Don't call genc and genmake again for target(CleanALL)
[mirror_edk2.git] / BaseTools / Bin / Win32 / build.exe
2007-07-07 jjin9Don't call genc and genmake again for target(CleanALL)
2007-07-06 jwang36Enabled PCD DXE/PEI module build.
2007-07-06 jwang36Fixed exit() issue.
2007-07-06 jwang36Fixed a string format typo when raising exception
2007-07-06 jwang36Added new [BuildOptions] format support
2007-07-05 jwang361. Incorporated dll generation and active platform...
2007-07-04 jwang36Not to generate GenFds when no FDF is found
2007-07-04 jwang36Incorporated GenFds in platform Makefile
2007-07-03 jwang36Fixed a merge issue
2007-07-03 jwang36Incorporated PCD database support and a PCD parse bug
2007-07-03 jwang36Fixed unicode parse issue and vfr file build issue
2007-07-02 jwang36Fixed option issues in IPF assembler and EBC linker
2007-07-02 jwang36Added CUSTOM_MAKEFILE support in INF file
2007-07-02 jwang361. Fixed the lookup issue for GUID/Protocol/Ppi in...
2007-07-02 jwang36Incorporated the bug fix in unicode file parse
2007-06-29 jwang36Fixed path issue in unicode file search
2007-06-29 jwang36Fixed unicode file search path issue
2007-06-29 jwang36Fixed issue caused by the empty line with spaces in...
2007-06-29 jwang36Re-generated by adding encodings.utf_16 and encodings...
2007-06-29 jwang36Incorporated unicode file support. Now the AutoGen...
2007-06-29 jwang36Incorporated Andrew's change
2007-06-28 AJFISHUpdated the tools based on fix for include...
2007-06-28 jwang361. Added depex file generation
2007-06-27 jwang36Fixed the spaces issue.
2007-06-26 jwang36Removed the "Open ..." output message when parsing...
2007-06-26 jwang36Used "|" as value separator.
2007-06-25 jwang361) Incorporated generating top level makefile. Now...
2007-06-22 jwang36Changed the format of elapsed time at the end of build.
2007-06-22 jwang36Added for new build system. Just for module porting...