate in a more stable fashion
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtpve6to7: handle undefined ostype
2021-07-05 Stoiko Ivanovpve6to7: add 'full' parameter for expensive checks
2021-07-05 Stoiko Ivanovpve6to7: check for containers not supporting pure cgroupv2
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump versioned build-dependency for pve...
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: notes edit: set markdown basic as onlineHelp
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: node status: prioritize non-production and fix...
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: node status: rework repo status texts/icon
2021-07-05 Fabian Grünbichlerd/control: add missing (b-)depends on pve-rs
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: dc/guests: set line-height again and increase font...
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: dc/guests: avoid using <br> for layouting
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: dc/Guests: make update lazy
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: dc/Guests: fix indentation
2021-07-05 Stefan Reiterui: dc/guests: remove 'line-height' from default style
2021-07-05 Fabian Ebnerpveceph: also install nvme-cli
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: node summary: slightly increase panles height
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: status: improve reuse of gettext
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: fix yet another bogus broken gettext usage
2021-07-05 Thomas Lamprechtui: notes: add empty text with a hint that markdown...
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtui: node status: small code size reduction
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtui: node/status view: padding-reduce fixup
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtui: node/status view: reduce quite generous paddings
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtui: node summary: rework repo status output
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtui: node summary: followup code cleanup
2021-07-04 Fabian Ebnerui: node summary: show repository configuration status
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtworkspace: set title to header for aria
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtutils: enable ARIA again
2021-07-04 Thomas Lamprechtui: rework global searchfield, drop cruft, improve...
2021-07-03 Thomas Lamprechtd/postinst: actively remove pvetest repository (add...
2021-07-03 Thomas Lamprechtui: download do not clear meta info on certValidity...