Program SD Cards into 4-bit mode (support for this is required in the spec). This...
[mirror_edk2.git] / FatBinPkg / ReadMe.txt
701f8b50 1The binaries of FatBinPkg are generated with DEBUG_MYTOOLS from FatPkgDev Combo at the following SVN address: \r
6af1b99b 2 (r52)\r
c153babd 3\r
6af1b99b 4The binaries in this package currently are built from MdePkg, BaseTools 1.01 release (r9029) and FatPkg (r52)\r
5The binaries are built with no debug info (RELEASE TARGET).\r
c153babd 6The Component Name 2 Protocol and Unicode Collation 2 Protocol are supported.\r