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1Intel(R) Platform Innovation Framework for EFI\r
2EFI Development Kit II (EDK II) \r
3Root Package 1.00\r
6Intel is a trademark or registered trademark of Intel Corporation or its \r
7subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.\r
8* Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others.\r
9Copyright (c) 2006, Intel Corporation\r
11This document provides updates to documentation, along with a description on \r
12how to install and build the EDK II.\r
14Package Contents\r
16 ReleaseNote.txt- These release notes for the package.\r
17 MdePkg - Industry-standard headers and libraries\r
18 Tools - Build -specific tools that are designed to help the \r
19 developer create and modify drivers and libraries\r
20 EdkModulePkg - Reference drivers\r
21 EdkFatBinPkg - Binary DXE drivers for the Fat 32 file system\r
22 EdkShellBinPkg - Binary Shell applications and commands\r
23 EdkNt32Pkg - NT32 Emulation platform reference\r
25Note: MDE and MDK that appear in other documentation refer to the MdePkg and\r
26Tools packages, respectively. While, these two packages are the minimum \r
27requirement for developing EDK II Packageswe recommend that you download all \r
28of the top-level files listed above.\r
30The following package is available as a separate project, under a separate \r
31license, on the website:\r
33 EdkFatPkg - A package containing source DXE drivers for the Fat 32 file\r
34 system\r