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[mirror_edk2.git] / EdkShellPkg / ReadMe.txt
52dbc2fb 1This is EDK style package and the following steps can help to build the package:
70ffafd4 21. Download the newly EDK Shell project from the following URL and unzip it to
52dbc2fb 3 a local directory in workspace, for example, $(WORKSPACE)\Shell:
70ffafd4 4
52dbc2fb 5
6 Alternatively, the EDK Shell source directory can be retrieved from the following SVN address:
fa1dad15 7
70ffafd4 8 SVN Revision r33 corresponds to development snapshot.
52dbc2fb 9
102. Update EDK_SHELL_DIR macro in the [Defines] section in EdkShellPkg.dsc to point to
70ffafd4 11 the directory containing the EDK Shell source directory, e.g. $(WORKSPACE)\Shell.
52dbc2fb 12
f1329e6f 133. The EDK II style DSC file is used to validate build EDK Shell source & EDK compatibility package and can
14 generate the binaries in EdkShellBinPkg.
946e632b 15 To use this file, execute the following command under workspace to build EDK Shell source:
16 build -a IA32 -a X64 -a IPF -p EdkShellPkg\EdkShellPkg.dsc
c0004f9c 184. If you need to compile for GCC or ARM you will need to apply ShellR61.patch.
19 cd $(WORKSPACE)/Shell and execute patch -p1 < $(WORKSPACE)/EdkShellPkg/ShellR61.patch.
20 If you are using a case sensative file system there are a few case bugs that patch
21 would not fix. Just fix the case of the file to match its usage and you should be
22 able to compile.
f1329e6f 23
245. If you need to use the binaries that are built from this package, be sure to update platform FDF file
25 to replace the binaries from EdkShellBinPkg.