Added a comment about how to configure for Unix systems.
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Conf / tools_def.template
2006-07-07 bbahnsenAdded a comment about how to configure for Unix systems.
2006-07-06 jwang36Fixed the GCC assembler issue. Now we can use full...
2006-07-06 klu2Change assembler compiler to windkk.
2006-07-05 ajfishMade the default for IA-32 assembler path point to...
2006-07-05 jwang36added specific PP definition for EBC because of previou...
2006-07-05 jwang36fixed GCC build issues
2006-07-04 qouyangFix autogen bug:[Edk67][Edk35].
2006-07-04 lgao4Update tools definition
2006-07-04 lgao4Add ASL and ASMLINK tool definition in this file
2006-07-04 jwang36commented out GCC definitions temporarily
2006-07-04 jwang36added GCC tools definitions
2006-06-30 jwang36changed the default path for EBC tool
2006-06-30 qouyangFor new tools
2006-06-30 jwang36re-added
2006-06-30 jwang36deleted all obsoleted configuration files
2006-05-30 lhauchAdding a template file for the tools_def.txt file....