Merged socket development branch:
[mirror_edk2.git] / AppPkg / AppPkg.dsc
2012-01-26 darylm503AppPkg/Applications/Python: Get Python startup process...
2011-08-22 darylm503Add documentation on how to build for execution within...
2011-08-09 darylm503Disable building socket applications.
2011-08-02 darylm503Add plain-text ReadMe files and delete the PDF version.
2011-07-30 darylm503Add Socket Library applications.
2011-06-29 darylm503Give Python/PythonCore.inf its own GUID.
2011-06-28 darylm503Basic Core Python interpreter.
2011-06-28 darylm503Changes required to build using the new device abstract...
2011-04-27 darylm503Standard Libraries for EDK II.