BaseTools/Capsule: Do not support -o with --dump-info
[mirror_edk2.git] / OptionRomPkg / Library /
2015-02-23 Laszlo ErsekOptionRomPkg: FrameBufferBltLib: drop set but not used...
2011-12-16 ydong10Refine file header format to follow coding style.
2011-06-07 hhtianupdate copyright line format
2011-04-25 ydong10Refine code to make code run more safely.
2011-04-22 jljustenOptionRomPkg FrameBufferBltLib: Fix build warning with ICC
2011-04-17 jljustenOptionRomPkg: Fix build error with BaseTools trunk
2011-04-17 jljustenOptionRomPkg: Fix Visual Studio compiler warnings
2011-04-12 jljustenOptionRomPkg: Add GOP based BltLib
2011-04-12 jljustenOptionRomPkg: Add FrameBufferBltLib implementation...
2009-04-15 vanjeffretire i2c library, move its implementation to CirrusLo...
2008-10-30 jji4Patch to remove STATIC modifier. This is on longer...
2008-01-03 vanjeff1. add DxeI2c Library in OptionRomPkg.