2021-06-02 Dominik Csapakadd proxmox-widget-toolkit-dev package
2021-06-02 Dominik Csapakadd api-viewer source
2021-06-02 Dominik CsapakToolkit: move defaultDownloadServerUrl override to...
2021-06-02 Fabian Ebnerdisk list: add wipe disk button
2021-06-02 Fabian Ebnerdisk list: move title bar initialization to initComponent
2021-05-28 Thomas Lamprechtbuildsys: touch incremental-lint in check target to...
2021-05-28 Dominik Csapakpanel/RRDChart: fix animation settings for highlight...
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: remove Datepicker fix
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: remove textarea fix
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: remove pie chart fix
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: remove firefox touchscreen override
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: update focusJump override
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: update overrides for scroll fixes
2021-05-27 Dominik Csapakpanel/RRDChart: fix legend/undoZoom
2021-05-27 Dominik Csapakcss: add css changes for treelist
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: set clearPropertiesOnDestroy to false by default
2021-05-27 Dominik CsapakToolkit: set download url for draw containers to '-'
2021-05-27 Dominik Csapakdata/ProxmoxProxy: set responseType to undefined for...
2021-05-23 Thomas Lamprechtobject grid: line-wrap cleanup
2021-05-21 Thomas Lamprechtobject grid: improve/add to documentation
2021-05-21 Thomas Lamprechtobject grid: allow one to declaratively specify rows
2021-05-21 Thomas Lamprechtobject grid: code cleanup
2021-05-14 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.0-2
2021-05-14 Lorenz Stechaunerdisk smart: fix non working smart value window
2021-05-13 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 3.0-1
2021-05-13 Thomas Lamprechtdebian: various trivial updates
2021-05-13 Thomas Lamprechtd/control: bump debhelper compat level to 12
2021-05-07 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.5-4
2021-05-07 Fabian Ebnerdisk list: factor out renderers for type and usage
2021-05-07 Fabian Ebnerdisk list: fix minor usage renderer issue
2021-05-07 Thomas Lamprechtformat/render size: allow one to specifiy if base 2...
2021-05-04 Thomas Lamprechtutils: code cleanup/refactoring
2021-05-03 Thomas Lamprechtdisk smart: fix layout, enable autoscroll
2021-05-03 Thomas Lamprechtdisk smart: code/indentation cleanup
2021-05-03 Thomas Lamprechtinfo widget: set default warning threshold to 75%
2021-05-03 Thomas Lamprechtinfo widget: code cleanup
2021-04-30 Thomas Lamprechtutils: add comment note for task descriptions
2021-04-24 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.5-3
2021-04-23 Fabian Ebnerformat task status: improve replace() usage
2021-04-23 Fabian Ebnerformat task status: rename variable
2021-04-23 Fabian Ebnertask status: create helper for formatting
2021-04-23 Lorenz Stechaunertoolkit: update email regex for acme account
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.5-2
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtstatus view: query and update pveInfoWidget too for now
2021-04-22 Wolfgang Bumilleracme: separate flag to disable the 'domains=' array
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterFileBrowser: show errors in messagebox and allow expand...
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterFileBrowser: support 'virtual'/'v' file type
2021-04-22 Stefan ReiterUtils: add errorCallback to monStoreErrors
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtutils: render_cpu: fix theoretical bug
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtutils: code cleanup and refactoring
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtnode status view: code cleanup
2021-04-22 Dominik Csapakpanel: add StatusView from PVE
2021-04-22 Dominik CsapakUtils: refactor updateColumns from pve-manager
2021-04-22 Dominik Csapakbring over some icons from PVE
2021-04-22 Dominik CsapakUtils: add several render functions from PVE
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtsafe destroy: fix class alias
2021-04-22 Thomas Lamprechtsafe destroy: code/readability cleanup
2021-04-22 Fabian Ebnersafe destroy: allow specifing additional items
2021-04-22 Fabian Ebnersafe destroy: remove purge checkbox
2021-04-17 Thomas Lamprechtrrd chart: fix y-axis segmentation when using powerOfTwo
2021-04-15 Thomas Lamprechtrrd chart: add option to render values as power of...
2021-04-13 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.5-1
2021-04-13 Stoiko Ivanovtoolkit: override email VType validation
2021-04-13 Aaron Lautererwindow/edit: add option to disable reset button
2021-04-13 Thomas Lamprechtfile browser: add config and comments for params, uper...
2021-04-13 Stefan ReiterFileBrowser: allow downloading root folder and simplify...
2021-04-13 Stefan ReiterFileBrowser: remove PBS dependencies
2021-04-13 Stefan Reiterwindow: add FileBrowser
2021-03-28 Thomas Lamprechtacme domains: fix ui-reload gettext + code cleanup
2021-03-28 Thomas Lamprechtcerts: ui-reload: code cleanup and better gettext
2021-03-24 Fabian Ebnertasks: add warningsText
2021-03-23 Thomas Lamprechtpanel/acme-domains: fix cyclic dependency in view model
2021-03-23 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.4-9
2021-03-23 Thomas Lamprechtutils: async api: reject with whole failure response...
2021-03-23 Thomas Lamprechtcheckbox model: optimize ranged de/selections
2021-03-22 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.4-8
2021-03-22 Thomas Lamprechtoverride deselection in CheckboxModel to improve perfor...
2021-03-22 Thomas Lamprechtutils: copy over async helpers
2021-03-16 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.4-7
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumilleradd ACME domain editing
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumilleradd ACME plugin editing
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumilleradd ACME account panel
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumilleradd certificate panel
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumilleradd ACME forms
2021-03-16 Wolfgang Bumilleradd ACME related data models
2021-03-16 Wolfgang BumillerUtils: add ACME related utilities
2021-03-11 Dominik Csapaknode/ServiceView: remove storeid
2021-03-11 Dominik Csapakdata/*Store: drop storeid requirement
2021-03-05 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.4-6
2021-03-05 Thomas Lamprechtedit window: advanced: only show advanced fields on...
2021-03-05 Dominik Csapakpanel/DiskList: return empty text for status on partitions
2021-03-05 Thomas Lamprechttask viewer: increase height
2021-02-09 Thomas Lamprechtbump version to 2.4-5
2021-02-09 Dominic Jägervlan edit: Match explicit values to name field
2021-02-09 Dominic Jägervlan edit: Set valid default name
2021-02-09 Dominic Jägervlan edit: Move example from default value to tooltip
2021-02-09 Dominic Jägervlan edit: Forbid blank vlan raw device
2021-02-09 Dominic Jägervlan edit: Fix automatic field disabling
2021-02-09 Fabian Ebnermove DiskList.js from grid/ to panel/
2021-02-09 Fabian Ebnerconvert disk list to disk tree and conditionally includ...