1. Fix EDKT413: EnumerationData.java should use defined final static string
[mirror_edk2.git] / Tools / Python / MkFar.py
2006-12-22 bbahnsenAdded some new field to the far template.
2006-12-21 bbahnsenAdded a template mechanism to act as the user interface...
2006-12-19 bbahnsenAdd md5sums to the manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenPopulate the zip file while building the manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenAdd better command line parameter handling.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenCorrections to the far manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenStart to build the manifest.
2006-12-16 bbahnsenAdd a far maker