Fix GCC build failure.
[mirror_edk2.git] / MdeModulePkg / Universal / DebugPortDxe / DebugPort.c
2014-01-11 Ruiyu NiFix GCC build failure.
2014-01-10 Ruiyu NiFix a bug in DebugPort driver's Unload() that leaves...
2012-03-15 oliviermartinMdeModulePkg/DebugPortDxe: Fixed the ordering of the...
2010-04-24 hhtianUpdate the copyright notice format
2009-03-10 xli24Fix the bug in DebugPort on error reporting.
2008-12-30 vanjeff1. Use Mde library for Debug Port Module
2008-12-17 vanjeff1. add some comments.
2008-11-21 vanjeffusing the exact device path DEBUGPORT_DEVICE_PATH.
2008-11-21 vanjeffCode scrub for DebugPortDxe.
2008-11-11 klu21, Add <Library/DevicePathLib.h> for all source that...
2008-11-05 vanjeffECC clean up.
2008-11-04 vanjeffECC clean up for DebugPort Module.
2008-10-30 jji4Patch to remove STATIC modifier. This is on longer...
2008-04-10 vanjeffapply for doxgen format.
2007-11-22 qhuang8Clean up: update "EFI" to "UEFI" if applicable.
2007-09-30 qhuang8Update to support to produce Component Name and &...
2007-07-03 qhuang8Add DebugPort & DebugSupport drivers